Designated drunk = not so much. Ppt on funny topics Rating: 5,6/10 1252 reviews PowerPoint presentations are a staple of modern business communication, but that doesn't mean they . The instructions should be in the form of labels and signs, not wordy and hard to understand. If you need more than just a PowerPoint, be sure to hop over to . Therefore, grab it immediately! Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter, The New Leaf. Again, Christopher just groaned which, in turn, infuriated the usher who In 2000, a Microsoft study on attention showed that the average persons attention span was 12 seconds. There is such a thing as too much humor, especially in safety training. License: All 1 2 | Free. and 25,000 people are forced to give up work because of injury or illness considerable agony. In addition to this, 31% had been drinking. ', Christopher groaned but didn't budge one inch. There are many safety tips that can be applied in different situations and settings, but here are seven general safety tips that can be helpful in various environments: Remember that safety is everyone's responsibility, so be aware of your surroundings, follow safety rules and guidelines, and report any hazards or incidents to ensure a safe workplace for all. Humor is a powerful agent for positive change. In this video, our safety guides with amazing 1970s-era mustaches, Ron and Lamar, address a common workplace hazard working with electrical components and all the no-nos that come along with it. Theres a new free guide to humor in safety that will help you take a topic thats typically considered dull and boring and build presentations and training sessions that are fun and engaging. Struggling with disengaged employees? Download and use it multiple times. 4. Ladder Safety PPT R Ladders can pose serious potential for a fall if used improperly or in an unsafe manner. Which bandwagon are you on? Each slide delivers focused talking points that can be presented in any meeting as a one-minute opener or to launch a more extensive discussion. Many are downloadable. '76 feet, 4.1 inches,' says the engineer. This led to the creation of flammable hydrocarbons that eventually exploded. Not only does it improve your mood and make the diagnosis and treatment more bearable, but the relief of stress and anxiety is further beneficial to recovery. Discover human factors management solutions that effectively address human error, conquer common injury challenges and improve safety engagement. Stay safe online with our cyber safety PowerPoint for children. They break up the monotony. Use them to break up training sessions and get employees thinking safety. This is one of the best safety PowerPoint presentations we have seen in a long time. All About Me - Free Fun and Humor Presentation PPT The film is punctuated by the song, Shakes Hands with Danger, the story of Three-Finger Joe. This retro workplace safety video produced in the 1950s along with thinly-veiled assumptions about women in the workplace touches on some of those unique risks in chain-reaction fashion. Don't text and drive. "Keeping it Real" with Electrical Safety DuPont has been a recognized and respected brand for more than two centuries. Aimed at Years 1-6, the PowerPoint features simple, easy-to-understand illustrations to help deliver important messages in a clear yet friendly way. worker hit him so hard with the shovel that his shoulder was dislocated. Christopher was sprawled across three entire seats in a theatre. PPT-024-04. going to have to call the manager.'. Therefore, grab it immediately! We have found that people remember 50% more in what they see than in what Below, we explore 6 funny safety moment ideas to get you started! to view. The year 1980 didnt just give us the Miracle on Ice, the long-anticipated release of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, or the revival of the preppy look. Bored Panda has put together a list of people who have tried (and sometimes failed) to do just that. The principles behind: CONSULT. If you want some silly workplace videos without a specific message to break the ice, try some of the following: This silly 30-second office clip shows the far-reaching effects of a rubber band! Don't be a "D" driver - distracted, drugged, drunk, drowsy, or dumb! Toll Free in the U.S./Canada: 1-866-777-1360 International:+1 503-828-9400. After all, you take your job as the purveyor of health and safety very seriously. This means we only work with a small percentage of the whole company on our job site. Remember that having a somber or dull attitude to safety not only bores your audience but can also give the impression that what youre saying isnt important. But dont let their long history fool you into thinking that they cant have a little fun. Alive at 25 (4 Hour National Safety Council Course) Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Arc Flash Safety. you're only allowed one seat. Presentation, spoken, video, or official government documents. This funny PowerPoint presentations free download features a blackboard with white fonts and colorful elements. When it comes to workplace safety, there is no better solution than training. If youre presenting or creating worksheets, feel free to incorporate relevant memes to keep everyone entertained. Thus, the spotlight is on the importance of safer design and construction of workplaces; maintenance of site safety; dangers posed to public members, and adherence to legal guidelines for secure storage of dangerous materials. Who doesnt love a little fancy affair, especially where there are a ton of graphics to play around with? Instead, a funny video might allow them to participate and absorb the information. caused by work shows that employers are very much taking risks with their Sure to raise a laugh, theres more to see each time you watch it! Please, Get in touch with your inner creative with our downloadable resources. Its no secret that slips, trips, and falls are some of the most common safety incidents in the workplace. Veuillez choisir votre rgion Do you agree? It discusses different forms of office safety & health hazards along with proper ergonomics and emergency action plans. to do with the working of the mind. This is the Powerpoint included in our Manual Handling Video package. Yes, make some funny powerpoint presentation slides simply by downloading these funny powerpoint slides for free download. It also gave us Shake Hands With Danger Caterpillars short-film featuring re-enactments of numerous accident scenarios and the theme song of the same name. You can also carry on the Wrong Way, Right Way theme throughout the entirety of your briefing or course, which gives you a good opportunity to add humor to the Wrong Way aspects of each topic. 15. 192,225,412 stock photos online. Aerial Work Platform & Scissors Lift Safety. Finally, there is a correlation between happy staff, higher productivity and employee engagement, meaning the benefits of using humor at work reach far beyond your safety talks: they create a happy workforce. was designed to help employees appreciation and understand the important role they play in creating and maintaining a safe work environment. For those tasked with managing EHS in lower-risk environments such as offices or data centers, very different health and safety risks exist. 2013: West Fertilizer Company explosion. Hopefully, this article inspires you to keep your regular safety talks upbeat, funny, and engaging. google_ad_height = 250; You can view it. If you didn't have enough on your platealready, youre always on the hunt for new tips, tricks, and tactics to enhance EHS and swiftly handle issues that crop up. Do you need other training materials to go along with your PowerPoint Presentation? People enjoy games. The National Safety Council is Americas leading nonprofit safety advocate. Research into learning and development has also shown that recall also improves when learners are engaged with the topic, which means that using humor not only makes the content itself more fun, but also leads to better learning outcomes and knowledge recall. HUGE COLLECTION OF FUNNY SAFETY PHOTOS TOON CLIPART - choose from thousands of great cartoon images for use on websites, newsletters, brochures, announcements, Powerpoint presentations and more All images are Mac and PC ready in eps, png, wmf, jpg and gif formats. In a few moments, both the usher and the manager returned and stood Occupational clinics can provide valuable insights into workplace injury and prevention. And its no wonderlaughter really is the best medicine. He woke He had to think of some way to find the best person. Funny Deer Hunting Clip Art (1 - 40 of 1,000+ results) Price ($) Shipping DEER ANTLERS SVG, Deer Antlers clipart, Antlers Svg cut files for Cricut, Hunting Svg FireflyDesignn (7,306) $1. at about 10 per day due to people falling off the roofs of trains. they hear. This one from Channel 1 Creative Media can be used as a great ice breaker in a safety meeting. 1974: The Flixborough disaster, UKs worst industrial accident. The guide covers the basics for injecting humor into your safety presentations and it even includes a couple of jokes and some sage advice to get you in the right mindset. Safety training begins with leadership. Help them understand that their negligence can put other co-workers at risk. So download and utilize it in any safety program presentation. Man With Paper Mask For Safety Funny Picture. In the words of Michael Scott, "this is why we have training: we start . While more appropriate for some industries than others, split your group into teams and time them to see who can get into the correct PPE in the quickest time! Therefore, employers are obliged to provide a safe working environment for their workers. This one is iffy, but does combine real data with an attempt at some humor. However, they do have a responsibility to follow the government rules and regulations. Home, Lucky escapes Go ahead and add your company logo, put in or take out information that is specific to your company and job site. They might not even realize they are learning something, but when the moment arises, the information will be there for them to recall. Elimination - NA. Include all the tips mentioned in the blog and hit the health and safety goals of your business. Stay alert to stay safe. Here are some brilliant and funny PowerPoint presentations that scream LOL from miles away! Multiple investigations exposed that the plant was hastily executed with certain modifications that forged the leak of liquid from one of the plants reactors. ul.nav ul.nav {margin-top: 6px; margin-left: 1.2em; padding-left: 1.2em; line-height: 24px; COLOR: #ffffff;} Here's an excerpt from the guide: The key to life is moderation. Heikes - Free Funny PPT for Office This one comes with colorful, clean, and simple abstract designs that grab attention. Do your bit to help keep your young learners safe online with this PowerPoint for children. printers The fluorescent ability to smell. According to an estimate of occupational safety and health administration, nearly a quarter of all work-related fatalities occur on construction sites. Funny Video Clips . safety powerpoint templates-safety presentation depiction of gory industrial accidents was so graphic that twenty-five workers suffered minor injuries in google_ad_client = "pub-4572730101251088"; Safety in the workplace is critical for many business KPIs. Have you ever tried studying for an exam when you have The This well-structured template can be used to quickly respond and mitigate the impact of a suspected security breach. An estimate of 2 million men and women die every year due to work-related accidents and diseases. Download Employee Health And Safety Planning Process At Work. building. Check out our best work safety templates to assist your endeavors. January 30, 2022 . practice used a shovel to separate him from the electricity. The usher became Here are 12 great safety presentation ideas for your workplace: 1. 5-Minute PowerPoint Presentations Instruct your team on the latest safety practices with newly created PowerPoint Presentations. From teachers who knew exactly how to keep their pupils' attention to using Justin Bieber for a math problem and an odd presentation on bathing a cat, these people definitely had some good presentation ideas. The more you can engage your employees in safety, the stronger the stronger your safety culture will be. Include boots, helmets, gloves, and anything else thats needed. A.nav:visited {COLOR: #ffffff; TEXT-DECORATION: none} Completely Researched Decks, Documents, Slide Bundles, etc), which included 24427 slides in total in the past 24 hours. half of employers have not even done a simple risk assessment which is, in Researched by Consultants from Top-Tier Management Companies. One of the best ways to keep your safety toolbox talks engaging and effective is by keeping them relevant to what workers do daily. be successful in communicating to a workforce about Health and Safety. How hilarious is this slide? Funny Safety At Work Pictures Safety PowerPoint Presentation New Meanings to a 'Prop Shaft' Nothing As Mundane as Safety Must Interfere with the Tea Break Please send us your funny construction safety pictures. Take your standard safety presentation to the next level by introducing humor. We focus on eliminating the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths. All Rights Reserved. [rsnippet name="sitename" multi-site="true"] Copyright 2020. 1.2 Winter fatigue and its implications. Of course, more is always better. Due to the negligence of 7 employees, more than 5 lakh people were exposed to the lethal methyl isocyanate. google_color_link = "maroon"; DuPont shows how laughter helps engage employees, enhance recall and improve learning in this funny safety video. 5: Cook food, not yourself - use a mitt. - Funny posters, cartoons, videos, PowerPoints, and photos are helpful in getting your audiences' attention and in injecting some fun into your meetings. 1.4 Gritting and icy roads. Unless you saw these funny safety pictures, you would not believe what people do at work. Download Key Areas To Improve Work Safety. We, humans, are not that lucky or accepting, especially in the way we run . Its also the key to humor in safety training. Take a look at the table below for a range of resources that you can use in your next briefing. Funny warning signs Steer clear. Pictures, such as the above, of people on trains has caused the Indian For simulation We know you're busy -- the full film is a whopping 23 minutes long -- and in the spirit of taking shortcuts in the workplace, we are providing you with a condensed version (an unmoving still of the title track with the story of "Three Finger Joe" playing in the background). These videos can be great tools for your safety training process. List of Funny Safety Slogans: 1: A spill, a slip, a hospital trip: 2: A tree never hits an automobile except in self defense: 3: Chance takers are accident makers: 4: Chances are the tree was there first. For many, the future seems nice and bright. 'Chris,' the man moaned, in . Internet and Phone Safety: Staying Safe Online PowerPoint Presentation - Unit 1 by Life Skills Creations 4.3 (14) $5.00 PPTX | Internet Safety | Phone Safety | Digital Citizenship | Life Skills | Staying Safe Online |Many students view the internet as a fun place to chat with their friends and watch funny youtube videos on.
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