Faith Hedgepeth was a UNC sophomore when she was killed on Sept. 7, 2012. Richard W. Northrup, 45, of Box 2852, Weve had behavioral analysis unit working days. Or whether this is labeled an undetermined deaths. at 2503 Camden Road near the Owen Drive intersection, was beaten and strangled AUTOPSY: An autopsy was performed upon the body being brought [2] Megan wouldnt talk to the police though. Two days later, his abandoned station wagon was found at Lakefront State Park in Cleveland. To her luck, her daughter and husband put out the flames. Five months earlier, Godfrey had discovered the body of a man named Zygmunt Adamski in a Todmorden coal yard. I think that goes to show it doesnt matter what the label says. Cynthia was 41-years-old in 2017 (making her about 44-45 now). The investigation into Coniff's murder went nowhere and seemed destined to remain unsolved until it made an unlikely return to the spotlight over 50 years later. The same amount of resources and I think the fact that we have the reward out there. March 28, 1982 Diana M. Bogan, unknown age, unknown cause of death. July 24, 2003 Walter Jones, 54, shot. They feel that this suspect may have told someone what they did and the confidante may have just brushed it off. On the day of Gainors murder, Deano and a companion allegedly drove through the area in a blue sedan. The first victim reported missing was 29-year-old Melody Wiggins. She was too decomposed. Feel free to contact him here. Rising crime rates have become a central focus in major metropolitan areas including New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago. In April, the FBI raised the reward for information to $40,000 for information leading to a conviction. We are still putting forth the same amount of, effort. UNSOLVED HOMICIDE. At the Greenville Police Department, we recognize that murders, especially unsolved, can be extremely difficult for family, friends and the community. Jerome Johnson of 917 Davis St. was The White County Sheriffs Office contacted the Watauga County Sheriffs Office in May 2019 about the information. I think you were able to truly portray your interest in the topic through your blog and were cognizant of the sentiments attached to such like stories. At the time of her death, Deborah was 40 years old and the mother of a son. Case #: 1989-241089 Victim: Eugene W. Pierce Oct. 15, 1996 Mark Blackman, 19, handgun. Nov. 7, 1994 Lawrence Tomlinson, 50, blunt force. The murders remain unsolved. However, there was no discernible motive for OMara to commit suicide, and some troubling inconsistencies were found. Dec. 1, 1977 Dennis Bown, unknown age, unknown cause of death. He had been shot. Wheeler also thought he recognized one of the assailants as a former drug informant from the department. discovered in his apartment on April 6, 1987. At Megans autopsy, they found cocaine in her system along with nicotine, caffeine, and morphine. A lead in the case emerged in 2019 when Shane Birt, the son of Billy Sunday Birt, visited the White County Sheriffs Office in Georgia to participate in research for a book about notorious crimes in the state. He had been beaten. Kristin Bennett, Lumberton Police told the medical examiner to discard of the blanket she was wrapped inI didnt even finish high school, but I have enough common sense to think, when doing a murder investigation, that may have evidence., In the autopsy report for Christina Bennett it reads: The grey blanket is disposed of at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner at the request of law enforcement.. The investigation into Coniffs murder went nowhere and seemed destined to remain unsolved until it made an unlikely return to the spotlight over 50 years later. I have never been attracted by these serial killer case but your blog is so interesting to read! On August 2, 1996, Joe Norman "Skipper" Parker was found fatally shot in his truck off the roadway on NC-68 near Airport Parkway. Holland, a Campbell College drama student, was . The same amount of hours. Unsolved Murder Files; Unsolved Mystery Files; Legend Files; Suggested Cases; The Investigators; Contributing. Megan was called good-hearted and loved her 9-year-old daughter fiercely. Aug. 6, 1989 Rosa McMillian, in her 80s, hands. However, he was surprised to discover that it was already 3:00 AM, even though his drive to the station only took 10 minutes. Nathaniel ``Buddy`` Marshall, 46, of After an extensive second investigation, the controversial suicide ruling was finally overturned in December 2013, and Joness cause of death was changed to undetermined. However, the exact circumstances of what happened remain a mystery. Since Clyde Ralstin had reported his own .32-caliber pistol stolen around the time of Coniffs murder, he immediately became the prime suspect. Weve had analysts working this. death. Jan. 17, 1979 Roger McLaren, unknown age, unknown cause of death. Thorpe was the first of the Edgecombe County Serial Killers victims to be found in this location, but not the last. Edit Edit source History Talk (0) Trending pages. The man had DNA evidence on file from previous crimes he committed, so the police were able to identify their prime suspect as Antwan Pittman. No part of this may be reproduced or Kelvin McMillian, 28, of 1103 Madonna 1. I aint gonna stop fighting. On the morning of April 14, 1972, New York Police Department officers Philip Cardillo and Vito Navarra responded to a call for assistance from Detective Thomas of the 28th Precinct. The call originated from the second floor of Mosque Number 7 in Harlem, the New York headquarters of the Nation of Islam. A cold case went unsolved for more than a decade, and now a former North Carolina soldier is charged with murder. When Coniff attempted to confront the burglars, he was shot to death. It remains one of Vermont's most enduring mysteries. If you have information about this caseor any unsolved case in North Carolina, please contact the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation,(800) 334-3000. He had been shot in the forehead, and his gun was found near his right hand. The first victim reported missing was 29-year-old Melody Wiggins. February 3, 1972 Boone, North Carolina Three members of the Durham family are killed and left draped over the edge of their bathtub On the night of February 3, Troy Hall received a phone call from a voice he didn't recognize. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. While they were standing around in their yards, they noticed that one of the big green trash cans smelled worse than a typical trash can. Thank you very much in advance. She didnt really mess with too many peopleI dont understand how people could do somebodys child, mother, niece like that. In this interview, Megan had a black backpack on her back. We cannot begin to express our thanks to all the professionals and community members who collaborated for so many years to help resolve this case. If you have information about this case or any unsolved case in North Carolina, please contact the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, (800) 334-3000. I am also a big true crime junkie so I am eager to hear more of your opinions on these cases. Following is the list of unsolved murders under the jurisdiction of the However, it remains a mystery who ordered the hit. However, the police dont think that Abbys disappearance is linked to Christina, Rhonda, and Megan because, As of April of 2021, there are still no suspects of solid leads, but reportedly they have some new evidence. May 4, 1982 Muriel Burns Kirk, unknown age, unknown cause of death. Angela Rothen. Rosa McMillian, 85, who lived alone Older Unsolved Homicide Cold Cases. Her mom called her multiple times without getting an answer and by that night her calls were going straight to voicemail. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Detectives guessed that he was also connected to the rest of the so called Seven Bridges Murders because he was proven to have visited that area often and even lived there with his grandparents for years. She took, DISCOVERY: John Doe was discovered on May 13, 1977 after a wildlife officer found the burlap sac hed been wrapped in snagged on the banks of the Brunswick River, just south of the US Route 74 and US Route 76 bridge, in Leland, Brunswick County, North Carolina. His grandparents house was just a few miles from where several of the bodies were found. Area: 701 North Tryon Street, #413 . Aug. 7, 1993 James Williams, unknown age, unknown cause of death. The body was over a guardrail, approximately 15 feet down an embankment, just east of the New Hope Church Road exit. After knocking, she entered the apartment to find her daughter dead. Great work! Oct. 19, 1986 Nathaniel Marshall, unknown age, handgun. A North Carolina Bureau of Investigations (NCBI) special agent involved with the case said, We cant really discuss any specific evidence that we have in the case. While her father died when she was a child, she lived with her mother, Jevona Livingston, and her half-siblings, Chris and Becca. However, Ralstin passed away several months later at the age of 90, so the murder of George Coniff officially remains unsolved. According to family members, Deborah had asthma but would often walk for exercise in the areas of her relatives' homes. In the town, youths are 2 times more likely than other parts of the state to die before they reach age 18. Shes just quiet. Feb. 17, 1987 Ozzie Herring, 72, strangulation. Or whether this is labeled an undetermined deaths. The body was over a guardrail, approximately 15 feet down an embankment, just east of the New Hope Church Road exit. Megan moved to Lumberton and began her struggle with drugs which got worse when she started using heroin in 2016. She had been to rehab and spent some time in prison in North Carolina. We are still putting the same amount of effort into this. For decades, the Jeffrey MacDonald case was North Carolina's most famous crime, but the notoriety surrounding the mysterious death of Durham's Kathleen Peterson and the murder trial of her . They proceeded to bring Schirmer aboard their spacecraft to communicate with him, claiming that they had been watching over the human race and were experimenting on them as part of a breeding analysis program. Very recently, from 2005 to 2009, a killer became known for hunting women in Halifax and Edgecombe counties and disposing of their bodies together in a crypt of his making near Seven Bridges Road. Feb. 2, 1979 Marcela McInnes, unknown age, unknown cause of death. Many of the others were found by mistake, as the bodies were not buried or hidden well, such as Yolanda Lancaster who was found by hunters, Ernestine Battle who was found by a farmer, and Roberta Williams who was found by an ATV rider. Rhondas body wasnt identified right away because she didnt have ID on her and the only identifying marks on her was a large tattoo on her leg. We have many Her mom even thought that maybe Megan knew something about Rhondas murder, because after Rhonda died, Megan began acting differently. When Rhonda Jones body was found, Megan was interviewed by the local news. Very little evidence was found on the bodies or in subsequent investigations of the women, but the most promising lead was a trace of male sperm recovered on 28-year-old Taraha Nicholsons body. July 22, 1989 Carolyn Faye Smith, unknown age, unknown cause of death. Jan. 7, 1981 Roy Warren, unknown age, unknown cause of death. Jaromir Chalabala/Shutterstock Steven Fisher, 20, and his girlfriend Melisa Gregory, 17, were bludgeoned to death on a ranch northwest of Newton, Iowa, in 1983. Abdul-Kareem Khalid, 23, of 4717-F In the words of Megan Oxendines sister, Khelia Oxendine. October 2, 2021. Nimocks Ave. died a week after being found with gunshot wounds on Sept. 27, 1987 They were up to 377 at the most recent count documented in news articles. Two former police officers told Bamonte that two days after Coniffs murder, their captain ordered them to toss a package containing a gun into the Spokane River. photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval It seemed plausible that Wiley could have staged his disappearance, as he had gotten divorced from his wife the previous year and expressed a desire to retire from police work in order to become a writer. When more cops arrived at the scene, a fight broke out in the reception area, and most of the officers were locked outside. date of the murder, the name of victim(s), their age and how they were killed. Wheeler believed that the attempt on his life was a revenge scheme orchestrated by Jacobs or other members of the San Diego PD for his whistle-blowing. In 1999, Davina Buff Jones was a 33-year-old rookie working for the police department at Bald Head Island, North Carolina. Angelo Miles II, 16, of 1113 Turnpike Her toxicology showed cocaine, antihistamines, cough medication, an ingredient in Prozac, and nicotine. She lost custody of her 5 kids to their father, but she was trying to pull it back together (just like Christina). Once they moved, Christina got involved in drugs. She was a sickly newborn who many believed wouldnt live past the age of one, but she did. One of those people was Megan Oxendine. Dec. 11, 1981 Brad William Smith, unknown age, unknown cause of death. ), As of April of 2021, there are still no suspects of solid leads, but reportedly they have some new evidence. Michelle had a history of sex work. I havent lived since this happenedIm so mad and angry and tired. You have a very respectful way of discussing these cases. Around 6 PM, Abbys mom called the police to report Abby missing. This aint my job. If you have information about this caseor any unsolved case in North Carolina, please contact the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation,(800) 334-3000. Sept. 26, 1991 Jimmy Riddle, 24, strangulation. Source: Fayetteville Police Department. 910-343-1131; 910-399-6137;; Location. May 17, 1999 Waddell Hickson, 40, shot. Their bodies were in the bathtub, and their home was in a state of disarray, The Charlotte Observer reported. Lyall Hart was first reported missing by local sheriff's deputies as a vanishing. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Im so tired. As my previous posts have made clear, such a lifestyle is commonplace in victims of violent crime because it makes them both vulnerable to finding themselves in dangerous situations and less likely to be reported missing when things go horribly wrong. June 8, 1976 Frank Jackson, unknown age, unknown cause of death. Aug. 23, 1998 William Poe, unknown age, unknown cause of death. Both the police and Megans mom felt that Megan knew more than she was telling. Were in a war when you think of homicide as a conflict, and we dont have enough boots on the ground, Hargrove said. At one time she wanted to be a veterinarian. He quickly returned to the police station and wrote in his logbook that he had seen a flying saucer. North Carolina: The Edgecombe County Serial Killer. In fact, only months later, the body of 28-year-old Megan Ann Oxendine would be found nude in the yard of another abandoned home in the same 4 block radius. On the evening of October 22, Jones told the dispatcher that she was doing a patrol near the islands lighthouse and uttered the phrase: Show me out with three. Jones could then be heard urging someone to put their gun down before a high-pitched squeal cut off the radio transmission. What if a police officer becomes the center of their own unsolved mystery? Davis said they almost got caught in the bad snowstorm. She was finally trying to get clean from her drug addiction. Juliet Drive, Fayetteville, The river was searched in 1989, and remarkably, a rusted .32-caliber pistol was found wedged between two rocks. Sheriff John Montgomery said agents with the U.S. Marshal's . On the evening of March 28, Gainor left the police station after receiving a phone call. $20,000 REWARD for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person (s) responsible for the murder of Brittany Lynn Locklear. The fact that we have consulted with so many different departments. Jan. 11, 1992 David Sharff, 37, shot. On the evening of September 15, Coniff saw two men breaking into a local creamery to steal cheese and butter. Cold Case Files. The day after Joness death, a prominent local family was holding a wedding in the same area, and the authorities wanted the bloody crime scene cleaned up. Shortly after Godfreys alien encounter, he had sex with his wife for the first time in years. April 18, 1983 Ronnie Wayne Dickerson, unknown age, unknown cause of death. Unsolved Homicide - Ernesto Allen Unsolved Homicide - Sherry Alston Unsolved Homicide - Crystal Baker Unsolved Homicide - David Bullock Three years later, the 47-year-old Wiley would vanish without a trace. In Lumberton, 35.1% of their 22,000 residents live below the poverty line (the nations is 31%) and the countys median household income is $31,000 (the national median is $59,000). Sept. 4, 1994 Herman Lee Locke, 20, shot. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. 95 unsolved murders in Cumberland County In the end, Wheelers testimony played a role in getting Penn acquitted. During the Great Depression, these were considered valuable commodities for criminals who dealt in black-market food. Updated: Feb 28, 2023 / 09:41 PM EST. One of the big ones was that the rape kits from the bodies werent submitted for over a year and a half. found dead on Feb. 7, 1981, in a wooded area near his home. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. However, back in May 2017, before Megans body was found, Cynthia stopped showing up to any of her appointments. The police officers listed here were victimized by mysterious events, some of which were possibly supernatural in nature. The country is seeing a continued decline in cleared cases compared to previous decades when the rate was closer to 70%. I promise you, its killing me. Her body was found beneath a bridge on Russell Nov. 16, 1995 Ledell McGougan, 38, shot. Community United Effort . In 1935, George Coniff was the sheriff of Pend Oreille County and worked in Newport, Washington. Robin Warder is a budding Canadian screenwriter who has used his encyclopedic movie knowledge to publish numerous articles at While driving on a country road, Godfrey encountered an unidentified diamond-shaped flying object. On March 19, 2004, Brianna Maitland closed out her shift at the Black Lantern Inn around 11:20 P.M. and climbed into her car. Weve had analysts working this. As usual, in a small town, neighbors were being nosy trying to see why police were in their neighborhood. The 1972 killings of Bryce, Virginia and Bobby Durham were solved when the son of a former Georgia inmate recalled his father's violent stories to a local sheriff's office. The Chilling Disappearance of Brianna Maitland. At this time it was the most dangerous city in North Carolina. She was found not guilty in 2015. From the onset, she was someone who defied the odds. Aug. 10, 1996 Ruby Carter, 81, stabbed. He said he was very close with his father and recalled a story Birt had told him during a prison visit, when he admitted to killing three people in the North Carolina mountains during a heavy snowstorm, remembering that they almost got caught.. Sheila believes wholeheartedly that these 3 murders are connected. He never returned home and was found dead at a service area near the Markham Courthouse. I might rest a little while, but I wont never stop., Its killing me. March 25, 1987 Curtis Matthews, unknown age, unknown cause of death. 10, 1995, as he sat in his cab. There is a Governor's reward of $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible. We respect your privacy. Photos of Deborah Gail Nunnery in 1980s including with her 4-year-old son who was also tragically murderedlater in his life. Sept. 6, 1980 Lee Shumway, 22, Robyn Shumway, 18, Shari Hill, 17, Shaun Michael If you have information about this case, call the Kernersville Police Department (336) 996-3177. This Caldwell County North Carolina Most Wanted List posts the top 50-100 fugitive criminals on the run. However, there is no note of the levels of the drugs in their systems or adverse interactions, but the medical examiner did not make this the cause of death so its unlikely that OD was the cause of death for any of the women. In the words of Megan Oxendines sister, Khelia Oxendine, Its a bad area. Megans youngest sister, Taylor Oxendine reiterated with, Theres all kinds of violent mess there. Lumberton is the 22nd most populated county out of North Carolinas 100 counties, but it has the greatest prevalence of homicides of the state and holds the grim distinction of one of the nations most violent rural communities. In the town, youths are 2 times more likely than other parts of the state to die before they reach age 18. Oct. 3, 1980 Jefferson Dildy Jr., unknown age, unknown cause of death. Feb. 24, 1984 Adrian Walker, unknown age, unknown cause of death. at her home on Aug. 6, 1989. A CBS News analysis of the FBI data published last year found that murders of white victims were about 30% more likely to be solved than in cases with Hispanic victims, and about 50% more than when the victims were Black. April 20, 1995 Martha Ellen Edge, 29, shot. and Murchison Road on Jan. 14, 1991. If you have information about this caseor any unsolved case in North Carolina, please contact the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation,(800) 334-3000. 1978 Vickie McNitt, unknown age, unknown cause of death. When OMaras vehicle was discovered at the service area, the nozzle from the gas pump was still in his tank. We are putting a lot of effort into finding out who placed them they are. Sept. 10, 1983 James Earl Ferguson, unknown age, unknown cause of death. Most people consider this case closed, so we may never know the truth. If you have information about this case or any unsolved case in North Carolina, please contact the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, (800) 334-3000.
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