The UK searched for Miami Dolphins related terms 69,770 times in the last 12 months. Dallas Cowboys 5. Chicago Bears 4. Millennials. Raiders fans also make up three large counties in Nevada, the team's future home state when it moves to Las Vegas in 2019 or 2020. On Facebook, more than 1 in every 10 users in America "Likes" an NFL team. Take Lemhi County in Idaho, for example. The four time Super Bowl champions are one of the oldest franchises in the league, and despite Green Bay being the smallest market team in American major sports the Packers are still one of the most popular NFL teams. One of the oldest NFL teams, going back to 1930 the Detroit Lions have made the playoffs 21 times, and are winners of 4 conference finals. Plus, 10% off* First Class fares! Follow Jordan Mendoza on Twitter:@jordan_mendoza5. Connecticut is part of New England, but they don't cheer for the Patriots; they side with the New York Jets. Philadelphia Eagles. How do teams stack up heading into 2022 preseason? by Stephen Spiewak, September 21, 2020 Quarterback remains a need. With 5,274,360 searches in the USA for Dallas Cowboy related terms, they are the most popular team in the country by far. The odds listed are NJ odds only. 1 Dallas Cowboys 70% 23%. The Dallas Cowboys had 416,830 searches over the last 12 months in California, making them the states favorite team. The Bengals are not the most popular team in Ohio, their home state, but they are in Kentucky. These are the Top 10 Most Followed teams in NFL 2022: 10. The NFLs most popular team is no longer the Dallas Cowboys. Four Super Bowl victories will help any football franchise become one of the most popular NFL teams. The 49ers are in the top 10, and one of the most popular teams in the NFL, Joe Montana made sure that a lot of people jumped on board of their wagon, as they have plenty of fans from all over the world. Theyre also one of the. Idaho: Seattle Seahawks The Potato State does not. The five most popular NFL teams in the UK, according to YouGov. With 41 counties, the. NFL Insider Jordan Schultz tweeted on Thursday that "[NFL] teams have been blown away by his [Bryce Young's] ability on the board, which has included dissecting coverages he hasn't yet played against." Young is undoubtedly going to be one of the top picks in this year's NFL Draft. Its Jefferson County, whose allegiances stand with the Pittsburgh Steelers 47 miles away. They include the Dolphins, Bucs, Jags, Saints, Cowboys, Packers, Bears, Falcons, Patriots, Seahawks, Chiefs. Somewhat surprisingly, only 1 state's . By analyzing the behavior of NFL shoppers on, Team with the most US counties: Dallas Cowboys, Team that covers the greatest land area: Seattle Seahawks, Team with the most out-of-state counties: Kansas City Chiefs, Team with the most California counties: San Francisco 49ers, NOW WATCH: This tool creates a perfect athletic field. Arkansas doesn't have its own football team; inhabitants look to nearby Texas and root for the Dallas Cowboys. The Las Vegas Raiders. But the popularity of the team is rooted deep in family traditions in the city, with fanfare passed down through the generations. Superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes has changed all that and the Chiefs are now one of the most popular NFL teams. The Washington Football team is taking the lead in state favorites. As the chase to Glendale, Arizona, and Super Bowl 57 begins, supporters will head to the stadium or tune into their televisions in hopes of their team hoisting the Lombardi Trophy on Feb. 23, 2023. But where exactly are the boundaries of fandom? In the afternoon. Mahomes will attract even more than the 2.1 million Twitter followers the Chiefs have through his freakish play, especially if the Chiefs keep on winning. The Boston-based New England Patriots are the second most valuable franchise in the league, valued at 6.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2022. For subscribers:What's it like for five first-time NFL head coaches to prepare for the regular season, Potentially crazy, wide-open 2022 season: 32 NFL storylines entering Week 1. Includes: Premier League + 84 Sports Channels, Registering implies accepting the Terms and Conditions. The Raiders have the strongest footing in the state, with the Steelers, Dolphins and Bucs also claiming counties. All rights reserved. Chiefs fans are next-most likely to be found in Kansas (81 counties), followed by Iowa (41), Nebraska (39), and Illinois (23). 4. Content includes: USMNT, MLS, Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Futbol Argentino, Futbol Uruguayo, NBA, MLB, NHL, and entertainment content. Unsurprisingly, the Patriots are the most popular team in all six New England states, while the Seahawks are well-represented with four states in the Pacific Northwest, along with Alaska. The Cleveland Browns have the third highest search volume in the world, with 3,224,480 searches in the last 12 months, but theyre constantly beat to the top spot by another team when it comes to individual countrys favorites. To take it one step further, Vivid Seats teamed up with social publishing platform opendorse to find the most popular player in each county. Playing in one of the best stadiums in the United States, the Atlanta Falcons have grown in popularity as they have grown in ambition. When a team wins like the Patriots do, they will be followed from all corners of the globe. With fans from Mexico, South America, Europe, and Asia, winning makes teams popular. The franchise deserves a lot of credit, all they do is field competitive teams and great players, kinda hard not to root for them. As the favorite team of ticket shoppers in 149 counties, the Seattle Seahawks fall outside of the top five ranking of teams by number of counties. USA TODAY obtained Google data from 2017 through 2022 and found the following 10 teams as the ones searched most often: For a look at which NFL teams are trending right now, click here. The Chicago Bears are just what comes to mind when you think about traditional NFL teams. New England are the most followed team on Twitter, and just behind the Cowboys as the most valuable NFL franchise. remain Americas Team, at least in terms of search trends. The Cowboys dominate the Texans across the Lone Star State and have strong claims to territory in Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, as well as Louisiana parishes near the border. This website is for entertainment purposes only, we do not accept any bets nor do we pay any winnings. At 6-foot-2 and 292 pounds, Redmond finished with a 4.85-second 40-yard . The San Francisco 49ers are currently the most popular team in the state, and also happen to be the most successful of the group on the field, historically speaking. The Eagles Super Bowl victory in 2017 saw a boost in popularity for the franchise and they currently have more than 3.6 million Twitter fans. Here is the full breakdown of the most popular NFL teams by state, according to Google trends data, with 25 of the 32 franchises making the cut: District of Columbia: Washington Commanders. Oklahoma is known for its excellent spirit for their college sports, but they don't have an NFL team; the state directs their spirit towards the Cowboys. Venmo, Cash App and PayPal: Can you really trust your payment app? Until this day many fans in Charm City are still fans of their Colts. By clicking Sign up, you agree to receive marketing emails from Insider Always apart of California the then San Diego and now Los Angeles Chargers have 3.2 million fans on social media. Given the Chiefs success in recent years, Chiefs Kingdom could surpass the Cowboys as the most popular team in the country come next season. This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. How close do you need to be to the stadium to root for the team? Philly fans get a bad rap, often as a result of their devout passion for the Eagles. Boston sports fans are easily the most spoiled of the 21st century. The Atlanta Falcons are the most popular NFL team in Georgia. The people of Germany seem to be huge Packers fans, with 75,780 searches coming from the country in the last 12 months. Most searched-for college teams: Here's the most popular college football team in every state, based on Google data, NFL 2022 season predictions from USA TODAY Sports: Super Bowl 57, playoffs, MVP and other awards. Smart, useful, thought-provoking, and engaging content that helps inform and inspire you when it comes to the aspirations, challenges, and pleasures of this stage of life. But one clear sign of support than is by making the trip, however far it may be, to see your football team play live. by Chris, July 12, 2008 Terms of Use. The Seattle Seahawks are one of the most popular NFL teams. The San Francisco 49ers have over 2.3 million Twitter fans and are one of the most popular NFL teams. A British and American sports blog for those on a sports information diet. Some of the key takeaways: The Cowboys dominate Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, and much of Nevada. Green Bay Packers: One of the oldest NFL teams, the Packers have a national following to go along with their rabid local fan base. The Bills have improved significantly in recent years, especially since Josh Allen (QB) took the team to their first AFC Championship since their last Super Bowl appearance in 1994. Alyssa Barbieri. The one-time Super Bowl champs have been largely underachievers in the NFL, last making the playoffs in 2010! obtained Google data from 2017 through 2022 and found the following 10 teams as the ones searched most often: For a look at which NFL teams are trending right now, click. This could be put down to Josh Allens impressive performance recently, bringing more visibility to this team not just in the USA, but across the globe as well. Not only are they the most popular team throughout the country, but the Cowboys also werethe most-searched team in the most amount of states. Washington is going through an identity crisis, removing the name Redskins from their name, and still up in the air what the teams identity will be going forward. But that alone is not what is most interesting about the league. The beachy state prefers the San Francisco 49ers. Here is the most popular team in each state, according to Google trends data since 2017: Alabama - Dallas Cowboys Alaska - Seattle Seahawks Arizona - Arizona Cardinals Arkansas - Dallas Cowboys California - San Francisco 49ers Colorado - Denver Broncos Connecticut - New England Patriots Delaware - Philadelphia Eagles Fame Popularity . 3. Heres a look at what the numbers say about NFL teams popularity nationally and by state: The Dallas Cowboys remain Americas Team, at least in terms of search trends. 1. The Falcons have two former Alabama products: wide receiver Calvin Ridley and quarterback AJ McCarron. Take off using discount code DREAMBIG40 for travel through 3/18/21. Most Super Bowl wins by NFL team 1967-2023 . Atlanta has several needs and that could be a reason why the Falcons do not trade up this year. To its immediate west, Valley County favors the Philadelphia Eagles. by Stephen Spiewak, January 03, 2021 The NFL is one of the most popular sports leagues in the World, and in the United States has no equal, few if any have the revenue that is generated by the NFL. For teams like the Dallas Cowboys ("America's Team"), Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, and Seattle Seahawks, their popularity is not confined by state borders. But these 149 counties account for nearly 800,000 square miles roughly one-fifth of the county making the Seahawks the nation's leading team by land area. Here's the most popular college football team in every state, based on Google data, Super Bowl 57, playoffs, MVP and other awards. The draft-eligible quarterbacks speak to the media Friday and take the field Saturday. Its this emotion of Philadelphia fans however which makes the Eagles so popular. Who is the most popular NFL team in the country? Since the Raiders made their debut at Allegiant Stadium in 2020, the Sagebrush State is a lot more silver and black. Their storied historycoupled with their eight Super Bowl appearances in the late 20th centuryleaves the Cowboys as the most popular NFL team in the country. Kansas City Chiefs. And that he did. follow. The Most Popular NFL Teams in the World | Sidelines Germany Is the Green Bay Packers' Second Home Wisconsin's Green Bay Packers have the second highest search volume in the world - 3,443,120 searches overall - however they only come out on top in one country. LOUISA COUNTY, Iowa The 2021 NFL Draft has officially begun . This is a traditional NFL side, the NFL side was established in 1920 and they were first known as the Decatur. One of the traditional powerhouses and best supported teams in the NFL the Steelers have fans from all over the world, including countries in South America, Europe, and Asia. Stay up to date with what you want to know. If available, they should at the very least consider that player. The Packers compete in the National Football League as a member club of the league's National Football Conference North division. The Buccaneers also didnt make the top choice of any state in the US, so even their Super Bowl win couldnt push up their popularity in the country. NFL Schedule 2023: Schedule Release Date, Key Dates, Top Games, Opponents January 11, 2023 by Stephen Spiewak The Most Popular NFL Teams by County August 29, 2022 by Madison Marx From Fenway to Lambeau: The oldest sports venue in each state with major league teams July 05, 2022 by Bob Cooper The Most In-Demand NFL Matchups of 2022 Here is the full breakdown of the most popular NFL teams by state, according to Google trends data, with 25 of the 32 franchises making the cut: Alabama: Dallas Cowboys Alaska: Seattle. A product from Futbol Sites. Which NFL team is the most popular in each state? By analyzing the behavior of NFL shoppers onSeatGeek, we were able to map "NFL Fandom" by county across the United States. Chiefs Kingdom isnt restricted to just Kansas City. Sign up for notifications from Insider! Forty-eight counties in Ohio root for the Browns and 39 counties root for the Bengals. #SteelersNation has us feeling like this was a home game!! Since 1988 the Cardinals have made 5 playoff appearances and have been division champions 3 times. There are few surprises (GASP! Are there any other fan bases that are as sharply divided as the Browns-Bengals in Ohio? Seattle Seahawks: They won a Super Bowl a few seasons back and have been nothing but competitive since. March 3, 2023 8:41 am CT. by Adam, July 11, 2008 States without a team are a melting pot. Sep 5, 2014. One of the rowdiest fan bases in all of the NFL, everybody knows theyre going to have a hard time if they visit Philadelphia wearing a jersey from out of town. To celebrate a great season with @DangeRussWilson you scored 40% off* your next trip! Their global popularity shows that the Super Bowl, and Tom Brady specifically, play a huge role in the global search numbers when it comes to NFL teams. ), but it's a neat way to track people hopping on the Broncos and Seahawks bandwagons when you compare it with last year's map. Pennsylvania is home to two NFL teams, the Steelers and Eagles, but the Eagles are crowd favorites. Stroud, Kentucky's Will Levis and Florida's Anthony Richardson . In states which are home to multiple NFL teams, only one can come out on top. The Baltimore Ravens suffer a similar fate. August 29, 2022 Cowboys games at AT&T Stadium (and Texas Stadium previously) have been sold out since 2002, and with over 4.3 million followers on Twitter, theres a huge legion of fans wanting the franchise to add to their five Super Bowl championships. Ranking NFL teams popularity across the US. One of the NFLs traditional teams the Cincinnati Bengals have a total of 2.6 million fans on social media, the club has a modest history where they have been to the playoffs 14 times, 9 division championships, and 3 conference championships. With 41 counties, the 49ers hold a commanding lead. The Cowboys were the popular resultin seven states. The Jaguars narrowly beat the Dolphins in the game, but this clearly didnt deter the Dolphins UK based fans. Delaware roots for their neighboring team, the Philadelphia Eagles. There are many ways to cast a vote of NFL allegiance, and wearing a favorite jersey and spending Sunday afternoons in front of the TV are all hallmarks of fanhood. That left teams like the New York Giants, New York Jets, Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers and Miami Dolphins without a single state. Another nomad of the NFL the Las Vegas Raiders was at one point extremely popular in the late 80s as the Los Angeles Raiders, their jackets sold tremendously, especially when reputed mob boss John Gotti was spotted with one in New York. In fact, they are beaten by five other teams search results. The Dallas Cowboys are the most popular NFL team and it makes sense as they are also the most valuable franchise in the league. The team has been sporadically to the playoffs, their last showing in 2018. Help us send the best of Considerable to you. Franchises with the biggest fanbases arent always the best, and some organizations in smaller markets have a greater reach than their state lines. Most Subscribed Streaming Services in 2023. src=""/>. We have ranked all 32 teams based on their social media following and here is the countdown of the most followed teams in the NFL. The Atlanta Falcons are the most popular NFL team in Georgia. In total, 360 counties favor the Cowboys. So, considering this, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can be crowned Earths Team. A small market town that stole the heart of America, the Green Bay Packers have fans all over the country and the world on social media. With three franchises, Florida is carved up about as youd expect. The U.S. smallest state is loaded with big fans of the New England Patriots. In fact, the 12th Man even created an earthquake during one of the. Former superstars like Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Steve Young have earned them fans that have continued on through different generations. San Francisco 49ers. by Jonathon, July 15, 2008 USA TODAY obtained Google data from 2017 through 2022 and found the following 10 teams as the ones searched most often: Dallas Cowboys New England Patriots Green Bay Packers Pittsburgh Steelers Philadelphia Eagles Kansas City Chiefs San Francisco 49ers Chicago Bears Las Vegas Raiders Cleveland Browns In many countries including the UK , Brazil , Germany , France, and Mexico, Netflix had the most subscribers of any service. Until then, the Dallas Cowboys firmly remain Americas Team and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the worlds. Always playing to sell-out crowds, the Dolphins are winners of two Super Bowls, 5 conference championships, and 13 division titles. On Twitter, the Patriots have over 4.6 million followers. Another traditional NFL team the Minnesota Vikings have 4.4 million fans on social media following their every move. We take a look at the history, What club is the richest football club in the world? 21 NFL teams didnt come top of a countrys search results but not for lack of trying. Which NFL team is the most popular in the U.S.? Theyre not Americas Team for nothing the Dallas Cowboys were the top search for eight different states. Surprisingly, Maryland's favorite NFL team is not the Baltimore Ravens but the Washington Football Team. In fact, the best time to lay money on next years MVP might be right after the Super Bowl when eve Not surprisingly, the final four teams (plus Buffalo) from the 2022 NFL season are the favorites to win Super Bowl 58 in 2024, according to futures You must be 21+ and located within a state where sports betting is permitted in order to place a wager at the third party websites links that are available in this app. However, the 49ers havent lost their hold over the western part of Nevada. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help call: 1-800-GAMBLER (NJ, WV, PA, IL), 1-800-9-WITH-IT (IN), 800-889-9789 (TN), 1-800-270-7117 (MI), 1-800-522-4700 (CO), 1-800-NEXT-STEP (AZ), 1-888- 532-3500 (VA), 1-800-BETS OFF (IA), 1-800-522-4700 (WY), or (888) 789-7777 or text "CTGAMB" to 53342" (CT). Pittsburgh Steelers. Their history is modest with only 8 playoff appearances and 2 conference titles. Going to a Steelers game is one of the best sporting experiences in the United States. So, which team has the largest group of supporters? On Twitter, the Patriots have over 4.6 million followers. The Cowboys are the most popular team in the most states. by Brian, July 16, 2008 For Jets fans wondering where their shade of green is, Facebook added this bummer of a disclaimer: "The New York Jets do not have a plurality of fans in any U.S. 2. Be the first one to comment on this story. San Francisco's rivals across the Bay Bridge, the Oakland Raiders, are the top team in the second-most counties, with eight. Below is a compiled list of the most popular football teams in each state.
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