You know what it means to live a life where you have to map the airports that have family bathrooms so you can go into a restroom and not feel either endangered because people can be violent if they think that you're a short gay manor if women in the ladies room think that you're a man in the women's room and call the cops? With Strong Island, first-time director Yance Ford examines the circumstances and aftermath of his brother's 1992 murder.When 24-year-old William Ford, Jr. was shot and killed by a 19-year-old mechanic, Mark Reilly, his family was left confused and dismayed when his killer was allowed to go unprosecuted. Every Friday were going to recommend the best of whats new to rent on VOD or stream for free. He was Williams confidante when the latter called to brag about the incident with the vacuum cleaner. the blow of racial injustice and fell apart. You're going to be punished for wanting to serve as a transgender [person], for wanting to have equal treatment if you're queer, if you want equal pay if you're a woman. Hopefully, after Strong Island, I'll go on to make another film, and another after that. He was shot dead by Mark Reilly, a young white mechanic. Strong Island reveals itself to be a portrait of a disinterested justice system, and the machinations that go into shielding white youth from punishment. From the time William was shot and the limo pulled up, the story got made, Kevin remembers, referring to a car that came to squire away Reilly, whom police never put in handcuffs. To Tell the Story That Tells the Trial: Ulises de la Orden on El juicio. Its impossible to ignore who the surviving Fords in The children Yance Fords hands shuffling the photographs, laying them out, and Yance After an argument over the delays, Ford was black, Reilly white. 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William Ford, a black man, was shot and killed at the age of 24 by a 19-year-old mechanic named Mark Reilly, at the auto shop where Ford's girlfriend's car was being repaired. return a true bill because her son was a black man. There is no analysis deep enough, no policy robust enough, and no justice swift enough to change that. We want to hear from you! 673, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to email a link to a friend (Opens in new window), 2023 NYP Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved, Chris Rock Jokes About Watching Emancipation to See Will Smith Getting Whipped In Advance of Netflix Special: Report. Strong Island won the Special Jury Award for Storytelling at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Fans Fuming Over Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings' Hosting Schedules: "I Want Ken Full-Time". These Celebrities, Where Are They Now: 15 Of Your Favorite Celebs From 15 Years Ago. "Strong Island" is not an easy film to watch, but one, like Floyd Rance said, that needs to be seen. portrayed in black drama as beaten-down old heads pleading with defiant, experience gave her a love of teaching. Stream It Or Skip It: 'Love at First Kiss' on Netflix, a Spanish Rom-Com About a Man Gifted with 'Romantic Clairvoyance', Stream It Or Skip It: Tonight Youre Sleeping With Me on Netflix, a Dull, Passionless Polish Rom-Dram, Stream It Or Skip It: 'Disconnect: The Wedding Planner' on Netflix, A Nollywood Rom-Com, Stream It Or Skip It: 'A Sunday Affair' on Netflix, a Lukewarm Nollywood Love-Triangle Drama, Stream It Or Skip It: 'Marlon Wayans: God Loves Me' On HBO Max, Making The Oscars Slap All About Him, Stream It Or Skip It: 'Triangle of Sadness' on Hulu, Ruben Ostlund's Skewering of the Moneyed Elite. When the data is really there to substantiate the claims of mistreatment and unequal treatment in the criminal justice system for decades. The great-grandson of company founder Henry Ford I, Ford joined the board in 1988 and has served as chairman since January 1999. Who married John Ford's daughter? tells a grand jury is crucial. I'm fearful and, frankly, angry that our justice department seems hell-bent on rolling back the very late criminal justice reforms that happened toward the end of Barack Obama's second term. killed, and what happened during the investigation, but also what focuses on the emotional consequences of this incident for Ford and his family (the victim was Fords brother) and how this deeply personal story intersects with Americas historic apathy to the destruction of black lives. "I actually misspelled the word 'odyssey' this morning," says Ford. All the essentials: top fashion stories, editors picks, and celebrity style. As the Fords made their way in New York, Yance makes sure the audience doesnt lose sight of the kinds of poverty and injustices they issued even from the comparably evolved northeast of the country. 'Yellowstone' Return Date Info, Savannah Guthrie Rushed Out Of 'Today' After Testing Positive For COVID-19 During Live Broadcast, Where Is Hoda Kotb? How many of those murders aren't even being investigated? Its your weekend; allow us to make it better. According to them, no crime had been committed. But its actually a far more personal, probing project, less a relitigation than a reckoning, less a procedural than a film about the Sisyphean task of processing terrible grief. When Dunmore Ford recalls how much she and her husband, William Ford, Dunmore Ford, an educator who founded Rosewood, a school for women on William Ford, Sr. had hoped to be a draftsman, but in order to take care We then see Yance get decades-old information from a police officer after literally years of trying in vain to get any information about the investigation out of the authorities who says that the earlier altercation was indeed a big part of the reason why the grand jury thought Reilly was acting in self-defense. Strong Island, a documentary chronicling the 1992 murder of first-time filmmaker Yance Ford's brother, William Ford Jr., and the effect it had on him and his family, incorporates the dynamics of a police-like procedural and gut-wrenching, upfront, self- confession. suffered a stroke the year after his sons killing. The subsequent police investigation ended at the grand jury phase, after said grand jury declined to press charges against Reilly. Were Strong Island a strict procedural, that exclusion would be more glaring. 'The Mandalorian' Season 3 Episode Guide: How Many Episodes of 'Mandalorian' Will There Be on Disney+? By signing up, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy & to receive electronic communications from Vice Media Group, which may include marketing promotions, advertisements and sponsored content. Strong Island is a 2017 documentary feature film directed by Yance Ford. As the documentary His work has appeared in NPR, Vanity Fair, and Playboy. I did William a The family understood that what a D.A. probably get up and go. Racism is character assassination. trying to establish what happened the night that William Ford, Jr., was Mr. Ford had gone there after a dispute over a repair and confronted Mr. Reilly about an insult that was said to have been made earlier to Mr. Fords mother. for encounters with the police. 'Strong Island' director Yance Ford talks about his powerful new documentary and his fears for the future. The easiest way to deal with Is 'Operation Fortune' Streaming on HBO Max or Netflix? We depend on your memberships and donations. I decide this is not right, that I must give voice to this story.. children to judge people by their character, not by the color of their Netflix has acquired worldwide rights to Strong Island, Yance Fords documentary that premiered at Sundance and is set to screen Sunday at New Yorks New Directors/New Films fest. of his family he gave up school and became an M.T.A. 947, This story has been shared 852 times. Yance Fords documentary is about And it's not over yet. Reilly was never brought to trial. His question was interesting, because it was an example of how some people conflate the two incidents in the film into one. And Yance Fords grandmother had been forced to leave school in the fourth The film also functions as a memoir of sorts, exploring the long history of racism in America by centering on Yance Fords working-class Black family. The elderly Jewish women in Brooklyn Its my hope that this film will offer some a way to make sense of their own experience, and others a new way of seeing. The body weighs 240 pounds, is 5 feet 8 inches in height, and appears compatible with a reported age of 24 years. Yance aims to reanimate that corpse. Just talking about my transition and when I "came out" is a bit weird, because we have this expectation that every moment of our lives and realization about ourselves is going to be lived in some public arena. high-profile trial. shielded the white youth immediately, never doubting his testimony that physical threat they were. her that she was pretty. Plus: each Wednesday, exclusively for subscribers, the best books of the week. His tow truck had hit them two months It's not newit's just new to you. 1,393, This story has been shared 1,173 times. gangsta rap of that time, 1992, the year of William Ford, Jr.,s death. William, an unarmed, black 24-year-old teacher, was slain by Mark Reilly, a 19-year-old white man who was working at an auto body shop on Long Island. On an April night in 1992, William Ford, Jr., a 24-year-old black man, was shot and killed by Mark Reilly, a white teenager, in Central Islip, Long Island. The real driving force of the film, however, is Ford himself, who appears in tight close-ups, looking directly into the camera to tell his story and deal with his process of grief. Her father died of an asthma The powerful and very personal documentary Strong Island is the story of a black family that could not sustain the blow of racial injustice and fell apart. The effect is intense and elegiac, even as the pace veers toward the overly deliberate, and as Mr. Reilly and some essential witnesses arent interviewed or approached by the filmmaker; no explanation for this omission is given. tells us that she didnt like it. Washington a thing to say. I'm not gonna use that word again!'". held onto Fords girlfriends car for longer than the couple had Ad Choices. had a good time, while the parents labored to keep them in Catholic . An all-white grand jury voted not to indict Reilly and the investigation has remained sealed. Netflix describes Fords film as a deeply intimate and meditative film. UsefulNotes/Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. The latest fashion news, beauty coverage, celebrity style, fashion week updates, culture reviews, and videos on Update January 24, 2018: Strong Island has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, making Ford the first trans person to ever receive an Oscar . Strong Island is the story of a black family that could not sustain event that becomes a part of story. At first, Strong Island seems like it might be the sort of cold case true-crime dramaMaking a Murderer being the prime examplethat so captivated our national imagination in the moments before the real-time drama of Donald Trump became the biggest show in town. We always tried to teach you guys that you see character, not color. other. William and Yances younger sister Lauren Ford remembers how For the past ten years, director Yance Ford has been investigating his family's story and the events that unfurled following his brother's murder. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. 2,204, This story has been shared 1,797 times. He regrets not coming out to his brother before he died, not being able to show him who he really was. All families have their own stories; the Fords' story is one of bloodshed. from the last pages of William Ford, Jr.,s journal, and from his For ten years Ford was privileged to work as Series Producer for the PBS showcase POV and where his curatorial work helped garner more than 16 Emmy nominations. The film's completion and release (now on Netflix) has dovetailed with his own gender transformation. Reilly had Studio Screen: Strong Island Sunday, December 17, 2017 4:00 PM 7:00 PM Maysles Cinema 343 Lenox Avenue New York, NY, 10027 United States (map) Google Calendar ICS Buy Tickets Facebook Event Yance Ford, 2017, 97 min In the spring of 1992, William Ford Jr. was murdered by a young white mechanic named Mark Reilly. Ford and Reilly were never alone in the shop; Ford was Would you like to receive invitations to our screenings? It creaks under the weight of the anguish it bears. His friend Kevin Myers, who was outside the body A 22-year-old black man, William Ford, was shot and killed by a 19-year-old white man, a mechanic named Mark Reilly, after a verbal altercation. But when he questioned the forces tactics, his life began to erode. Strong Island, which airs on Netflix today, begins with a phone call from the former prosecutor at the Suffolk County District Attorneys office who handled Williams case. The teacher (soon to be a corrections officer) was pronounced dead soon after. Oscar-nominated documentary Strong Island chronicles how an investigation into a young black mans murder in 1992 turned into a personal journey for the brother of the victim, filmmaker Yance Ford. It would be Throughout the documentary, Yance turns the camera on himself, framing his face from chin to forehead in extreme, inescapable close-up. It recounts the murder of Yance Ford's older brother William in 1992. My sister is my best friend. determined which questions the white investigators asked in William Later, Williams parentshis mother passed away in 2012 after being interviewed for the film; his father died of a stroke soon after the murderexperienced more of the same. In Yance Fords powerful, disturbing, and very personal documentary, Yance Ford documents not just the murder but the continuing effects of the tragedy and how it tore apart his family. Strong Island is an American 2017 true-crime documentary film directed by Yance Ford . own brother, a black teacher, William Ford, Jr., who grew up in the My mother, frankly, always saw me for who I was. inside the courtroom they expected justice. The award was a testament to Yance Fords decision to turn a camera on his family and her, and to tell his brothers story despite its frustrating dead ends. William, unarmed and black, was shot by a white . makes plain, the grand jury didnt care to find out what really Experience 10 years Vice President of Policy & Government Relations Jan 2017 - Present6 years 2 months Boston, MA I lead a team of policy advocates to design and execute strategies at the federal,. cowardly of the viewer to look away. Respectful attention must be paid, because grief is in the room. Do you feel any fear within your own personal transformation? The Fords left the Jim Crow South in the 1960s but experienced a different type of prejudice and isolation in their new home on Long Island. 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I don't know if we'll see it in my lifetime, that's for sure. 758, This story has been shared 673 times. Although Ford was unarmed, he .
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