This forward motion is further emphasized by the womans outstretched leg and shoe flung from her foot. It was an ornate style and favored curves and curls. The Swing, otherwise titled as LEscarpolette in French, is a Rococo painting by Jean-Honor Fragonard. ). The Pre-Arranged Flight (1772-1773) by Jean-Honor Fragonard;Daderot, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons. Louvre, Paris; Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin. For example, in 2019 a Picasso painting from 1932 sold for $28 million. You may need advice from a restorer to determine what condition your art is in, especially if it is an older work. We will then explore the subject matter and painting techniques in more detail through a formal analysis. Have the colors faded, or is there water damage? -FanExpo Boston. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Tempera paints are usually egg-based paints that are fast-drying and permanent depending upon the pigment used. Oath The heeled slipper that flies off her pointed foot leads our eyes to a marble statue of Cupid (the mythological god of erotic love) on the far left. That in itself does not guarantee that the piece you are looking at is a genuine, original piece by the artist whose name is on it. as works by Jean-Baptiste Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump (1768) by Joseph Wright of Derby. It has alternatively been titled The Happy Accidents of the Swing, and in French, it is Les hasards heureux de lescarpolette. Many old frames have a X or H shape in the back, something far less common in contemporary frames. The average selling price for a the swing painting we offer is $2,671 , while they're typically $109 on the low end and $398,500 for the highest priced. Just below the swinging woman is another Cupid sculpture. It was reportedly bought by Lord Hertford in 1865 at a Paris auction previously owned by several notable figures including the Charles Auguste Louis Joseph de Morny, commonly referred to as Duc de Morny. Others happily buy print reproductions of his original paintings, and The Swing is Fragonard's best known painting as well as most popular. please see: Famous Paintings Analyzed The auction house estimated its . - and Jean Chardin, famous Unlike laser prints, paintings made using a pointillist technique will have dots of varying sizes and shapes. Discover artists and art prices using askART! 2022 Art Round Up (3) Conventions were back pretty much in full swing this year and I got into six! 44: David Carrick Swing (AZ,CA,1864-1945) oil painting. Its the sheer extravagance and color that makes it almost impossible for the audience to look away from it. Has the work been relined? The area around The Swing is far more colourful than it's background meaning that the viewer will immediately be drawn to the key parts of the work, as Fragonard will have intended. The cookie is set by GDPR cookie consent to record the user consent for the cookies in the category "Functional". The use of color in The Swing (c. 1767-1768) by Jean-Honor Fragonard;Jean-Honor Fragonard, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons. Georgia O'KeeffeLandscapes After all, austerity was hardly in vogue throughout Marie Antoinettes France. Just under 60 years ago, the very same painting, then generally reckoned to be. (i.e. now ranks among the greatest of all Rococo The French artist Jean-Honor Fragonard painted the famous oil on canvas titled The Swing, LEscarpolette, (c.1767-1768), otherwise also titled The Happy Accidents of the Swing, otherwise known in French as Les hasards heureux de lescarpolette. If you dont know the name of a painting, search for it using descriptors. A painting of Christ believed to have been painted by Leonardo da Vinci has just sold for a record $450m (341m). tienne-Maurice Falconet, Seated Cupid, 1757. In addition, some artists are especially known for certain subject matter. Description The white lace on the feminine borders of the dress, the fitted bodice accentuating her breasts, oh and if you didnt notice, that pink shoe slipping from her foot all contribute to make her the star of the scene. The size of an artwork is very often a factor in its value. Within this context we can understand more about Fragonards clientele, who were often wealthy aristocrats. Greuze (1725-1805). Step 1: Do we have your artist in our database? He has been considered one of the greats of French painting, although his name was obscured for some time. The Swing painting by Jean-Honor Fragonard is more than just a woman on a swing, it is a peepshow into 18th-century French aristocratic customs and cultures, including the art style at the time, which was known as Rococo. The, Read More Music in the Tuileries by douard Manet: Meaning and AnalysisContinue, 2023 Artsapien - WordPress Theme by Kadence WP. A self-portrait by Jean-Honor Fragonard called Inspiration (1769);Jean-Honor Fragonard, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons. Death of Marat (1793) by Jacques-Louis David. In 1627, Poussin painted the masterpiece titledThe Death of Germanicus which became his most recognizable work. Unlike large-scale history paintings, or the widely collected genres of portraiture and landscape, these works were relatively small (81 x 64.2 cm in the case of The Swing) and intended for display in intimate rooms known as cabinets.Admiring the painting in the privacy of such a space, the patron and his . She flings her kitten-heeled shoe towards a mischievous cupid sculpture while she gazes at the man sprawled in the bushes beneath her. Not only did Fragonard not mind the commissions sleazy underpinnings, the artist also had fun with the assignment. pushed by an elderly man in the background who has no idea of the young the time, a swing was a conventional symbol for infidelity.) (i.e. Rococo pieces were expensive and exclusive, thus they were favored by the French aristocrats. Generally, an original Picasso painting can sell for anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of dollars depending on the painting's rarity and quality. The cupid statue is another potent erotic symbol. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Analytics". Easy to maneuver around and very user-friendly. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. First of all, are you thinking of buying it because you like it? The joyful exuberance of the painting is LEFT: A detail of the cupid in The Swing (c. 1767-1768) by Jean-Honor Fragonard;Jean-Honor Fragonard, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons| RIGHT: Menacing Cupid (1757) by Etienne-Maurice Falconet, Louvre Museum, Paris;Tangopaso, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons. Detail. Read my bio here. Check charges first. Fragonard is one of the most respected Rococo artists and has left a great legacy with several other paintings also as impressive as The Swing. His Cubist painting "Femme Assise", made in 1909, was sold for USD 63.4 million in 2016, breaking a world record for the highest price paid on an auction for a Cubist artwork. Have you checked to see if it is an original or a mass-produced copy? His smiling expression as he gazes at his wife suggests that he is blissfully unaware of her hidden lover. While the figures in the work are not identifiable as portraits of specific individuals, their rich attire and the beautifully managed garden reveal their aristocratic status. An art authenticator can identify the author, finding the history of the object and finally determining if it is authentic through forensic testing if necessary. All rights reserved. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. She was requested to be portrayed on a swing with a bishop pushing her, while the client was in the bushes with a full-frontal view of his matresse. Certain limited edition prints are worth more than normal prints. She is held in place between both and yet just out of their reach, in mid-air. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. The Swing (c. 1767-1768) by Jean-Honor Fragonard is a famous Rococo painting depicting a woman on a swing, seemingly wild and carefree, but if you are not familiar with 18th-century customs you might miss the hidden meanings. Older man (detail), Jean-Honor Fragonard, These references to unbridled passion are balanced by symbols of constraint on the right side of the composition. In front of him is a small white dog looking up at the woman and barking at her, his front paws resting on the border of a hedge while he stands on his back legs. Vigee-Lebrun (1755-1842), painter to Queen Marie-Antoinette, as well While the roses below the woman echo the color of her dress, the rest of the composition, the background, and two male figures are darker in color with more neutral, cooler greens and blues denoting the shadows. It does not store any personal data. During the mid-1760s, revitalizing However, please be aware that your own research may not be a substitute for the type of formal analysis and appraisal that can come from contracting a qualified professional appraisal service. Academy, he was influenced by the pastoral scenes of Nicolas While most people would say that the woman is the most important subject in the painting, I feel that its actually her stunning dress. If you are unable to determine the artists name, you might provide photos (or jpgs) to dealers and auction houses (not museums) carrying similar works. In 18th-century France, gardens were becoming romantic sites of bourgeois escape; the fashionably dressed woman here appears like a flower in full bloom. Fragonard had no such qualmsand his career benefited from it. A self-portrait by Jean-Honor Fragonard called, Contextual Analysis: A Brief Socio-Historical Overview, Formal Analysis: A Brief Compositional Overview, Famous Dog Paintings Explore Famous Examples of Dog Artwork, The Ugly Duchess by Quinten Massys An In-Depth Analysis, The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David In-Depth Analysis, 81 x 64.2 centimeters / 31 7/8 x 25 inches, The Wallace Collection, London, England, United Kingdom. From the steps above, hopefully you have learned to appreciate and enjoy your artwork even more. There are at least 8 paintings in the world with an estimated price tag above $200 million and over 4 dozen paintings that have a value above $100 million, with Mona Lista price at the very top of the list. Other instances of symbolism If we look at the right side of the composition, there is more restraint and control. So you might create the List with code like: List<Shape> shapes = new ArrayList<Shape> (); The Shape interface allows you to represent geometric shapes, like circles, rectangles, polygons etc. One may also notice that cupid uses his other hand to remove an arrow from his quiver as if about to strike the careless woman with love. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. What makes the art truly unique or worth such an extravagant price tag is the subject of much debate. The Rococo style was dominant in all types of art like architecture, sculpture, dcor, furniture, fashion, and more. Unlike large-scale history paintings, or the widely collected genres of portraiture and landscape, these works were relatively small (81 x 64.2 cm in the case of, Female figure (detail), Jean-Honor Fragonard, The Swing, 1767, oil on canvas, 81 x 64.2 cm (Wallace Collection, London; photo: Steven Zucker, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0). Signatures are easy to fake, so dont use this as your only proof of authenticity. The theme of taming further echoes in the ropes that hold the swing. Both Cupids have a finger to their lips as if they are keeping a secret. The ropes the husband uses to pull his wife toward him resemble a set of reigns and are evocative of both the bonds of marriage and the restrictions placed on female sexuality during the period. For a better understanding of The Swing painting, let us take a closer look at the Rococo style before moving on. The opening in the trees above her is a possible light source that spotlights her figure as she swings out of the shadows behind her. A Genre Painting Peasant, Read More PeasantWedding Painting: An in-depth analysisContinue, Nicholas Poussin was a French classical painter who spent most of his life studying and creating art in Rome. takes no notice. While it is clear that Cupid is the Greek god of love, so he fits right in, however, the maenads are quite interesting. Within the larger art-historical tradition, The Swing riffs on the genre of boudoir paintingscanvases that feature a woman in her private chambers, primed or procured for a romantic liaison. Depicting Arizo. The womans dress may be likened to a pink rose, a symbol of infatuation and admiration. If you are unsure, we suggest you let a local frame shop or art gallery help you determine if you have an original work versus a reproduction. In a less highbrow homage, Disneys Frozen (2013) riffed on the painting with a swinging scene for Anna, its central character. For the meaning of other celebrated masterpieces, The importance of this workliesnot only in its unusually varied formand topic but also in its capacity to engage spectators in avisual gamethat makes observations about the nature of both art and society. and genre works. How do I know if my painting is valuable if it has no signature? (i.e. An analysis of "The Swing" would involve exploring the hidden messages in the painting. Initially, the Baron tried to hire history painter Gabriel Franois Doyen to make the work. The left side of the composition alludes to desire and sexual freedom. If there are auction records, you may wish to compare your own artwork to those works with estimates and/or sale prices. The picture depicts a young woman on a tree swing, being pushed by her husband. was so positioned as to be able to see up her the girl's skirt. The size of an oil painting is an important factor in determining its price. We wonder, who will she choose next? The painting is designed to be ethereal, personal, sensual, and sexually charged. Her left hand (our right) holds on to the swings rope while her right hand (our left) is open. He is looking up at her with a warm and jovial facial expression, smiling as she swings. Before buying an oil painting, check to make sure that the surface has texture. Only a written report prepared by a qualified professional appraiser may serve as a legal document. If you'd like to learn more about valuable paintings, check out our in-depth interview with Claire Wentzel. To identify the artist, look for a signature, initials, or monogram. The white dog is a symbol of fidelity, its barking seems to alert us about the intruding lover who is looking up the womans skirt. This website brings you information on this great painting and offers it for sale from a trusted online retailer who we regularly use ourselves.
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