PerRevenue and Taxation Code Section 72(c), authorized entities that issue building permits,e.g. Photovoltaic systems under 10 kW without a tilt support framing system or battery storage. To upload copies of the approved building plans to the portal, you are required to have an account. 4. Please see the Building Permits page for more detailed information on building permit processing steps, fees, and requirements for different permit types. Terms of Service. Apply for a Permit & Status of Applications, Share & Bookmark, Press Enter to show all options, press Tab go to next option, City Council Meetings, Agendas, and Minutes, Redwood City Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan, Regulatory and Advisory Boards, Commissions, and Committees, City Council Services provided by the City Clerk, Community Wellness and Crisis Response Team Mental Health Partnership, Infant through Preschool Child Care Centers, Redwood City Advisory Boards, Committees, and Commissions, Redwood City Parks: Youth or Teen Volunteers, Redwood City's Economic Indicators Dashboard, City of Redwood City and Stanford University Partnership, Flavored Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes, Find Food, Housing & Emergency Assistance/Social Services, Search Building and Planning Permits and Applications, Land Use Economics: Redwood City Fiscal Impact Analysis of Land Uses & Evaluating Community Benefits Proposals, Gatekeeper Process, DTPP Amendments, & Development Cap Adjustments, DTPP Plan-Wide Amendments & Development Cap Adjustments. 2006-2021 City of San Mateo and its representatives. As of July 1, 2020, all credit or debit card payments will be subject to service fees. Log in and look for the new Apply menu item across the top of the page. 200 E. Santa Clara St.- First Floor San Jos, CA 95113 Submit a Question Here . Career Opportunities. Please Login Many online services offered by the County of San Mateo require a login for security reasons. NOTE: The steps are similar for submitting a Commercial Building Permit online. Please submit complaints via phone at (650) 363-4825 or email to: You may also request an in-person or online appointment (see instructions) with a planner. Questions? All rights reserved. PLN2014-00410 Recently, the Department received a renewed ISO rating of 2.0 maintaining their Building Code Effectiveness Classification which is effective through 2024. The Insurance Services Office (ISO) is an independent statistical, rating, and advisory organization that services the property and casualty insurance industry. Business search San Mateo City Hall 330 West 20th Avenue San Mateo, CA 94403 Driving Directions; Home. What services does the Building Inspection Division provide? such as plumbing, electrical, mechanical, sign and fire department life/safety permits. The Building Division is responsible for enforcing the California Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electric, Residential, and Energy Codes. You can avoid these fees by paying with cash, check, or e-check. The following applications can be submitted online through our Customer Self-Service (CSS) Portal. Include plans as one PDF and supporting documents as separate PDFs; be sure to title each PDF with the project location address, submittal cycle number (Cycle 1 for initial submittal), and document type (plans, biological report, etc.). Information Counter On the 2nd Floor, the counter is open to the public from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday - Thursday (closed 12:00 - 1:00 pm for lunch) and closed Friday - Sunday. Each user within an agency must have their own login. San Mateo County is in extreme need of affordable housing for all income levels. Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (WELO), Assessor - County Clerk - Recorder & Elections, Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan, Water Quality Notifications (Beach/Creek), Constructed Private Stormwater Treatment Measures, North Fair Oaks Resources for Property Clean-up. DISABILITY ACCESS REQUIREMENTS AND RESOURCES. Residential bathroom or kitchen remodels with no wall alteration. If you are an existing user, please enter your user name and password in the box on the right. Also see:How to Resubmit Plans (.pdf). Protect public health and safety by enforcing building codes and abating code violations and unsafe structures, Reviews applications and construction drawings, Inspects and monitors construction activity, Enforces the building codes and updates County building codes, Informs and assists the public and other County departments regarding permit procedures and regulations. Pay an outstanding balance for business license. How do I schedule an inspection? 8. So far in FY 2022-23, the Building Division has accomplished the following: Adopted updated State Building Regulations on January 3, 2023. Find Your Zoning District You will need the property address or Assessors Parcel Number (APN preferred) to determine your property's zoning district. MEP permits: Mechanical Work (Furnace, Heating & Air Conditioning), Plumbing Permits (new gas appliances and locations), Electrical Permits (rewiring, new lights, outlets and switches), and Electric Vehicle Service Charger. Electrical Service Upgrades - Residential and Commercial, Plumbing (water, sewer, gas lines) - Residential and Commercial, Siding and Stucco - Residential and Commercial, Water Heaters - Residential and Commercial, HVAC (furnace, AC, heat pumps, boilers, factory-built fireplaces, decorative gas appliances) - Residential only, Electric Vehicle Charger - Residential only, Electric Storage Systems - Residential only, Fire Sprinklers - Residential and Commercial, Temporary Power Pole - Residential and Commercial, Electric Generator - Residential and Commercial, Demolition (Minor / Major / Pool) - Residential and Commercial, Landscaping / Retaining Wall- Residential and Commercial, Kitchen / Bath Remodel- Residential and Commercial, Propane Tank / Water Storage Tank- Residential and Commercial, Deck / Patio / Porch- Residential and Commercial, Swimming Pool/Spa /Hot Tub / Pond- Residential and Commercial, Detached Non-Habitable Accessory Structures - Residential, New Single Family / Multi-Family / Manufactured / Detached ADU - Residential. Virtual City Hall Notice. contact the Building Inspection Division at (650) 780-7350. Copyright 2023 County of San Mateo. All rights reserved. Projects with valuations greater than $170,466.00 including permit valuations in the last three years. B. Responsible for ensuring that development projects are designed and constructed to a high level of quality and in compliance with adopted code standards. You may obtain information about your legal obligations and how to comply with disability access laws. Raised the annual CRS (Community Rating System) score form a 9 to an 8. To schedule a One Stop appointment, contact the Building Inspection Division at (650) 780-7350. Projects that have several recently opened Building permits. Welcome to the San Mateo County Online Permit Center This portal provides public access to Planning and Building permits for unincorporated San Mateo County areas. The Department now has two Certified Access Specialists (CASp) who have expertise in ADA and accessibility compliance regulations, allowing the Department to better respond to the needs of the disabled community and to comply with state laws requiring minimum staffing levels of CASp certified individuals per SB 1608. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience. The Building Plans Submission Portal allows authorized entities to submit PDF copies of building plans to the Assessor Division online. Search. Planning applications for single family residences, Multi-Family and Commercial Planning Applications. To find out if you need a permit or for additional information, please call (650) 738-7341 or contact us via email at Please get in touch with us by phone or email as shown below: For a list of permit types accepted online and to apply, please log in or register for a free account at our. What are the hours of construction? Environmental Initiatives Rebate Applications. We are not currently accepting online applications for Planning permits. See ways to access our services. These new service enhancements will ensure our residents and customers continue to receive all development review services while we adhere to the Shelter in Place Orders. Please see below for ways to access our services. Building Inspection Services helps ensure that permitted construction within the unincorporated area of San Mateo County meets current building code standards and County regulations. If You Need Additional Information If you have additional questions about the zoning regulations, permits required or need additional information related to the property's potential development, please contact the Planning Counter at (650) 363-1825 or via email It provides callers with 24-hour access to schedule or cancel inspections, and check the status of a permit. What is the Building Inspection Division? We pledge to promote public trust through fair and impartial policing and will treat all persons with dignity, compassion and respect. San Mateo County ('the County') disclaims any warranty or warranty for fitness of use for a particular purpose, expressed or implied . AGREE , Proceed to Planning Viewer Application. In the event of an emergency or disaster, it is our responsibility to perform damage assessments of all structures. Welcome to the Building & Planning section of the Town's website. Plan Checkers are available Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. through our Customer Self-Service (CSS) Portal. For FY 2021-23, Building Inspection Services will continue to focus on the completion of the commercial integration phase of Accela, while continuing to enhance and improve the overall customer service experience of the online permitting systems. We serve the County's residents, businesses, and visitors by preparing and administering land use plans and regulations and reviewing land use proposals to ensure they are consistent with those plans and regulations. The information (maps, data, tables, numbers, graphics, text, and scanned documents) available through this map service is provided on an 'AS IS', 'AS AVAILABLE', and 'WITH ALL FAULTS' basis. This video will take you through the steps involved in submitting a Single-Family Planning Application online. We make every effort to accommodate drop-ins as availability allows, but we suggest scheduling an appointment to ensure we can serve you effectively. Please contact Planning Services at (650) 780-7234, and ask to speak with the Planner-on-Duty. If none of the available online permits match your proposed project scope, then you must email your permit application submission. Planning applications for multi-family residences (two or more units), mixed-use buildings, commercial buildings, and all other non-residential buildings. This portal provides public access to Planning and Building permits for unincorporated San Mateo County areas. On the day of the inspection, the 3-hour inspection window will be posted on the Automated Inspection Line by 8:00 am, so please call (650) 295-3650, follow the prompts to enter your permit number, and press option number 5 to get your inspection time. Departments Community Development and Transportation, BUILDING INSPECTION & Class 1 represents exemplary commitment to building code enforcement. Please contact us if you have any questions. If you do not have an account, please fill out the form below. Instructions for participation will be posted 7 days before the meeting date. Our mission is to plan and regulate land use and development within the county's unincorporated areas so that diverse and livable communities can thrive. Past permit search (available from 1990). All rights reserved. San Mateo SBDC; Mapping Tools Portal; Economic Development. Conducted more than 10,000 onsite and virtual building inspections in FY 2021-22. ISO collects information on a community's building code adoption and enforcement services, analyzes the data, and then assigns a Building Code Effectiveness Classification from 1 to 10. How do I cancel an inspection? We now accept, review, receive payments, and issue planning entitlements and building permits through our online permit center. The Department received 2,787 building permit applications in fiscal year 2021-22, more than the targeted 2,300 for that year. The Department has maintained the 2.0 rating since FY 2012-13. San Mateo SBDC; Mapping Tools Portal; . Services available without registering for an account: Not all permits can be applied for through the online Permit Center. Contact Issued 39 ADU permits in FY 2021-22, as compared to 25 ADU permits in FY 2020-21. The Planning and Building Department is open to the public for in-person and online services. Your planner will contact you regarding the payment of fees and the next steps in processing. To obtain a building permit, you must meet the requirements specific to your project by providing completed application forms, plans, and supplementary documents. Initial Application We are accepting applications for planning permits via email only. Log in or register for your free account to apply for building permits, or select from the search options below. At the last rating period, the Department received a score rating of Class 2, which is well above average relative to other jurisdictions regionally and statewide. The San Mateo County Planning and Building Department's automated inspection scheduling system is a telephone system that is linked to our automated permit tracking system. Copyright 2023 County of San Mateo. 501 Palmer Lane, North Fair Oaks, Project Number Informational Neighborhood Meeting Labels. Inspections are scheduled by calling the Automated Inspection Line at (650) 295-3650. Beginning in FY 2021-22, the Department is closely tracking the number and location of building permits issued for ADUs and monitors the time it takes to issue the permit. In the first 6 months of fiscal year 2022-23, the Department received 1,611 building permit applications. All Rights Reserved. For further information on accessing a public meeting, go to the meeting page for the meeting date. 2. Close. Remote access is established for all public meetings hosted by the Department. Building Permits. The first step to determine the permits required for a development project is to consult with a Permit Technician by calling (650) 780-7350 or by visiting the Counter at City Hall. One Stop Plan Review (also known as "One Stop"), is a 30-minute meeting with representatives from the Building Department to review and issue permits for minor tenant improvements, small residential remodels, and signs. (Adapted from APPENDIX B-2 of the April 29, 2020 Order of the San Mateo County Health Officer) Building Inspection Site Social Distance Protocols; City Hall Social Distancing for City Hall Visitors . CODE ENFORCEMENT. We investigate zoning, building code, and other land use regulation violations, prioritizing and investigating potential violations that impact public health and safety. From this section you can find an overview of the Building & Planning Department, including information on how to apply for various building permits and a section where you can download pdf's of Town ordinances and regulations. Having trouble with the Customer Self-Service (CSS) Portal? 2023 City of Redwood City. Continue the transition of drainage/stormwater reviews from Department of Public Works to streamline permitting process. We now accept, review, receive payments, and issue planning entitlements and building permits through our online permit center. Page Redirection. Processing and issuance of 2,787 permits in FY 2021-22 (more than 20% increase over the target of 2,300). (no structural calculations are required), Single-family or Duplex pools/outdoor spas. . Electrical Permits. Building permits are required to build, enlarge, alter, remove, demolish, or repair a structure in the City of San Mateo. Welcome to the County of San Mateo Planning and Building Department. San Mateo County ('the County') disclaims any warranty or warranty for fitness of use for a particular purpose, expressed or implied, with respect to this information. Purchase and request mailing labels for neighborhood meeting notices. City of San Mateo's Community Development Department has opened its new self . This data will help the Department identify any disparities among unincorporated communities and formulation of policies and outreach, as needed, to increase the number of ADUs in identified communities. NOTE: The steps are similar for submitting a Multi-Family and Commercial Planning Application online. Our Online Permit Center lets you submit building permit and planning applications securely online through our Customer Self-Service (CSS) Portal. Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (WELO), Assessor - County Clerk - Recorder & Elections, Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan, Water Quality Notifications (Beach/Creek), Constructed Private Stormwater Treatment Measures, North Fair Oaks Resources for Property Clean-up, make an appointment for an in-person or online meeting, request an in-person or online appointment, General Questions related to accessing services, General Information call (650) 363-4161 or email, Building Inspections - call (650) 599-7311, Fill out an application form and review the estimated permit fees, process, and timeline on our, Print, sign, scan or e-sign the form and send it as a PDF to, Include application materials via a link from a file-sharing program or as PDF file attachments to the email. Can I request a special time for my inspection? I am an employee of a building department or an authorized permitting agency: Copyright 2023 County of San Mateo. Project Number PLN2018-00271 New Users If you are a new user you may register for a free Public Access account. The Office of Building Inspection ensures that buildings are compliant with current code in order to maintain a safe community standard.