Max. Private tours are not cheap, especially when boat rides or catamaran cruises are included. Also, Saona seems to be more of a party. I know it is sometimes boring to read all those articles with all my personal experiences and recommendations. Even the particular beach you visit always depends on the company you book with, but chances are that you visit a less crowded part of the island. If you are 9 or older, you must pay the Adult fare. : This article is exclusively about private tours to Isla Saona and Isla Catalina. Saona VIP is our most complete tour to visit this beautiful island. Thats particularly important in times of. On the other hand, if your intention is to enjoy a privileged environment where you can also snorkel or dive, you should choose Catalina Island. Saona Island is a beautiful destination to visit during your Punta Cana or Bayahibe vacation. Its easy to say that both are the most beautiful islands in the Dominican Republic as well. Do you want to take some beautiful pictures during your Saona Island trip? The indegineous Taino people, the native populations of the Dominican Republic, occupied Saona Island before Christopher Columbuss arrival in 1494. The captain is included with the boat rental. Estoy contento de saber que disfrutaron de la lancha para ir a Isla Saona y las piscinas naturales de forma privada! To use our mobile site, please enable JavaScript. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our Privacy Policy. Food, Transfers and Drinks are NOT INCLUDED. Maximum for 40 people on board. Motor catamaran for rent and private tours to Saona Island, Palmilla (natural pools) and Catalina Island with departures from Bayahibe. 3. Punta Cana is my home-base here in the country and Id love to tell you more about how to experience Punta Cana off-the-beaten-track and give you all the advice you want to know for your vacation in Punta Cana. This island also has a lot to offer you. We use the same quality standards as for our boat tours. Saona Island. You can get to Saona Island from Punta Cana or Bayahibe. And even the price seems steep at first glance, if you break it down to 15 people, it is just a bit more than 100 US per person a real bargain for a private full-day catamaran cruise! There are not as many private tours available for Isla Catalina as for Isla Saona, hence a comprehensive list with different tours and providers doesnt make that much sense. Catalina Island, also known as Ikiita Island, is considered a Protected Natural Park and is located half an hour by boat from Casa de Campo in La Romana. Private tours to Saona Island are already starting at 450 USD per group, which is a real bargain considering that you have the crew and boat all on your own. Maybe you'd like to spend a relaxing day with family at the beach? However, this shouldnt mean that a visit to Isla Catalina is not worth-to-go by no means. This route also starts at 7 am at your hotel, then you will go by catamaran from La Romana to Catalina Island. Due to the seaweed problem at Saona Island (can anyone confirm this that's been lately? Are you a small group or maybe even just a couple looking in getting away from the huge groups and the crowded Saona excursions? . Mano Juan is the bigger village on the island but still has only about 500 residents who dedicate their lives to fishing, making art, and living in, Are you ready to explore the deserted beaches of Isla Saona? In case the proposed option is not to your liking, there are plenty of other yachts you can charter. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-112206916', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Catalina island has better snorkeling. leave from Bayahibe and arrive straight to the gorgeous wild beaches shortly after. Here we can find all kinds of marine life, from lobsters and multicolored fish to large rays. SAONA.FUN Plaza Punta Cana, Local B#54 Bavaro/Punta Cana D.R. Boats with Clean & Safe badge on WannaBoats, On-Board Covid-19 Safety Protocols (email), Saona Island Vs Catalina Island. You will start your tour in La Romana and stop at the most famous snorkeling spot in the area, where you can see colorful fish and a tropical reef. Isla Saona is not connected to the Dominican Republics electricity grid and runs entirely on solar panels! Find out in this article what other advantages you have on Saona Island and Catalina Island when booking a private tour. It is part of the National Park Cotubanam (formerly called Parque Nacional del Este). And then go for another relaxing swim! The best 5 beaches in the Dominican Republic, Rent a boat and discover the best coral reefs in the Dominican Republic, A good profile picture helps you attract customers, Private Catamaran to Saona or Catalina in Bayahibe, SAONA ISLAND Speedboat for private rental in Bayahibe, VIP Speed Boat for Rent in Casa de Campo to Saona or Catalina islands, Luxury Yacht Charter from Casa de Campo to Saona or Catalina. Thats when I met Oscar at the other end of the phone He is a super nice and personable guy and immediately understood what we wanted to do and how to do it. 1 on Tripadvisor (out of 54 water sports and excursion companies in Bayahibe, the departure port to go to Isla Saona). Ready to discover Saona Island? I guess it depends on what you want to do! DESCRIPTION. In its interior was found Captain Kidd's Cannon, considered the only pirate cannon found in the Caribbean. The quintessential Caribbean island deserves the quintessential Caribbean scenery; ivory sands lined with rows of swaying palms. What is the best option for a private excursion: the difference between Isla Saona and Isla Catalina? How many islands does the Dominican Republic have? All Rights Reserved. That was Saona Island! Drinks and Food is not included but can be requested at the time of your reservation for an additional price. If you dont find the right offer among those private tours and you are looking for other excursions to Isla Saona, feel free to send me an email to puntacanatravelblog (at) gmail (dot) com. Or perhaps you'replanning your first visit to the island. Perhaps the best known of the island is its beautiful natural pool, where you can walk dozens of meters without the water covering more than your hip. Which one suits what I am looking for? Diving in Catalina Island reaches its maximum expression in places like The Wall or The Aquarium. Saona and Catalina Island for only $45 USD per adult and $30 USD per child. The beach stretches as far as the eye can see. I assume Carnival because we all rave about the buffet Seavis provided - amazing spread. Catalina Beach. It's an all day excursion with snorkeling and/or diving. The Saona excursions hit Catuano Beach where the old pier is, the snorkelig can be good or just so so there depending on the conditions because you're closer to shore. A much more affordable dive is that of The Aquarium. Includes Captain, boat fuel, and cooler with ice. Saona island is an island where you have to go to disconnect, to relax after a few days in the busiest tourist areas. My girlfriend and I were visiting vacationing at dreams La Romana and wanted to take a private excursion to saona island without having to go on the 20+ people boats. Transfer and lunch are optional, hence I recommend to make proper arrangements with the organizer of the tour before so that they exactly know what you wish for your private excursion to Saona Island. The beach is lovely and long and has many of those type areas for many of the groups to spread out and enjoy the afternoon. Of the 539 species found in the park, the small island of 110 km2 is home to most of them. Saona Island ( Mano Juan and Canto de la Playa) (+$130.00 USD ), How many Passengers? Just like many other areas in the Caribbean, Catalina Island served as a refuge for pirates and privateers from 1520 to the 1720s. In them we can spend the day in paradise. The Wall, is a slope that plunges to 100 meters deep and where a great variety of marine life proliferates. Comfortable speed boat for private rental in Bayahibe for up to 12 people. How to Get to Saona Island? (mobile users: please turn your device to landscape mode to enjoy the best view of this table). Visit Saona & Palmilla (natural pool) or Catalina Island in this confortable sailing catamaran for rent. If so, check out our comprehensive Punta Cana Excursion Guide with the most exciting 40+ activities for your vacation. No matter what your interests are, Catalina Island offers something for you. Pros/Cons? It is recognized as one of the best diving / snorkeling spots in the Dominican Republic and even the Caribbean and it is not surprising due to its seabed full of corals, sea sponges and tropical fish. 17 Full day buggy Safari with lunch and Chavon River Tour. This is why we are committed to providing Dominican Republic visitors with an alternative and more exclusive way to experience Saona Island. Some of them have even been married in some of its beautiful chapels and amphitheaters. 2-5 (+cruise ships if applicable). Each one offers different options, so it is up to you to decide which experience you choose. It is also an exceptionally good place to fish, where you can find specimens of guatapan, horse mackerel, king mackerel, and other types of temperate-water fish. Take a Selfie because ocean water this color is found at few places on earth. We use cookies to improve your experience and to analyze the use of our website. First of all, we show you our classic excursion to Saona Island. If you want to snorkel, Catalina island has better snorkeling. You have to pay the full boat and the entire crew, doesnt matter how many persons are in your group. You mentioned the wall. On the way to Isla Saona, theres a gorgeous natural pool, a large area with waist-deep shallow and crystal clear water. And what about water temp? This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. We are happy to announce that we are in the Bahamas! Saona island, Catalina island or natural pool of Las Palmillas Let us know your desires we will take care of offering you a tailor-made excursion! You choose the type of boat: sailing catamaran, motor catamaran, yacht or motorboat. Sea water has healing properties. Saona Island tourism remains largely unaffected by the pandemic. You will only have contact with your traveling party and social distancing to other people like staff members can always be guaranteed. This is by far the most elegant private tour to Isla Saona a full cruising-style catamaran exclusively for your group*. ATV + El Valle Beach & Waterfalls, Baha de las Aguilas: Beach Day Trip by Boat -Day Pass Pedernales, Baha de las Aguilas: Beach Day Trip by Boat -Day Pass Snorkeling & Lunch, Birdwatching in Los Haitises National Park, Birdwatching Punta Cana Birding Tours from Punta Cana to Los Haitises National Park, Catalina Island and Snorkeling with Catamaran Party From Punta Cana Half Day Experience. Is the snorkeling low key or more advanced? The island measures about 9.6 . Afterwards, we will head to our open buffet for lunch on the island, where you will also be able to explore its exquisite white sand beaches surrounded by palm trees and jungle. Moreover, Saona Islands more secluded beaches that you can reach on a private tour make social distancing much more enjoyable! Or maybe you just want to do some cool sightseeing? Saona Island is located southeast of the Dominican Republic. Ask Kanta M about Saona Island Paradise From Punta Cana. With a private tour, you can have a more exclusive experience. This is the Caribbean Sea folks. Tourism During Covid Instead of being stuck on a large boat with a crowd of other tourists from different countries, you will be traveling on your own private boat to and from the island. Enjoy the Saona or Catalina Islands with this private tour to suit your group. Where to begin to describe one of the most beautiful places in the Dominican Republic. Started June 21, 2021, By It also offers a better snorkeling experience. Visiting Saona Island is usually a day trip and you will be back in your hotel by the early evening, so there is no need to search for accommodations on Saona Island. Tours to Isla Catalina are offering a relaxed cruise and have a snorkeling stop included. This island also has a lot to offer you. It is very difficult to make a comparison between both islands. Be the first to receive special offers, event announcements, exciting tour updates, and so much more when you . Is It Safe to Travel to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. And its not surprising! They have beaches worthy of a picture postcard, kilometers of sandy beach surrounded by palm trees and bathed by turquoise waters in a protected natural park. Smaller in size, less popular, fewer visitors and to a certain amount also not as (incredibly) beautiful as Isla Saona thats Catalina Island, just 15 miles away from Saona Island. We hope! Catalina is sold as a snorkelling trip rather than a party trip - there is a wall on the east side of the island, the beach is on the west side. I was scuba diving down there in November and the water temp was around 80 F. We like the Pro Excursions Saona tour because you are on a 45 ft. catamaran (with bathroom) both ways. Especially in these unprecedented times, private tours are offering an enormous extra value compared to standard group excursions: safety and health. Seaweed was present around the first snorkel site at the old pier, not over where we were, but the snorkeling is not great there anyway. Spend a relaxing time on Catalina Island, an uninhabited nature reserve and national park, and enjoy a barbecue-style lunch on the island. With the current price of 450 US (subject to change), it is just 75 US per person an unbeatable bargain. Go with the pros to Saona! Want to create a unique itinerary for your. Mano Juan is the bigger village on the island but still has only about 500 residents who dedicate their lives to fishing, making art, and living in tranquilidad (Spanish for tranquility!). You may be very lucky and see a family of dolphins, a turtle, a whale or even a manatee Some of these species are in danger of extinction, so it will not be easy for you to find them, but not impossible, so be attentive. He was able to arrange a private boat at a very good cost to pick up my girlfriend and I right next to our resort on the beach. There were lots of vans picking up to go to Saona/Catalina. ), I'm thinking of going to Catalina Island instead using Passion Paradise Adventures. . Another difference between visiting Saona Island and Catalina Island is the price. However, the finishing village of Mano Juan does have a small hotel where you can rent a cheap room for the night. When staying in Punta Cana, there are tons of group tours to book, but what should you do if you are looking for a private excursion to Isla Saona or Isla Catalina? Hotels Pick-up. Aparta-Hotel Villa Baya. As indicated at the beginning of this article, Isla Catalina is less visited than Isla Saona thats also why there are fewer companies for private tours. Hotels Pick-up. Very helpful, glad to hear about the recent experiences! We're taking YOU to the Super-Star of off-shore islands in the Dominican Republic. Catalina Island We swapped the waters of Saona for those of Catalina Island. Drinks and Foodis not included but can be requested at the time of your reservation for an additional price. It is a Mediterranean village located on the banks of the Chavon River, also known as the City of Artists. Its pristine beaches surrounded by vegetation are also worth seeing, and enjoying its white sand for a couple of hours. Espero volver a verles pronto!! Catalina for Scuba or just lazing, Saona for a BBQ and snorkelling X, Hotels near Altos de Chavon School of Design, Hotels near Altos de Chavon Regional Museum of Archaeology, Hotels near Prestige Car Rentals Services, Hotels near Samana Whale Watching Tour and Excursions. Drinks & Food options available for an extra fee and depending number of passengers. You can relax on the beach with a cocktail or a soft drink or join in a volleyball game. Most Popular Posts on Punta Cana Travel Blog . From there we went to Tao restaurant on saona island which was recommended by Oscar and was exceptional we had a luxurious lunch on a beautifully arranged table on the sand From there our captain Moiset took us to an area where we anchored offshore and were able to swim in the most clear blue water you can imagine. Hence, if you are concerned about Covid-19 in Punta Cana, but still would like to enjoy an easy and worry-free holiday, private excursions are the best choice for you. With an Italian-medieval appearance, this place is famous for being a meeting point for many celebrities. Muy agradables los marineros. So, we kinda take you to a sandbar, far from the coast with clear, waist deep water. You dont have any strangers on the boat. The weather is still great and there are fewer crowds,which means it's time to plan your next vacation! MP3 / MOBILE MUSIC plugin. Are you looking for a littleadventure? Catalina Island Snorkeling at Saona is nothing special. If you want to enjoy a day of relaxation in one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Dominican Republic, your choice should be Saona Island. 60 guests. If you feel that this itinerary might limit your expectations or it is not as much fun as it could be, you should continue reading below, as in this case, a private tour to Isla Saona might be exactly what you are looking for. Started August 27, 2021, By In Mano Juan, a small fishing village on Isla Saona, there is a refuge for turtles that you can visit and you can help the cause with a donation. Hotel El Eden. Caribbean cruise ships used to call at Catalina pre-Covid. What Is Better: Isla Saona vs. Isla Catalina Half Day Trip. Catalina Island is uninhabited. Everything is included: gourmet food, service, alcohol, water sports, scuba, linens with a Captain, Chef/Hostess, and first mate. Which one to go to? Saona is more recommended if you are looking for a nice beach with no seaweed and great views. Still, let's take a closer look at the exact location of each of these islands. Lunch and alcoholic drinks are not included, but you can also bring your own if you do not want to buy them. At Mano Juan, you will find a few gift shops with typical souvenirs to take back home with you, stands with local art, and a small restaurant that serves fresh island food. The yacht features a kitchen, a covered seating area and sufficient space outside to lounge and to enjoy the sun. Oh and we pick you up and drop you off at your lobby. Then you will go to a privileged space at the beach of Saona, area equipped with chaise longue, canopy beds, open bar and a typical Dominican buffet. Did you like this article and would like to read all new stories about Punta Cana and beyond? It has various natural beauties, such as its paradisiacal beaches with white sands and the crystalline waters that surround it live different species of birds and fish. Is it difficult for you to decide what and where to book? experience in tourism in the Dominican Republic. Catalina Island not only for divers but also for snorkeling is a wonderful vacation experience. Please go ahead and add Punta Cana Travel Blog to your feed: Youll have much smaller groups just the people from your traveling party. Isla Saona (or in English Saona Island) is the most popular tourist destination for day-trips in the Dominican Republic. Day Trip Saona Island - Quetzal boat; Day Trip Saona Island - Small group; Day Trip Catalina Island; Whale watching . 5 stars all the way, and a nice day with excellent guides. Of course, we would recommend visiting both, but if you can only decide on one, we leave you a brief comparison to help you choose. 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua Tour from Cabarete, Sosua and Puerto Plata. Isla Catalina offers a more intimate experience because it is a quieter island and tourists don't visit it as often as Saona Island. However, for the overall experience we'd choose the powerboat excursion with Seavis, great day that! Board a speedboat as soon as you arrive in the village of Bayahibe, towards the island of Saona to do some snorkeling at Catuano Peers. Some of Mano Juan residents make colorful paintings and art objects that they sell at typical shops and stands. You will practically be standing in the middle of the Caribbean SeaHow cool is that?! Enjoy the Saona or Catalina Islands with this private tour to suit your group. You will be limited in time and your itinerary will be determined by your tour guide. Some of them are: Those are just a few of the advantages when booking a private excursion to Saona Island and Catalina Island. If you ever get hot during your Saona Island trip, simply go for a swim in the crystal clear waters or drink a cold Presidente! It is part of the National Park Cotubanam (formerly called Parque Nacional del Este). 19952023, The Independent Traveler, Inc. Isla Catalina, also called Isla Ikiita (also called by local indigenous people like Toeya) is an island in the Caribbean Sea just a few kilometers southeast of Isla La Espaola south of the province of La Romana. Each one has different activities, and they are perfect for adults and children, either with family, friends or as a couple. Valid on days: Monday Wednesday and Friday. Do you have a private boat or maritime excursion and do you want to get benefits? There is also a growing number of ecolodges and eco-tourism camping sites, but we still recommend going back to your hotel and coming back for another visit if you feel like you still have things you want to do and see! Affordable private Saona Island tours for families and small groups (up to 6 people), Private yachts and boats to Saona Island (up to 10 people), Private Catamaran to Isla Saona (up to 15 people), Saona Island private tours for 16 guests and more.
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