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Links to Other Medical Websites

Many people use the internet as their main source for health information. Unfortunately, not all information posted on the internet is accurate or reliable; therefore, it is important that you go to reputable medical websites. Some medical websites that we recommend are the following:

When you are looking up health information on other medical websites, you should be able to identify:

  • Who is responsible for the website – government agencies and medical schools are usually trustworthy

  • What is the website’s purpose – is it to inform, sell, or fundraise - be careful about sites trying to sell a product or service

  • How current is the information – anything written over five years ago is probably out-dated

Make sure that the website does not make claims that seem too good to be true – beware of those that discuss “breakthrough” remedies or those that rely on a “secret ingredient.” 

Lastly, do not believe everything you read in chat rooms or blogs because as much as they provide helpful information about specific diseases or disorders, they also provide incorrect information that can be seriously misleading.  It is best to discuss anything you learn from a chat room or blog with your health care provider.