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Kirkpatrick Family Care

Serving our patients
today and every day

Our mission is to be available to serve our patients when they need help.

Kirkpatrick Family Care is open 365 days a year.

Monday through Friday
8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
Saturdays & Holidays
9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.
Sundays & Christmas
Noon to 4:00 P.M.

What Our Patients Are Saying

This is just a note of appreciation expressing my recognition of the great care I have received from the doctors and staff in your clinics recently.

... I was seen at the Wash. Way clinic three times that week with I.V.s, prescriptions, and later some samples.  My phone calls of inquiry were returned promptly and, even more amazing, there were two calls made by your staff to ask how I was.  Very surprising to me.

...I just want to tell you how much I appreciate the medical care I have been given in your clinics.

"Your care for my dear Mother, for Eric Feasey Jr. Eric & Peggy Feasey and me for many years...God Bless You"
Carolyn Feasey

In Appreciation....Kirkpatrick Family Care (Richard MD, David PA Kirkpatrick) - Helping me and my husband Ken with commitment and compassion to make a quality of life for each of their patients.

Dr. Richard Kirpatrick - Very kind and supportive - and overworked..

“A Guardian Angel recognition was presented to Dr. Kirkpatrick stating… ‘I am very grateful that you are my doctor.  Thank you for all your help with my family.  God’s Blessings.  You are appreciated’.

“I want to take a moment to thank you for your time and efforts in yesterday’s arbitration hearing. Your words more clearly described important issues. I felt better after hearing your testimony. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day and expressing your care.”


“I’d like to thank you for accepting my mother’s care. I know it isn’t easy taking on an unknown pick patient. Thank you again for all your kindness and caring.”

Paula Jochron

“Many Thanks and Congratulations on your runner-up 2nd place award for best doctor in Longview. You will always be number one in my book as both friend and doctor.”

Art Daily

” Words cannot express the sincere thanks for the wonderful care you have given to Derry, Sr. all these years. We will always be grateful for the extra years you helped us have with him.”

The Rush Family

“Thank you for all the care you gave our father. We are well aware that you gave us 3 years of life with daddy. You took special care and interest in him. You watched over his heart with dedication. Any slight change you corrected his medication. You gave us the gift of life with him. We had extra time to learn about him, extra time to show him our love and affection. How do we ever repay you for caring about daddy, and keeping
him alive 3 extra years?”

May God bless you – Forever Grateful
Maloney Family

“I want to thank each and every staff member for all the efforts made on my behalf during my Father’s illness. I wish I could recall everyone’s name; I certainly remember the high caliber professionalism, courtesy, PATIENCE, friendliness and understanding extended to me in each telephone call.

As I am myself a customer service professional, I notice the way I am treated over the phone and in person. I notice the smiles, the enthusiasm, the little things that join with giving a person the needed information and/or assistance. We always have room for improvement by virtue of being human! However, I have been blessed over and over again by the ways you each go the extra mile for me. Helping me helps my Father, who is, not just because his is my Father, a true gentleman of the kindest and truest made.

So my very deepest gratitude to each person working at this clinic. You and every task you perform has meaning and is appreciated.”


“We are so pleased that at last we are being treated by a group of doctors that communicate with their patients. You must know that your support people are also fabulous! They are all different personalities but the common thread is patience, tolerance, grace and intelligence. What a pleasure it is to meet with such people. Congratulations!”

Rolf and Agnes Nieuwejaar

“Dear Kirkpatrick Family Care,

On September 21, I was in Longview to begin a workweek with Longview Fibre, attending meetings that required my full attention and energy. I awoke that morning with a severe sore throat, which experience told me was very likely strep and would require an antibiotic.

Checking the yellow pages I saw your office had Sunday hours. Although I was from out of town, not a patient and your facility is not an urgent care center, your very helpful Patient Administrator game me an appointment. The medical professional who saw me was so kind and understanding and provided me the medicine I needed to get well and attend to my work schedule. (I apologize I don’t recall their names.)

I live and work in north – Atlanta, Georgia, area and want you to know that the excellence of care I received in your office rivals most any office I’ve been to in my area. Your personnel were professional, polite, kind and generous with their time. I thank you very much for their help and your office of excellence.”

Most Sincerely,
M. F.

“Dear Dr. Kirkpatrick,

Thank you for taking your time after what must have been a long and hectic day to stop by St. John on Monday to see what was going on with me. Your ‘interrogation’ was thorough, but what I enjoyed more was our chat about the Columbia Theatre and other relevant Longview topics.”

Thanks again,
V. K.

“I keep forgetting to mention this to you, the City of Longview (and residents) sometimes does not realize and/or appreciates what you, your father and all of your family and close relatives have brought to it. The investment of community that you and your family have made for close to 60 years is remarkable, second to none. You could have just as easily have located elsewhere and even been more successful and with less stress (Seattle, Newport Beach, CA, etc). Longview is lucky to have an individual of your caliber, thank you for all of your years of dedication and kindness.”

D. R. Walnut, CA

"...a word of deep appreciation for getting the care my friend needs...thanks for your made the difference!

Jeff, Longview