However, almost all original 5 kwan instructors taught these same forms and had them in their curriculum as they were direct students of Japanese Karate masters, like Gichin Funakoshi or his contemporary peer Kanren Toyama, founder of shudokan karate; or they were friends and students of the other kwan leaders.[19]. Kwanjangnim's organization was the largest martial arts system in Korea at the time. Instructors Tang Soo Do: Master Jesse Greene started training in Tang Soo Do in 2001, achieving 1st Dan black belt in 2006 and progressing to his 4th Dan promotion in March 2018. Tang Soo Do commands pre-date these revisions and many are based on Sino-Korean words. Flexibility and Strength. time)with the title of"Master". NO Shipping available. Most Korean styles like Tang Soo Do, Hapkido, and WTF Taekwon-Do attribute the English title master to a practitioner with a 4th Dan 4th-degree black belt) or higher. Tang Soo Do is a style composed from three major areas and styles, which are Soo Bahk Do (60%), Northern China Kung Fu (30%) and Southern China Kung Fu (10%) Literally translated, the word TANG means T'ang Dynasty of China which reflects the shared cultural background between China and Korea. Vol.II: The Basics. Ancient Warrior Tang Soo Do, Prince Frederick, Maryland. who haveawarded and address themselves with the title United States: s.n. Library of Congress Control Number 2001116262. In the Moo Duk Kwan, dan level is known by its Korean numeration, such as cho dan (1st), ee dan (2nd) and sam dan (3rd), and onward. The goals of TSD teaching, how to teach, psychology, learning theory, practical information about how to run classes for all ages, first aid, studio information. out of respect, as we did with the late Grandmaster The Moo Duk Kwan, and some Chung Do Kwan schools of Tang Soo Do incorporate a red-striped midnight blue (or black) belt to denote individuals who have reached the rank of Sa Beom (master /), or 4th dan. The orange belt signifies the strength of the rising sun. In ITF Taekwon-Do, it is implied that the grandmaster is not merely a technical teacher (body), nor just a moral teacher (mind), but also a teacher of philosophy (spirit); someone that can guide you on your lifes journey and give you insight into the deeper truths in life. July 1991. Duk Kwan Association, the U.S. Soo Bahk Do (Tang Soo Six Master level empty hand forms, three Sword forms, the Cane form, Ki Gong and Ki Gong forms, history and philosophy. Tang Soo Do Tang Soo Do teaches mental and physical training which involves the application of co-ordinated agility, dynamic mobility, power, whole body endurance, flexibility and special awareness to . The system is scientifically designed and no prior experience or fitness is required. based on Karate and may include fighting principles from taekkyeon, subak[g], as well as northern Chinese martial arts. Kyo Sa Nim means a person who teaches others. He is a 41 year veteran of the martial arts community. We are a family-orientated martial arts / karate studio, where families and students of all ages can learn core values and life lessons in a clean, safe atmosphere. however in the late 1970's, when he started to address knowledge of Tang Soo Do's evolution in the U.S. Reference| So in your Dojang, is there a standard format not for the title that you use, but the way that it is used? Instructors Master Debi Boudrot Master Debi Boudrot began her training as a martial artist in 1983 under Grandmaster Richard Byrne, the founder and then Kwan Jang Nim of the American Tang Soo Do Association. As a practitioner progresses, a color belt is worn which represents not only their degree of achievement, but exhibits their . Aboosabeomis therefore considered an assistant instructor in ITF Taekwon-Do. Copyright 2001-2023. I think Kwangjangnim also gets referred to as "Grandmaster," does it not? art. Then Grandmaster decided to unite it with his Hwa Soo Do. Consequently, serious injuries are counterproductive because they retard a level of physical training that is needed to foster emotional and intellectual growth. justification to certify them as a "Sa Bom". Master Mateo has been training in the art of Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan for over 25 years. To understand these terms better, including the terms sabeom and boosabeom, it is useful to look at the Korean root words from which they are formed. A Master Instructor's title is SaBomNim. I have had my own independent school for the past 6 1/2 years and was wanting to confirm what my title should now be at class. In all cases, the suffix -nim [-] can be attached for added respect. Tang Soo Do was introduced to the United Kingdom by Master Kang Uk Lee who, in 1974, was invited to organise the United Kingdom Tang Soo (Soo Bahk) Do Federation. Nim Hwang Kee's most senior Sa Bom. TKD, TSD, Hapkido, and Korean Martial Arts,, There are also a number of individuals today Knife hands come from the hip in TSD, a lot more kicks than Shotokan. Variation between Tang Soo Do competitions is extensive, but are typically standardized within the various associations. note: Another misconception today is that the term Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin is one of the most recognized names in Tang Soo Do today. In truth, it depends on the style one does. the late Kwan Jang Nim Hwang Kee and his first hand In addition, all martial arts techniques and training should be used safely and responsibly. Always respond "Yes, Sir / No, Ma'am " when answering to dan members. That is, all kicking and hand techniques that score should be delivered with sufficient footing and power so that, if they were delivered without being controlled, they would stop the aggressive motion of the opponent. Location: New York, USA was no way that any of us could consider ourselves to be of an organization or particular style of martial Jang Nim" is usually only bestowed on the "founder" For example, a first dan would have two years before they could be a candidate for second dan, and so on. This site is for informational purposes only. This book includes all the Hyungs (forms) required from beginner to Black Belt. The prefix boo- / - inboosabeom means assistant. in that way, it is certainly their right and Karate on the other hand has become a catch all word for any martial art. The name was changed back to the "Korea Taekwondo Association" when General Choi became its president in August 1965. The International Tangsoodo Alliance Official Instructor's Manual, Revised Edition. Discipline and Life Skills 2. Hwang Kee was alive, he was the only person in the Moo Duk Kwan that was rightfully regarded as the Brick City Martial Arts. Mar 5, 2005. organizations, the title of Kwan (organization) Jang TANG SOO DO IS SELF-DEFENSE. As you are aware, The red belt this stage represents the seed which is now a flowering plant, representing the students improvement, participation and advancement, It symbolizes Summer. We are a family school that specializes in children between the ages of 4 and 13. (of several schools) Nim (most senior or head distinct tests. Vol. Vol.II: The Basics. Terminology, Basic and advanced hand and kick techniques. Home Ive never been told that there is a distinction between any of those. All Rights Reserved. My Master is ChungSaNim Melissa Paone. "Tang Soo Do" () is the Korean pronunciation of the Hanja (pronounced Tng shu do in Chinese),[10] and translates literally to "The Way of the Tang Hand.". Naihanchi Some schools of Tang Soo Do include Naihanchi forms, such as naihanchi ee dan and naihanchi sam dan. time)with the title of"Master". Pyung Ahn forms: Pyung Ahn Cho Dan, Pyung Ahn E Dan, Pyung Ahn Sam Dan, Pyung Ahn Sa Dan, Pyung Ahn Oh Dan. OUR DOJANG (TRAINING HALL) OR SCHOOL STYLE OR APPROACH IS ANCIENT IN PRINCIPLE YET IS EFFECTIVE FOR SELF-DEFENSE IN MODERN SETTINGS. VI: The Masters Training Text. In particular Johnny Lawrence, a central antagonist of the 1984 film and one of the central protagonists of the sequel series Cobra Kai is one of the most well-known fictional practitioners of the art. Master Boudrot currently holds the rank of 7th Dan. Tang So Do is a Korean martial art that has heavy Chinese influence. Submit Info Global Taekwondo 2003 (English) Kyo Yoon Lee, A Guide to Taekwondo 1996 (English) Kyo Yoon Lee, Duk Sung Son, Letter in Seoul Shinmoon newspaper (16 June 1959). The Korean termonology really means little in my school, but we use it for tournaments with other instructors thst need that recognition. He also felt that the Kyo The terms sahyeon and saseon were created by the founder of ITF Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong-Hi. As in traditional Japanese karate-do kumite, scoring techniques in Tang Soo Do competition should be decisive. Guidelines >. [1] In late 1950s and early 1960s, Rhee was teaching what he called Korean Karate (or Tang Soo Do) in Texas, in the United States. Shin guards for short guy with thick calves. were not the The terms sahyeon (moral teacher) and saseong (sage teacher) suggest that Taekwon-Do is an ascetic activity; an activity that ought to lead to moral and intellectual improvement. Sometimes this is by design and other times simply a lack of understanding. Book Title. [print-me title="Print thisTerminology"target=".yidan-terminology"], [df-subtitle]General Tang Soo Do Terminology[/df-subtitle]. In addition, all martial arts techniques and training should be used safely and responsibly. which is the official certification for a "Master Chil Sung FormsPlease be aware that Chil Sung forms are not used by all Tang Soo Do schools. Answer (1 of 8): To be fair it will greatly depend on the Instructor and your personal practice. Tang Soo Do is a Korean martial art form based on karate and bears some similarities to Tai Chi, however, it is different, according to Tang Soo Do instructor Paul Franz of Auburn Hills. ABOUT MASTER ANTHONY PRATT: AT THE AGE OF FOUR "TONY'S" DAD SHOWED HIM A KARATE "CHOP" HE LEARNED FROM THE ARMY ON A WALNUT. View Larry Smith's business profile as Instructor at GOSC Bylaws. The titles Most Korean styles like Tang Soo Do, Hapkido, and WTF Taekwon-Do attribute the English title master to a practitioner with a 4th Dan 4th-degree black belt) or higher. Again, sa- means teacher. Teaching the Traditional Martial Arts of Tang Soo Do since 1977. Instructor (Master) Sabomnim (Sah-bum-nim), Return Baro (as in turn & face the Master at the end of your form), Thank you Kamsa Hamnae Da (Kamsa-ham-ni-da). could also not be justified. It could be what the website says, that when there is more than one Master, he/she takes the title ChungSaNim to differentiate. Unification of the mind . Header 2054 4th Avenue East #1 Twin Falls ID 83301, Soo Bahk Do- Ancient name of the martial art in Korea, Gup- holder of color belt under midnight blue, Shim Kung- Spiritual power or control in exercise, Neh Kung- Internal power or control in exercise, Weh Kung- External power or control in exercise, Choong Dan Pahl Put Ki- Middle Punch /Horse stance, Hwang Jin Kong Kyuk- Side Punch /Horse Stance, Kap Kwon Kong Kyuk- Back fist /Horse Stance, Ssang Soo Kong Kyuk- U Shape Double Attack, Aneso Pakero Mahk Ki- Inside / Outside Block, Pakeso Ahn Uro Mahk Ki- Outside / Inside Block, Chun Kul Ssang Soo Mahk Ki- Double Block /Front Stance, Hu Kul Sang Dan Mah Ki- High Block / Back Stance, Ssang Soo Sang Dan Mahk Ki- High 2 Hand X-Cross Block, Sang Dan Ssang Soo Do Mahk Ki- High 2 Knife Hand X-Block, Hu Kul Ha Dan Mah Ki- Low Block /Back Stance, Ssang Soo Ha Dan Mahk Ki- Low 2 Hand X-Cross Block, Ha Dan Ssang Soo Do Mahk Ki- Low 2 Knife-Hand X-Block, Sang Dan Soo Do Mahk Ki- High Knife Hand Block, Choon Dan Soo Do Mahk Ki- Middle Knife/Hand Block, Ha Dan Soo Do Mahk Ki- Low Knife/ Hand Block, Hu Gul Yup Mahk Ki- Side Block /Fighting Stance, Bahl Ba Dahk Ero Mahk Ki- Sole of Foot Block, Ha Dan Soo Do Mahk ki- Low knife hand block, Aneso Pakero Cha Ki- Inside / Outside Kick, Pakeso Ahn Uro Cha Ki- Outside / Inside Kick, Beet Cha Ki- Reverse Round House Snap Kick, Ee Dan Ka Whe Cha Ki- Jump Scissor [split] Kick, Ee Dan Dull Ryo Cha Ki- Jump Round house Kick, Ee Dan Nak See Cha Ki- Jump Side Hook Kick, Young Bahl EeDan Ahp Cha Ki- Double Jump Front Kick, Ee Dan Dwi Cha Ki- Jump Spinning Back Kick, Ee Dan Dwi Hu Ro Cha Ki- Jump Spinning Back Hook, Ee Dan- Flying (prefix to kicking techniques), Kwi Gee- jumping (prefix to kicking techniques), Bahl Cha Ki Choon Bee- Ready Kicking Stance, Sa Bom Nim Kay Kyung Yet- bow to instructor, Kyo Sa Nim Kay Kyung Yet- bow to assistant instructor, Sun Beh Nim Kay Kyung Yet- bow to senior member, Ban Jang Nim Kay kyung Yet- bow to prefect, Sam Soo Shik Dae Ryun- Three step sparring, Da Soo Dae Ryun- Sparring against two or more. This website is copyright protected under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Health and longevity of practitioners are the major goals of Tang Soo Do practice. Most of the existing Tang Soo Do schools globally owe heritage to Hwang Kee's Moo Duk Kwan-style Tang Soo Do. ONLY FOR IN SCHOOL DELIVERY AT FDK FOR FDK STUDENTS- NO SHIPPING. Appreciation for Martial Arts Culture. some of his most senior students (existing Sa Bom at the This book also includes Nihanchi Cho Dan, Sip Soo, the three staff (bong) forms, and the knife (Dan Gum) form. This nomenclature reflects this government-ordered kwan merger. World Tang Soo Do Association Forms (Hyung)Initial color belt forms use Sae Kye versus non-WTSDA schools that use Ki Cho. I have Dan rankings in both arts, I have trained various martial arts for the last 28 years. Because Tang Soo Do had a more recognizable name, it was good known to the populace. At that time due to a philosophical difference of opinion with Norris, Johnson would leave the UFAF and reform the NTC as the governing body for American Tang Soo Do while Norris kept UFAF as the parent organization for his new martial arts system of Chun Kuk Do, in 1990.[17]. focada na disciplina e prtica de padres e sequncias de auto-defesa. Sa Dan level and above was not the head instructor of a Rateh, those titles are somewhat similar in Tang Soo Do, but a head Instructor would just be a KyoSaNim. About Us|Contact Us| Beaver, William K. "The Man Behind the Ninja Turtles." The techniques of what is commonly known as Tang Soo Do combine elements of Shtkan, Subak, Taekkyon, and Kung Fu. Gallery| Once again sa- means teacher. Calling Somebody's Dojo A McDojo Is Offensive. Jin Do. But there are many other reasons why men, women and children have taken up Tang Soo Do training. You must log in or register to reply here. Tang Soo Do Instructor Kim Dauplaise Achieves Long-time Goal Global Karate Academy has reached a new level in the journey to mastery of the Art of Tang Soo Do. Open-hand techniques other than the ridgehand and leg sweeps are typically not allowed. instructor's dojang or the Tang Soo Do organization that Vol. After my recent post on the three Korean terms (Moosool,Mooye, andMoodo) used to describe the combat arts, it reminded me ofone of my first submissionsforTotally Tae Kwon Do, in which I describe the differences in meaning between instructor, master, and grandmaster in ITF Taekwon-Do. Styles: Taekwondo, Combat Hapkido, Aikido, GRACIE, Police Krav Maga, SPEAR, < Advertising If you put cheung sa nim into a search engine, you'll find info under that spelling that's helpful. It doesn't mean teacher, but it confers Master status and has an additional red strip within the midnight blue belt that lower dan members wear. Going for another class with this club, will also check out a Tang Soo Do class that's nearby. 30 Self-defense techniques. [citation needed]. Sae Ki Hyung 1-3, Pyung On Hyungs 1-5, Bassai are presented. They are based on an offender attacking and one demonstrating the form reacting to their attack. Johnny Richardson, Sandan (3rd-degree black belt) - Instructor. These hyung are: Kee Cho forms: Kee Cho Il Bu, Kee Cho E bu, Kee Cho Sam Bu. Evolution of the style first began in 2018 when a student of Tang sou Dao a mix of sanshou/ sanda a variation of Chinese kickboxing and Kung Fu obtained a 7th degree black belt since being awarded this went on to adapt a more ruthless style of martial art where no holds barred become a prevalent way of determining a universal victor opposed to the traditional point style of ITF taekwondo where point based tournaments determined a winner. Sa Danfor the 4th Danranking and Sa Bom #3. The idea that Taekwon-Do is a means of character development places a great responsibility on Taekwon-Do teachers. This actually began Of special note is that the traditional Tang Soo Do "black" belt is, in fact, midnight blue. Jan 2005 - Present18 years 3 months. Schools tracing their lineage to Duk Sung Son when he founded the World Tae Kwon Do Association in the United States after leaving Korea also practice Kuk Mu forms. The dan rank ranges from 1st through 9th degree. All the old titles still existed along with the new ones such as Sa Bum Nim, Kyo Sa Nim, and Sun Saeng Nim. Sport? After his army service ended, Johnson met and formed an association with Tang Soo Do instructor Chuck Norris. Anniversaries| Instructors shape our future into what type of martial artist we become. Here is a description of each: Vol. Hyeon can also means the present / . FYI While many schools start with the Ki Cho forms, World Tang Soo Do Association schools start with Sae Kye Hyung (located near the middle of this page). Grandmaster. privilege to do so. ISBN-13. Despite Chuck Norris leaving the American Tang Soo Do, the entity still persists. Generally the most consistant use of an honorific that i am exposed to is during the opening and closing of class and then the "Nim" is always retainined. Lo Hai. After receiving the ROK Army Field Manual (which contained martial arts training curriculum under the new name of Taekwondo) from General Choi, Rhee began using the name "Taekwondo". Koreans also say their last first-middle name (or last, first middle). He began studying Tang Soo Do in 1959. TKA instructors impose external discipline in the dojang to help students develop self-discipline. Hancock, J. and Plyler, J. When Grandmaster However, beginning in 1955, and again in 1973, with the formation of the WTF,[20] Taekwondo became centrally governed and Taekwondo terminology was revised favoring Korean terminology. In their case, Funakoshi claimed Okinawan Karate could "now be considered a Japanese martial art" and found the China reference "inappropriate" and "in a sense degrading". In Korean such differences as an instructor, master and grandmaster are not made. there are several Tang Soo Do organizations Kee treated the Sa Dan and Sa Bom tests as two separate and He also later studied judo while stationed in . Though Tang Soo Do sparring is competitive, traditional competitions are more of an exercise, or way of developing the self, than they are a competitive and game-like forum. For other terms & conditions, please read ourlegal disclaimerandprivacy policy. The next dan number was equal to the minimum number of years that must be spent training to achieve that dan. Grandmaster Hwang Kee presents seven steps to learning hyungs in his book, Tang Soo Do (Soo Bahk Do). I: The Essence. Thesahyeonmasternurtures both the body and mind of his or her students. This volume was completed and published just prior to Grandmaster Shins death. Sa does mean fourth. Taekwondo changed forever as the ruthless nature of this style allowed for limitless learning of striking and grappling techniques as well as the use of western boxing and body mechanics to defeat an opponent where implemented. However, my true intro to martial arts came when I started on the original film during preproduction in 1983. However, this is primarily a western influence. some of his most senior students (existing Sa Bom at the This book includes all the Hyungs (forms) required from beginner to Black Belt. About WTSDA SaBomNim is a Master Instructor in TSD, so the titles of that are not the same. In 1964, the Korean Tae Soo Do Association was formed which, in 1965, became the Korean Tae Kwon Do Association. Vol. Material on this wiki maynot be copied or reproduced. Vol. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Tang Soo Do: The Ultimate Guide to the., Lee, Kang Uk at the best online prices at eBay! Tang Soo Do (Hangul: , . The World Tang Soo Do Association and the International Tang Soo Do Federation teach systems of Tang Soo Do that existed before the Taekwondo "merger" and before the development of modern Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan. Owner: Daniel Leon(LMAA Ventura Mall), Chief Instructor: Phone: +593-099-787-0877 Address: Ventura Mall Local 42-1PA Interoceanic Av., . Books delivered damaged may be exchanged. Style: Tang Soo Do. Tang Soo Do Hyung or FormsVideos & Written Instructions. Each match should begin and end with respect, compassion and a deep appreciation for the opponent. 9780999048405. eBay Product ID (ePID) 237923777. After black belt, practitioners of the Kukkiwon system practice the Yudanja and Kodanja series of black belt Poomsae of the Kukkiwon (Koryo, Kumgang, Taebaek, Pyongwon, Sipjin, Jitae, Cheonkwon, Hansoo, Ilyo). Michael Jai White is a Black Belt in seven different styles including Shotokan, Taekwondo, Kobudo, Goju Ryu (under Master Eddie Morales ), Tang Soo Do, Wushu and . 4. Betterment of Mind, Body and Spirit The real value of Tang Soo Do is not the belt you earn, but the changes that occur within you, in your quest for them - including the development of individual character and respect for others. Location: Toluca, Mexico MAR 31, 2023 - APR 1, 2023 Chile Seminar and Testing Location: Santiago, Chile + Read More CONTACT US 3900 Monroeville Blvd., Suite 1 Monroeville, PA 15146 Tel: 412-373-8666 Fax: 412-245-1617 FOLLOW US FEDERATION NEWS October 3, 2022 - I am very proud of Master Costa of Portugal. This title is used for 1st-3rd Dan practitioners in ITF Taekwon-Do, especially when they teach under asabeom. Sign up today to receive news on up and coming programs and schedule updates! Posts: 137, Joined: 31 Mar 2006 It is part of the structure and discipline of traditional martial arts. Not, Asides Tang Soo Do, Michael Jai White also knows various forms of. They are generally memorized and demonstrated at a test for ranking up or a tournament. 71 likes. Technically "tang soo" means "the hand of Tang dynasty", which is what the okinawan people used to call karate when it was first introduced by the monks from southern shaolin temple in Fuzhou, China. He joined STMA in 2013 as Sparring Instructor and became a business partner and full time instructor in 2016. Little Tigers Tang Soo Do. Posts: 848 But, when he beganaddressing us as "Masters" we then But for anyone who knows even a little about martial arts, how to know if something is a scam is really really simple, if they don't spar and/or fight (pressure testing), but market themselves as "self defense", it's a scam. Includes philosophy, meditation, basic hand and foot techniques, Stances, terminology. Tang Soo Do sparring is a contact event. Following is one of the most underrated aspects of leaderships! Robert Shipley, Sa Bom Nim, served in the Air Force and stationed in the Republic of Korea. However, minor deviations according to organization and/or individual school are commonplace. dojang or region within the organization, and did not have The Amateur Athletic Union Taekwondo recognizes Tang Soo Do ranks, permits Tang Soo Do hyeong in competition and hosts non-Olympic-style point-sparring to accommodate the various traditional Korean stylists. This question was posed to Kwan Jang Nim Andy While a sabeom could mean coach and be restricted to mere physical training, thesahyeon is more than a coach. Thank you for this information, I have recently gained my 4th Dan Black Belt in Taekwon-do after 38 years of practice and teaching for the last 30 years. the time. organization'ssuccessor to be addressed as The main differences I have noticed are use of the hip, muscle tension and emphasis on kicks. of "Grandmaster" which is historically not really Similar characters are pronounced karate-d in Japanese. In 1950s, to restore national identity after the protracted occupation of Korea by Japanese forces, the Korean government under Syngman Rhee ordered a single organization to be created. because they have now formed their own Tang Soo Do The main difference is that they are not delivered with full contact to the head in Tang Soo Do. [citation needed]. Do you have a written standard for your Patterns? And what does FWIW mean? WTSDA Tang Soo Do Form 1 - Sae Kye Hyung Il Bu. Dan levels from 4th dan onward are known as kodanja (/), whether sabom or not. The premier Martial Arts Forum on the web! Some of the older Chung Do Kwan based schools practice the original Pyong-Ahn forms which Lee Won-Kuk incorporated from Shotokan karate. Though often billed as "light" or "no-contact," the typical level of contact is moderate, being controlled to both the body and head (in dan divisions). Hopefully, instructors, masters, and grandmasters will live up to the implied responsibility embedded in their titles. For other martial arts words & commands, please visit the mainMartial Arts Terminologysection. .[18]. If you seek to download and install the Complete Krav Maga The Ultimate Guide To Over 200 Self Defense And Combative Techniques The Chung Do Kwan-style of Tang Soo Do was introduced to United States by Jhoon Rhee. [1] Shortly after the Korean War and in 1953, four more offshoot schools formed. He felt strongly that if an individual at the Malden, MA:American Tang Soo Do Association. Hwang Kee, then thatwould beconsidered acceptable. Lily the Tang Soo Dodo . Terminology, Basic and advanced hand and kick techniques. his equal. Contribute to chinapedia/wikipedia.en development by creating an account on GitHub. Since that essay was never actually posted on this blog I decided to do so now, below expanded withhangeulandhanja. Tang Soo Do is a very effective method of self-defence. That same year, he formulated the penalty-point system still used by karate tournaments. The traditional title in Korean for an Instuctor is Sa Bom Nim, of course there are other titles, depending on the rank of your instructor and your organization.
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