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You know, almost every bit of advice about general health, calls upon Americans to exercise regularly.  The concept is so nebulous that it is universally ignored.   Or it’s ineffective because “the devil is in the details.”

So at your annual Complete Physical Evaluation, I tell you to exercise.  You agree.  Then what happens????  Often, nothing.  Or, you think about it and procrastinate and the bottom line is, no regular exercise.


The key is you.  You know your circumstances.  You know your physical or time limits.  Armed with the details, you are the only one who can concoct a winning program.

Let’s start with some basics:

  1. 3500 calories of food creates 1 pound of weight gain.   Therefore…
  2. 3500 calories-burned by exercise creates 1 pound of weight loss.
  3. Weight lifting is particularly helpful because it increases muscle strength and causes you to burn more calories with ordinary activities.  (Think of the Rainier Hill on highway 30…..going up the hill in a big 300 horsepower SUV burns far more gasoline than is consumed by a small car with 100 horsepower.)
  4. The easiest way to have a regular program is to exercise every day.  Not 3 times a week, which leads to procrastination and eventual failure (MWF soon becomes TuThS, then ThSaSu, and pretty soon, you’re not doing anything). 
  5. Aerobic exercise is boring unless you make it interesting…..listening to your favorite talk show or music can make the time pass faster, as can watching TV while on the bike, elliptical or treadmill.  A reasonable substitute is jogging or running with a friend.
  6. Speaking of friends, studies have shown that people are more likely to remain on their fitness program if they exercise with a partner. 
  7. Look for motivation to do the daily workout…”my pants are too tight” can get you going, but “I sure look slimmer and better” can help you maintain your commitment.   Friendly competition with a relative or comrade can also help keep you going. 
  8. Don’t let “I’m too tired” be an excuse or deterrent.  Most people who exercise vigorously have MORE energy, not less.  The reason is probably activation of natural brain chemicals called ENDORPHINS.  These are the same transmitters that provide euphoria from recreational drugs. 
  9. Sure, exercise can become addictive (endorphins), but it is a healthy addiction.
  10. People who exercise regularly handle injuries, illnesses, and surgery much better than those who do not.
  11. Combined with sensible dieting, exercise can speed progress toward the desired weight.
  12. After exercising vigorously, many authorities recommend consuming 100-200 calories of carbohydrates and 20-30 ounces of water, to help avoid cramps and sore muscles.
  13.  Go to our article entitled “HOW MANY CALORIES ARE BURNED BY THIS?
  14. OF COURSE, if there is any question about your heart, lungs, or limbs, you should consult with one of our providers re: the safety of vigorous exercise.
  15. Go to the article “WHERE TO BURN THE CALORIES” for helpful list of locations for your new exercise program.