MARQUETTE The Marquette City Commission unanimously approved a resolution opposing House Bill 4722 and Senate Bill 446, which commissioners said would limit a local community's ability to . Two senators, including the Senate president pro tempore . See Assembly Version of this Bill: A39 Current Committee: Senate Children And Families Law Section: Family Court Act Laws Affected: Amd 352.3, 446, 551, 656, 759, 842 & 1056, Fam Ct Act; amd 530.12 & 530.13, CP L; amd 240 & 252, Dom Rel L Versions Introduced in Other Legislative Sessions: 2015-2016: S7394, A10661 2017-2018: S2167, A668 The bill only focuses on zoning, and Lightner said she expects another bill package will address taxation. The Michigan Municipal League, a nonprofit association of Michigan municipalities and municipal leaders, also expressed dissatisfaction with the bill. } %PDF-1.7 It was disappointing, then, to see the House of Representatives work through the night to pass legislation that will make the hotel industrys recovery that much harder.. Bill authors are adamant that the. Holland Township does not allow short-term rentals through services like VRBO, Airbnb and Homestay. George F. Lang . Proponents of the bill say that its passage will help property owners earn extra income and will give tourists more lodging options. "Now you have people who recognize its a safe option and typically costs less.". The survey data provides a compelling contrast to what supporters of HB 4722 are pushing for. Lawmakers have tried to tackle regulation of short-term rentals in the past, but Lightner said HB 4722 was a narrower bill to stop cities from banning short-term rentals outright. 2021-2022 Regular Session. Introduced. Perhaps they should look harder. Today's breaking news and more in your inbox. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. ZONING; SHORT-TERM RENTALS S.B. The government should allow people to do what they wish with their property as long as they don't violate the rights of their neighbors. On Wednesday, the Senate and House both adjorned without any movement of the highly opposed short-term rental preemption legislation, senate bill 446 and house bill 4722. Both bills were created to amend the "Michigan Zoning Enabling Act." The two pieces of legislation had hearings last week. Session 2023-2024. edit_note Post. 446, said the issue falls under private property protection. Members Only Briefs Legislator Guidebook Ohio Government Websites; Site Search. - Amendments made by the Senate will be red, such as: Senate amended text. It is a tone-deaf handout to mostly out-of-state corporations that will erode neighborhoods, increase crime and cost jobs, Winslow said. Many communities across the state have enacted regulations to address detrimental impacts short-term rentals have had on the quality of life in neighborhoods. The Michigan Municipal League (MML) opposes the bill backed by GOP lawmakers, Senate Bill 446 and House Bill 4722, which aim to stop governments from banning STRs. Toilet paper wasnt the only shortage caused by the pandemic. Copyright 2021 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Legislation is moving through the house and senate seeking to stop Michigan communities from outright banning short-term rentals like Airbnb and VRBO. "We're just opposed to this regulation which takes our ability and that of all communities in Michigan away," Caine said. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)AP. As currently written, House Bill 4722 and Senate Bill 446 would impede a local government's ability to inspect these mini-hotels to ensure they are being operated safely. Updated: 8:50 AM MST March 8, 2021. stream It was supported by Representative Greg Markkanen, R-Hancock. Locals are using zoning to prevent nuisances she said. Who loses? endstream endobj startxref Critics say the two bills Senate Bill 446, sponsored by Sen. Aric Nesbitt, R-Lawton; and House Bill 4722, sponsored by Sarah Lightner, R-Springport would strip local control over rentals made popular by sites like Airbnb and Vrbo. No meeting history found for H.446 in the Regular Session 2023-2024. The bill specifies that short-term rentals would be subject to parameters required for other commercial uses in a residential district. Garrett Neese/Daily Mining Gazette hbbd```b``fA$S7duOIo9L&Ml500&2D;I B X}4Hc "=*{`5Aj,`Ye w%/nf`9i{ An act relating to the reconstitution of the University of Vermont Board of Trustees Blog endobj He says Senate Bill 446 and House Bill 4722 would remove the gray area and prevent any municipality from banning short-term residential rentals. const trinityScript = document.createElement('script'); SB 1664: Economic Development. Visit the FOX47News Website. The substitute states short-term rentals cannot be zoned out of existence, but allows local ordinances to regulate noise, traffic, advertising and capacity. With more, Stephens worries that property values would skyrocket, benefiting a few property owners but making the city less affordable for everyone else. Under the legislation, short-term . The legislation would create a new statewide zoning requirementthereby eliminating a townships ability to regulate any issues with nonowner-occupied residences rented on a short-term basisUNLESSthe same regulations are applied equally to all owner-occupied residences. 2021 Senate Bill 446: Regulate "Airbnb" type rentals Introduced by Sen. Aric Nesbitt R-Lawton on May 13, 2021 To prohibit local governments from using zoning laws to ban property owners renting out a home or condo for vacation or short-term rentals, including owners who use services like Airbnb. Want to see more local news? It was supported by Representative Greg Markkanen, R-Hancock. Real Estate Experts say the high cost of lumber and low mortgage rates are big contributors to the housing shortage, short-term rentals are not to blame. Theres just all kinds of headaches that this creates, depending on how your municipality has tried to handle residential rentals, he said. However, even myself, I used a hotel multiple times a year, but Ive also done short term rentals. Thank you to everyone who has been diligently engaging lawmakers on this issue. A house and senate bill could require cities to make short term and vacation rental properties like Airbnb's legal in areas where they are currently banned. 446: SUMMARY OF INTRODUCED BILL IN COMMITTEE Senate Bill 446 (as introduced 5-13-21) Sponsor: Senator Aric Nesbitt Committee: Regulatory Reform Date Completed: 5-18-21 CONTENT The bill would amend Article II (Zoning Authorization and Initiation) of the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act to do the following: Effective Date: 7/1/2021. Motion carried. 141 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<98F535D224B0584EB42C8A8044350364><560ABCC3D5521F4A9632EA2E1E16E940>]/Index[111 50]/Info 110 0 R/Length 131/Prev 233447/Root 112 0 R/Size 161/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Stephens, said with the ease of renting these properties, he's worried they'll turn into month-by-month leases, effectively allowing rental properties where the city doesn't currently permit them. Grand Rapids does allow short-term rentals, but only home sharing and not entire properties. The first is Senate Bill 446. hb```c``e`f` @1 xwa So that doesnt actually stop the nuisance from happening.. 16 West Jones Street. If youre selling me something and Im buying it from you, you cant tell me that were not participating in a commercial act.. House Senate B ill: 88R 873 872 871 87R 86R 851 85R 84R 833 832 831 83R 821 82R 811 81R 80R 793 792 791 79R 784 783 782 781 78R 77R 76R 75R 74R 73R 724 723 722 721 72R 716 715 714 713 712 711 71R Actions History Text | In St Clair Shores, one host is fighting criminal charges, accused of engaging in commercial activity by renting his home out. 3 0 obj "I was very surprised it moved on [Oct. 27] in the way and fashion it did," said Jennifer Rigterink, a legislative associate with the Michigan Municipal League (MML), which opposes the bill. That happened to a metro Detroit man, and legislation is hoping to protect what some say is a long-time Michigan tradition, but some cities worry the law could take away their rights. Senate third reading PASSED voting: (18-12--0) 2021-06-24: Senate: Senate miscellaneous motion: Senator Gray moved in accordance with Senate Rule 28B, I move to suspend Senate Rules 2J, 8A and B and notwithstanding Senate Rule 16, for the purpose of placing Senate Bill 1844 on the order of business, Third Reading of Bills. Many times, commercial interests purchase multiple homes in a community for the sole purpose of renting them on a short-term basisdaily, weekly or monthlywith no intent for the owner to ever occupy the residential property. MTA needs you to contact yourstate lawmakersto share your opposition to House Bill 4722 and Senate Bill 446 preempting local zoning on rental properties in residential zones. In opposition to House Bill 4722 and Senate Bill 446, a dozen groups, mostly made up of associations of local municipalities, signed a letter which says they are unaware "of a single community in Michigan that has or is seeking to ban short-term rentals.". Sign up here <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> "Folks that are renting in the area, we want to make sure that those homes are safe for people there, so we do regular inspections. LANSING, Mich. The Michigan Department of Treasury on Tuesday announced that more than Youre operating a farm or ranch. SB 446, if passed by the House and Senate and signed into law, would specifically grant local governments regulatory authority to enforce rules for noise, advertising, preventing nuisances, inspections, and dwelling capacity limits. Local governments count on zoning to shape their communities and preserve the quality of life so important to their residents. The bills will preempt your township's local zoning authority to regulate short-term rentals. If you purchase a product or register for an account through one of the links on our site, we may receive compensation. June 8, 2021 . These bills do a good job of recognizing that. Sen. Aric Nesbitt, R-Lawton, who authored S.B. The letter, co-signed by over 15 organizations, detailed issues with the proposed language and reiterated our pledge of being focused on finding sensible solutions that represent a true compromise. No committee documents found for H.446 in the Regular Session 2023-2024. 156 0 obj <>stream "We're just. EAST LANSING, Mich. Two bills moving through the state House and Senate would stop local governments from banning short-term rentals like those leased through Airbnb or VRBO. Two billsHouse Bill 4722andSenate Bill 446would eliminate your townships ability to do so. This legislation protects private property rights by preventing short-term rentals from being zoned out of existence and also allows local governments to effectively regulate these properties, he said. WHEREAS, Michigan Senate Bill 446 and its companion legislation House Bill 4722, seeks to amend the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, which defines a short term rental as any rental less than 30 days as a residential use of the property that should be permitted in any area zoned residential. Im not sure who Representative Markkanen represents down in Lansing, but it clearly isnt the local units of government in his district.. Tourism in the Upper Peninsula is a growing industry with visitors flocking to the area for the history, scenery, and outdoor recreation opportunities. '&textSelector=' + encodeURIComponent(btoa('.page-article')); If House bill 4722 or Senate bill 446 pass, short-term rental rules would become the same in every district and East Lansing would need to allow them. The numbering is retained throughout the session. State House representatives made an early morning decision to clear the path for short-term rentals to operate in any Michigan community. The bill is then given a bill number. js.src = p + "://"; SB 446. Box 568 %%EOF You dont have to get a license with the city.. The bills remove local governments' ability to outright. Cities also would have to allow at least 30% of housing to be rentals before setting a cap. Stephens said allowing property owners to bypass important steps in the renting process like inspections could be dangerous. The bills remove local governments' ability to outright. St. Clair Shores says its zoning ordinance doesn't permit short-term rentals, and the number of Airbnb-affiliated properties in the city went from 10 or 15 down to zero. Return To Search Interested In SB77? Local government officials never like having their powers restricted. = id; State legislators are looking to force local governments to ease restrictions on short-term rentals, but the Michigan Municipal League says the one-size fits all bills will hurt residents more than theyll help tourism. ARIZONA, USA Arizona cities and towns may soon have more tools at their disposal to regulate short-term rental properties after the Senate passed SB 1379 . 122 0 obj <> endobj ^y_}55(Ds r5Dx4* We all deserve better than this and that opportunity still exists in the Senate.. Senate Bill 77 - 135th General Assembly. City officials from Grand Rapids, Frankenmuth and Marquette joined the press conference to voice their concern over short-term rentals eating away at an already competitive housing market. a~:.yrzX>GQEQD/8:cy;xg$Nc;0/g8}_zx}|9 T=?a(7zeVy5z]{}~ 7X*T'Eqyd. The legislation defines a short-term rental as the rental of a single-family home, a one- to four-family home, or any unit or group of units in a condominium, for no more than 30 days. 4 0 obj endobj However, if the bill becomes law, it will inhibit the powers of local government to regulate rentals, and prevent them from outlawing short-term rentals entirely. "Property owners have never been in a better position to maximize the value of their property," he said. trinityScript.src = '' + Local governments and their lobbyists are opposed to the legislation, as they are to anything that limits their powers, even when it means more freedom for individuals. After the early morning passage of the bill, Michigan Municipal League CEO and Executive Director Dan Gilmartin released a statement saying the only gains are for commercial interests and out-of-state business owners. The Michigan Municipal League is in support of H.B. California Senate Bill. Survey results found 89% were concerned that taking away local control of short-term rentals would result in increased housing costs, more crime and fewer homes for residents.
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