TV-14. Please enter your username or email address. Shes alive, damn it! He stumbles to his feet, and Soo-hyun has to grab him before he falls. In the thrilling conclusion to Doctor Stranger Park Hoon and Jae Hee make the . And I know yours, Jae-Hee. After a successful surgery, Jae-joon updates Hoon and Chang-yi on her mothers status only to be met with skepticism from Hoon, since he didnt think her condition was serious enough to warrant a sudden heart surgery. And in that way she'll get him back to Myungwoo Hospital, because if she goes, he'll want to follow. Chairman Oh reminisces about Soo-hyuns mother fondly, claiming that, despite everything, his feelings for her mother were genuine. She then told Hyun that Hoon really loves her and he just hasnt realized it yet. She asked Soo Hyun to wait for him because later on Hoon would eventually realize his feelings. so, it only makes sense if she feels that dutiful to NK if she doesn't remember anything about Hoon to do what she is doing right now. To further affirm that notion, give notice how SH falls under the good girl archetype and Jae Joon ends up being the villainous and equally covetous boyfriend when normally its the other way around. She should have 3 kidneys if she received a transplant Diseased kidneys are usually left in place, and the new transplant usually stuck in the lower abdomen. Ha. It is like the black hole of plot holes. But when she merely blinks confusingly, Hoon asks desperately, Cant you recognize me?. I think it was during that scene where Park Hoon gives cpr to a baby when I realized that the show was not going to improve. As of July 7, 2014 it has been streamed close to 400 million times. I didnt like that they made a competition out of important surgeries. LJS did 2 dramas and 3 movies last year, half of them overlapped, and the quality of his acting did not suffer. (and well, i still think this feels like a one-sided love. That was our plan from the start.". xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page Rate. Say if a couple is married right from the beginning of the drama, are they supposed to convince you that the couple is indeed in love before moving on to other parts of the story? 1:20:30. Thanks for a lovely recap Head2no! Soo-Hyun and Chang-Yi ran over and saw them fall. And as for that, why did he have to hug her when he could have just used a stethoscope? Hahahhahaha ! May wrote, the show 'forces' one to accept their relationship. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access Chang-yis mom regains consciousness again, and notes that Seung-hee really does look like Jae-hee. Moon because gosh, those two are hilarious. The stylist must have been horrified. As not to waste this double-post let me just post this link to the beautiful pics of Kang Sora and Jin Se Yeon: But the plot is so frustrating I'm irritated. Hi, at 5.34minutes in this episode, Dr.Han Seung Hee is wearing a wristband. I don't think this was explained in the first half I watched. She tries to take the bracelet back, but only ends up ripping it into two halves. Why? The mystery and thrilling underlying plotlines related to politics and disagreement between South Korea and North Korea were pretty good to watch. And why in the preview did the how many kidneys thing come up yet again? Sometimes when leads don't have chemistry, it's fine because the storyline is engaging, but wow dr stranger had a frustrating storyline PLUS Park Hoon and Jae Hee had zero chem. And the former Secretary Kim continues to be adorable and funny and thankfully not-evil. We got some action and mystery, which Im all for. Conversely, it seems PHJ had to do a reverse of his previously charming and easily root-able performance. Im sure even the police would have been called and searches would have been done. I just want the drama to explore more of Hoon as a person and a doctor, instead of having him wandering around all day, crying for his first love like he did in this episode. Chang-yi all but pouts when she hears this, wishing more than anything that Hoon would just forget about Jae-hee. or Soohyun is about my favourite character in this series. Lifetime Movie Present: The Secret Lives of College Freshmen (Tagalog Dub) Uncut TV5 Dubbing. Press J to jump to the feed. Using Myung Woo University Hospital as the background, the drama portrays a story of love and competition with the characters standing in the center of a North Korean conspiracy to select the team members of the surgery team that will operate on the South Korean Prime Minister Jang Seok Joo (Cheon Ho Jin.). She was equally upset when she broke it, even though she covered it up. I didn't read the plot or anything, just dived right into it. I have to say LJS is doing a superb job with his character. Nor is she a particularly strong or experienced actress. Because her character isn't expressive by design and it takes special talent to give the proper nuances to break that monotony. Im 100% with you on the chemistry from the imaginary surgery scene. And that hed wanted to instill hope in Hoon by smuggling Chang-yis mom outhope that, one day, hed reunite with Jae-hee. The whole SeungHee/JaeHee reminds me the Chinese movie Black Cat (similar to the well-known French's Nikita or American's Point of No Return) In Black Cat, the female lead was dead then was revived and a chip was inserted in her brain to make her a killer. to see him improve with each roll he takes on is so impressive). Meanwhile, a stone-faced Seung-hee tells Agent Cha that the whole act was devised so that Hoon would believe that Jae-hee is alive. Jae-joons calls to Soo-hyun go unanswered, as we find her and Hoon thoroughly trashed from one (or five) too many bottles of soju. In China, the online streaming rights for drama were sold for $80,000 per episode and the drama was made available for online streaming on both Youku and Tudou where it received 330 million and 50 million views, respectively. The reason she says she'll live as Jae-hee after the surgery is so that N. Korea can keep have an eye on Park Hoon and "threaten" him using fake Jae-hee whenever they need anything. He didnt, which brings us to another flashback of Agent Cha undergoing brutal torture in the DPRK as a result of Hoons escape. IT was not explained as well?? To build upon to what I said in the previous thread, the problems are twofold: 1) as you pointed out Seung Hee is not an easy character to play (especially as a Protagonist), it's so easy to fall into a mediocre one-dimensional monotony with it, because clearly there are less lines and less freedom for the actor to flesh out this character with, unlike say, Hoon or Soo Hyun, who are very dynamic and demands an array of emotions. Thank goodness I had the foresight to make notes so this review might actually have some details. How was she saved in time because she was shotandshe was in the water? After Seung-hee officially introduces herself to the rest of the Cardiothoracic Crew, Hoon asks for a minute of her timeonly he calls her formally as Seung-hee now. next monday is waaaay to far away. There was just a time-jump resulting in him being South Korea with no elaboration whatsoever. Its clear as blue sky now that Jae Hee has no intention in staying with Hoon after her mission. She said that she will be going back to Japan. Her coldness to Hoon in this episode mirrors her reactions in that flash back scene in episode 5 (Hoon chasing her inside the hospital while she intentionally avoided him). Her facial expressions in that scene showed contempt and disgust towards Park Hoon. And considering the pace of the kdrama live shoot system, it's no wonder she's flat and emotionless when the role calls for more than the basics and requires a little extra in terms of nuances. Soo-Hyun ends up liking Hoon and her journey on that plotline was pretty interesting to watch as well. Rate. Do I see lots of interaction? Seung-hee balls her fist as Hoon listens to the steady sound of their hearts beating in perfect unison. Partly because it involved so much going back to previous episodes to see what matched up (a lot did not). I liked him well enough but I HATED the other main character. Shes vulnerable and under-confident but tries to do well and handle herself in situations. Hoon wont listen when Soo-hyun says that Seung-hee is ignoring him because she doesnt know him, and asks Soo-hyun how she can believe that when she saw the video of Jae-hee. Drunk hoon calls for jae hee because he's a bery love sick boi Thank you, windsun33. let her die together with Agent Cha, thank you! Betrayed, bewildered wrong response?" And Soo-hyun is awesome. Song Jae-Hee, in the small amount of time we saw her, was shown as a vibrant girl and I liked her instantaneously. On the plus side, I'm now more encouraged to finish watching Man to Man with Park Hae Jin (even though I probably shouldn't as the FL has no chemistry with him). Hoon has some impossible abilities( X ray eyes and hands and super hearing ability like dogs), just like Soo-ha's from IHYV. We watched three episodes with my friend and then kist gave up: the plot was all over the place and straight down ridiculous, and also we didn't feel anything between the two leads . If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. On the run, Jae Hee tries to save Hoon's life and falls into a river. Some plot lines just really didn't add up and I find myself confused by the end of each episode. Please Director-nim scold him Has anyone thought that maybe Jin Se Yeon's problem is burn out(extreme fatigue)? Ngl I watched this drama for LJS. I did take me a while to get into it. Take away the names and the different settings of each drama, I see the same person with the same limited expressions. to be fair to YFAS, Master's Sun and I Hear Your Voice, especially the latter, the characters are written way more complex than just 'bad' or 'good'. In order to ask Chairman Oh to give Hoon another chance, Prime Minister Jang manages to sneak away from the presidents spy during the aftermath of a breakfast hosted for family members separated by the 38th parallel. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 For now she's probably the only one who really empathizes with PH, and I love that. Stranger' Getting Northern Viewers", "TNMS Daily Ratings: this links to current day-select the date from drop down menu", "AGB Daily Ratings: this links to current day-select the date from drop down menu",, Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries, Excellence Award, Actress in a Drama Special, Jeon Gook-hwan as Oh Joon-gyu (Soo-hyun's father and chairman of the Myungwoo Hospital), Zhang Liang as Sean Zhang (Jae-joon's friend), This page was last edited on 26 November 2022, at 05:19. Its time for another Korean drama review! Another gripe: I suspect a certain segment of audience would appreciate being told what is going on rather than sit back and enjoy the mystery plot. Because Myungwoo Hospitals just a thoroughfare for anyone wearing a white lab coat, Agent Cha sneaks in to deal with the loose end that is Chang-yis motheronly hes just there to start things, since Prime Minister Jang wants to see Seung-hees doctoring skills. Park Hoon became a genius thoracic surgeon. Regardless, if she is Jae-hee or not, she is still a spy which she has to hide. Your email address will not be published. Whenever things went wrong in his head, he started over until he was sure that he can perform the surgery successfully. But them becoming a couple is just too convenient for me. Dream High, That Winter The Wind Blows, and Biscuit Teacher Star Candy, if anyone's interested in knowing. Moon misunderstood that as Jae-hee/ Seung-hee has one because she donated not received! I'll look them over, thanks! Completely agree with you. He seems to also be orchestrating Hoon into the hospital for some other purpose. I suspect that her brain will awake when she interacts with Hoon and then her brain will try to fight the chip that controls her. the virtual jae hee that dr park sketched on us and how much we love them together because of it,,,,, has made me really excited about actually seeing them on the screen,, would it be as wonderful as dr park had made us picture it to be or i don't want to jinx it so i don't even utter the otherwise .i want to love them together on the screen please please ooze so much romance that our hearts keep pounding until the follow up episode I watched Doctor Stranger only because of Lee Jong-Suk. I want to watch how PH is going to survive the conspiracy - whatever the conspiracy is. If you dont believe me, shoot me.. Jin Se Yeon will undergo an acting transformation as the heroine of this turbulent romance that frequents between North and South Korea. When Hoon tries to follow her, Soo-hyun has to physically hold him back. That was what I thought too! not that I'm complaining, love her character to bits!. I want to argue that Kdramas have a problem moving on to second loves. Three Days did not follow a conventional romance structure but its second female lead is solidly on the side of 'good'. For that I take the Park Hoon-Jae Hee/Seung Hee couple as the more worthwhile couple over the cute and sassy Hoon-Soo Hyun. Do you want to see them on their first date, first kiss, first whatever before believing they are in a relationship? The actor also played it that he always had a playful and a bit tyrannical vibe with his much put upon secretary while his interaction with his female lead was a lot more layered. RECOMMENDED. Unfortunately, her designated guy pal Jae Joon is still seemingly lacking any worthwhile characterization and his motivations make him a rather odd one out of the love quadrangle. weird. It's not really her fault so much as the roles she gets. what's the point of all the sacrifices they've made if PH just ends with another girl. My Girl. They were the most expected couple. The two characters Jin Se Yeon plays have direct opposite atmospheres about them in the revealed pictures. Loved the Soo-hyun and Hoon scenes in this, this is the first time I'm shipping the male lead with the 2nd female lead. What we get now is that PH is deeply in love with JH, and while that's not enough for me to want to care about their relationship, I'll just have to believe in it because that's what the show is centered about anyway. what about identical twins? As of now Doctor Stranger is pretty much about Hoon's unyielding love for her. I know that its supposed to show Hoon as the only good doctor who cared about the patients and Jae-Joon as someone willing to do anything to climb ranks and destroy the hospital, but still. i loved this episode every bit of it . the pace has slowed down way too much thats probably because i am more a movie person rather than series. i am not one of those who can take the anticipation thats probably the reason why i loved the first two episode where things happened quick and there were unexpected twist at every turn which only made it even more interesting for me and got me hooked on to the show permanently. from ep 5 on the show has ceratinly slowed down may be it is finally time to fit the zigsaw bit by bit. and while doing so the drama now has caught on to the romantic side of it by bring in jae hee completely into the picture which i am loving so so much.. i was afraid that we would barely get to see her but am grateful that it is doesn't happen to be so instead acc to the preview we will get to see more of hoon and jae hee which is super awesome dont' let me down show. And since theres a convenient shortage of anesthesiologists, Seung-hee steps up to the plate to help(?) Give Seung Hee more dimensions and have her display more emotions OTHER than trying to be Cold and Reserved. Whys he in Myungwoo, you ask? Sheworkedhard. }; Although they did get back together Miss Korea was pretty realistic about how the main couple weren't and couldn't be the same people they'd been in high school. Whoops. Doctor Stranger is 2014 K-drama series starring Lee Jong-suk, one of the most popular K-drama actors right now. Just because I enjoy Soohyun's character more doesn't make me pro-Sora or anti-JSY. Hoon replies as if she said nothing, and tells her what hed just been thinking about how everyones heartbeats are different. With Jin Se Yeon, here's a girl who has literally done her dramas back to back, often starting one before the other ends. Thank you for your patience. LOL, yes, Kang So-ra is playing her very well, i admit. But they were tricked and the father-son duo wasnt allowed to return to South Korea. Hoon is definitely no angel, as he himself have done countless immoral practices of medicine, which arguably fast-tracked his growth and in part made him the genius doctor that he is now. Many Korean actors/actress do drama while having concerts and/or variety shows at the same time. I am too invested in the show's otp since the 1st ep. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Lifetime fan of the Professional Organisation Mods Truck of Doom. I liked the PH/Soohyun scenes because those felt real. - Albert. Unfortunately for him, shes got other plans. [1] It aired on SBS from May 5 to July 8, 2014 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 KST (UTC+9) for 20 episodes. The series premiered on Tue May 06, 2014 on SBS (KR) and A Happy Ending (S01E20) last aired on Tue Jul 08, 2014. . While not a focus point, it influences Hoons life and its addition made the show more interesting. That almost never ends well. Now I'm thinking if I can follow this show, which will be him all the way running after her, basically. Im sure Hoon would have stayed there for a long time staring or would have tried to save her as well. Entire scenes were spent kind-of-maybe-not-really trying to paint a picture of the Big Conspiracy going on, and if the point was merely to show us that there is a conspiracy without revealing anything about said conspiracy, then mission accomplished: were still confused. i believe they're in a relationship, i just don't believe in their relationship. That makes the relationship more organic and less forced. Over 868 TV Time users rated it a 19.6/10 with their favorite characters being Lee Jong-suk as Park Hoon, Kang So-ra as Oh Soo-Hyun and Jin Se-yun as Song Jae-Hee / Han Seung-Hee. Why go through all this shadow puppetry with a political storyline that has absolutely zero likable characters in it? Especially a person who has accepted her fate. definitely need more of it. Her task probably to keep Park Hoon check on her watch.Remember when Park Hoon hug her in that hall(? The man grows up to become a genius surgeon. After offering Soo-hyun her mothers old room, Seung-hee comments about how close Soo-hyun and Hoon seem to be, implying that their relationship is romantic. My suggestion? He's desperate to save the woman he left behind in North Korea. In. He also got shot and fell into the lake. After an article appeared in Korean ladies magazine . They knew each other since young. and even if she wasn't, i'll acknowledge the fact that she loves him, but i don't feel it. Profile. Thats when Director Choi cuts in to say that it isnt trueJae-hee is alive, and he knows so from a reliable source. the Angel Eyes pairing were endearing in the young years, but when they were adults, the Goo Hye-sun character had partially moved on with her fiancee and all so I didn't feel as emotionally invested on that pairing. And with that regard, I cannot help but rack my brain of any but one good reason why a North Korean doctor must be involved in anything politically related at all. ;). Actors take breaks for a reason. She thinks hes there to apologize and tells him he doesnt need to, since she heard the story from Soo-hyun and understands what hes going through. (function(d, s, id) { we dont know what exacatly and why. but yeah honestly 16 eps is enough for me since im slow watching kdramas. I only liked Lee Chang-Yi (whos like a younger sister to Hoon in present-day) because she was cute and level-headed, and Moon Hyung-Wook (Hoons direct boss in the hospital) who was there mostly for humour purposes.
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