Detailed below are the dashboard warning lights for Nissan. Slip, Stability Control and Fault Indicator Symbol. Brake related lights: A brake issue may crop up by way of a dashboard light before you can actually feel it. Your engine will not start if you dont meet this condition. And should not be copied edited or reproduced without the permission of NissanFor inform. Your cars exhaust emission values may rise. A Comfort or Soft setting will soften the ride. Check all of the fluids in your car before you rule out low fluid levels as the reason why your Altimas master indicator light is illuminated. The vehicle has been placed in Snow Mode. This means your engine oil is running low or has been completely drained. A headlamp indicator is a green image symbol of a typical light bulb with short lines radially around it. Turn signals are green symbols of two arrows facing opposite directions. Lights like the gas light and high beam indicator are quite well known among drivers, whereas something like the Continuously Variable Transmission position indicator light might seem a bit more foreign. Battery charge warning light; This dashboard symbol meansthat your cars charging dynamo is a problem and that your car only works with the battery. Check for obstructions. When this lamp is lit, it indicates that you have fuel in your depot at varying rates depending on your brand name. The only way to properly resolve any of the above conditions is to properly diagnose the vehicle at a qualified repair shop. Red lights indicate severe alert. Slip Indicator Light: While on a slippery road this light pop up on a dashboard to stable a car as also called Vehicle Stability control (VSC) or Traction Control (TC) this light only turns on when you activate it manually before starts a journey, however if that symbols turn on and off without turning it manually it indicates that VSC might have an issue. Along with a convenient Express Service Lane, enjoy free Wi-Fi, cable TV . The lights on a Nissan dashboard follow a traffic light colour system: Green: the system is working correctly or is currently in use Yellow: something is not working correctly - take extra care and check it out as soon as possible Red: there is a serious, and potentially dangerous problem - stop driving as soon as it is safe to do so Tire pressure warning light. Take your vehicle to your mechanic for inspection as soon as possible. ECO mode in a Nissan Altima is an optimum driving mode. Yellow (sometimes orange) dashboard lights usually mean something needs to be repaired or serviced soon and to operate with caution. It is recommended that you drive your car at low speed and enter the nearest authorized service station. Click for detailed information: You will see it flash on the instrument panel for a few seconds every time you turn on the ignition key. The number of vertical lines represents the level of heat. Automatic Transmission Light: It shows possible low fluid level or issue in a transmission system. Other enhancements include a memory function for the sideview. Whether you are a new driver or a veteran Nissan vehicle driver, a sound knowledge of the dashboard symbol is paramount. I have a 2017 Rogue and can't find the meaning of "Maintenance other" anywhere in the manual. Check Engine Light or Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL); Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Warning Light: Service adaptive cruise control warning light; Electronic stability control off warning light; Tire pressure monitoring system tpms warning light; Collision mitigating braking system warning light; What Does the Engine Temperature Warning Light Mean? Indicate trouble with the power top system, before the top is opened or closed. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. \" Instead, a fault in the transmission system will trigger a malfunction indicator. Fuel filter warning light;A warning light that indicates that the fuel filter is dirty or worn. Under no circumstances will be liable for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on any content on this website. The amber RAB symbol shows a fault in the system. It turns on when the high beam is active, and it is standard in different vehicle brands and models. This means your Nissan Altima front fog lights are engaged. It shows that your system cannot identify the position of the top, which will need a manual operation to close, open, or secure. This version of Pre Sense does not help the driver avoid collision. This means your front high-beam driving lights are on.,,, Toyota RAV4 Dashboard Symbols and Meaning | Toyota RAV4 Warning Lights, Lexus Dashboard Symbols and Meanings | Lexus Warning Lights, Toyota Prius Warning Lights | Toyota Prius Dashboard Symbols Meaning. Smart Entry System Indicator Light; Indicates a malfunction in the smart entry & start system or The warning lamp informs that the ignition key is faulty. Seat belt: Light remain on it but chime goes away once the front passenger and driver seats belt. Our editors pick the products & services we write about. Using contaminated fuel will damage the injector system. Person with seat belt symbol. Supplemental air bag warning - if your Altima's supplemental air bag is engaged or experiencing issues, the dash will . This symbol is your Nissan Altima telling you to press the foot brake. Your vehicles all-wheel drive system is engaged and possibly what mode it is in. height-width. Hand Brake Warning Light; Its a warning light to show that the handbrake is ON. Your vehicles ABS system has a fault and may not engage under heavy braking. Green means go, yellow means proceed with caution, while red means stop. It is recommended that you take your car to the nearest service. Other common causes may include; poor quality fuel, lambda sensor malfunction, catalytic converter malfunction, egr malfunction. What Does The Car Battery Warning Light On The Dashboard Mean? The vehicle is traveling close to either the left or the right of the traveling lane. Here is a list of icons found within your Nissan handbook. "Maintenance: Tire" with an exit sign at the bottom left corner of the warning comes up when you need to rotate tires. The keys operate on the battery to generate appropriate signals for communication to the car system. If the battery is low, you get an amber warning light on the dashboard. Find out what the dashboard symbols mean for your make model and year of car. Master Indicator Light On Your Nissan Altima. Instead, it prepares the cabin for impact to reduce the chance of serious injury should it occur. Stateline Nissan. Instead, call a professional automotive mechanic to diagnose the problem and find a possible fix. Release the foot brake, then gradually start the vehicle in motion. In most cases, that will be about eight pounds. Here's a breakdown of the various symbols found on your vehicle dashboard and what they mean: ABS symbol: Anti-lock braking system warning light BRAKE symbol: Brake warning light Car battery symbol: Charge warning light Oil can symbol: Engine oil pressure warning light Gas pump symbol: Low gas level warning light The two will be on simultaneously when you press the hazard switch. You will find quick reference guides and other useful information about your warranty, Bluetooth system, and much more!The warning and indicator lights on your vehicle will help you stay aware of many systems and their operation.Please see your Owners Manual for important safety information, system limitations, and additional operating and feature information. Please check with your local authority. You should stop your vehicle as soon as possible and check the oil level after you have cooled off your engine. Nissan illuminates warning light in three colors Red Yellow and Green. This is the Glow Plug Indicator symbol, which is found only in diesel-powered variants of Nissan Altima. Indicates a malfunction in the electronic steering wheel lock system. 2020 Nissan Altima dash kit wraps are installer friendly films manufactured by Rwrapsthat can be applied to OEM or aftermarket dash trim panels. When a Nissan dashboard warning light is green or blue, they are simply telling you that one of your cars features is being used, or has been activated. Fill the windshield washer fluid reservoir as soon as possible. Engine oil pressure warning light. Some symbols will be more serious than others, but there may be some things you may feel perfectly confident with fixing. Is used exclusively in electric vehicles. While this guide does cover your specific car, your car may not have all the symbols featured on this list. Vehicle symbol with a key. Quote; . on Tuesday, April 5th, 2016 at 8:16 pm and is filed under Nissan Altima, Service & Sales, Tips & Tricks. The inflation on one of the tires is reduced about 25% or more. Nissan dashboard lights symbols and meanings. Nissan's new Driver Attention Alert* system analyzes driver steering behavior to provide an alert if signs of drowsiness or inattention are detected. In the last case, take the vehicle to your dealer or authorized workshop for diagnosis and repair. It is usually an indicator light that indicates the conditions are slippery. Electric Vehicle (EV) Operation Indicator. Nissan Altima Handbrake Engaged Your handbrake is engaged. Diesel engines require heat in the cylinders to operate, which is supplied initially by its glow plugs when the engine is freezing cold. The blinking security indicator light indicates that the security system s equipped on the vehicle are operational. Nissan Altima Dashboard Symbols (2016-2017-2018-2019-2020-2021-2022). This light comes on when a vehicles 4 wheel drive shifter is in neutral (N). Please be wary that these lights do not turn themselves on automatically around other cars. The light will flash, irregularly in some vehicles, indicating that the system is doing its work, helping to keep the vehicle in control. Low gas level warning light. Power steering warning light. Nissan Altima Warning Light Meanings: Symbol Meaning In addition to colors, your dashboard warning lights will show you a variety of icons. Suspension Setting and Malfunction Indicator Symbols. Now, lets explain what are the meanings of lights which are located on Car Indicator Panel: Engine Temperature Warning Light; Indicates that the engine is overheating the coolant. No Key Detected 2. Some symbols will be more serious than others but there may be some things you may feel perfectly. The system is responding to traffic ahead and the arrow indicates a speed has been set. Electronic Stability Control Active Warning Light; Illuminates when the car is in traction control/anti-slip or electronic stability system in use. The Nissan AltimaDashboard symbols turn on when your car has a malfunction or any of your cars systems are working. search for your manufacturer in this list. This symbol indicates that your car's battery needs to be charged and that the car alternator cannot continue to charge the car battery. No action is required. Driver-side small overlap frontal ratings are assigned by the Institute based on a test conducted by Nissan as part of frontal crash test verification.
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