There are 6 main PRS neck profiles: Fender American Ultra Tele Rosewood Fretboard Texas Tea - It's a bit expensive, but it sounds, looks and feels incredible. Its lightweight body is built from traditional Strat tonewoods (alder or ash, dependent on color) and outfitted with a flawless gloss poly finish and coordinating pickguard. Whether your guitar has a standalone one or a bridge that works like one too, you might be interested in broadening your knowledge about tailpieces here: The Fender American Professional II Stratocaster has a bone nut. [Complete guide], Does fingerboard material affect tone? 23:46 Let's Get Some Tones! All American Ultra guitars have enhanced body contours on the back of the guitar which are designed to make them more comfortable. For the most part, Fenders American Professional II guitars maintain almost everything that made the original American Pro models so great. You must log in or register to reply here. The American Ultras have a slight edge when it comes to their pickups and hardware appointments, but that is reflected in their pricing. Fender American Pro II Telecaster in Miami Blue | Who do you pick as one of the best guitarist of all time, Alnico5 single coil pickups in a 2019 player strat. I held one at Guitar Center. In many cases, the manufacturers dont inform the same features about the instruments that you want to compare and you have to start digging all over the web to find them. Guitar players know that there are many variables in determining the sound of a guitar. The Hardware The original Jazzmaster experienced some problems with its bridge and the tremolo arm. Does anybody know if the necks on the American Pro I are different than the necks on the Pro II? Agreed but I don't blame people for not liking the price. Bigger frets make a guitar easier to play, however, they hinder the overall intonation of the instrument. Rolled fingerboard edges and tapered neck heels are also standard features across the American Ultra range. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Ultra series only includes a right-handed SS Telecaster. Ive been doing a lot of research on strats in the $1000-1500 range, and the American Pro II seems like the best choice for me. However, theres no single answer to whether a lighter or heavier guitar will sound better than the other. The Jazz and Precision Bass models also keep their respective Slim C and 63 neck carves. But which is the best? Most of the CS Relics have VERY THIN nitro finishes while the AM Pro has a much thicker (compared to CS) poly finish. Strats and teles are pretty simple guitars and $1000 will get you all you need. As a huge fan of the Fender Jazzmaster, Cooper needed to get his hands on all of these to do a proper comparison-- with upgrades from the predecessor American Professional line including a beveled heel carve, V-Mod II pickups, the return of the "rhythm circuit" controls, and new finishing options, these guitars are up to the excellent standard Many players dont consider this as important as other features, but more experienced ones will be very picky about this. (3) Fender American Professional II Telecaster Deluxe - Dark Night with Rosewood Fingerboard. The new flagship American Professional II series arrives alongside Fender's 'The One. [Complete guide], Do guitar tuners affect tone? Released in late 2019 as the replacement for the short-lived American Elite range, the American Ultra series encompasses what Fender describes as its most advanced production guitars to date. American Original 70's Tele Custom neck finish, Cap outer foil tester build -- Peegoo Custom Special. JavaScript is disabled. Guitars in the Fender American Ultra series have a slimmer modern D neck with a flatter fingerboard radius compared to guitars in the American Professional II series which have a deep C neck. Wound differently to their older counterparts, Fender describes its V-Mod IIs as some of the best sounding pickups it has ever made promising extra note definition and more mid-range punch. Andertons Drummers YouTube Channel: It has a Deep C neck and tall narrow frets, which definitely has a different feel than the Modern C with medium jumbos youll find on other fenders. Fender American Ultra Series - Their Most Advanced Guitars Ever? With a new collection of colours, re-voiced pickups & upgraded features. If you are here, it seems like I have already done that job for you. The main differences between the American Professional II Telecaster and American Ultra Telecaster are the pickups and neck shape. On the subject of fingerboards, Fenders American Ultra models come installed with Medium Jumbo frets. It states rolled fingerboard edges as a new feature, but I thought the Pro-Standards have had that for quite some time. In neck trough instruments, the neck elongates and becomes the central piece of the body, where most of its hardware is mounted. The neck is really nice, but its a little different from other Fenders. Interested in other Andertons YouTube channels? The best place to start if you're new is right below in our "Rules" section. You can also hear an example of the Pro I as well (sunburst). If you have any other questions feel free to let me know! However, their quality will be a defining factor in your playing experience. On the humbucker-equipped HSS Strat and Tele Deluxe models, this serves as a coil-split switch instead. The AmPro always had a Deep C neck. If you have guitar related questions, use the "Search" field FIRST, Then ask the community. A high end fender is totally worth the cost. Strats, Teles, Jazzmasters, Precision Basses and Jazz Basses can be found, but there is less variation overall with only HSS Strats and 5-string Jazz Basses available outside of the standard models. Here is a video comparing the tones of the American Professional II (blue) and American Ultra (red/ orange) Stratocasters. I created this website to share everything I've learnt over the past 15 years of playing guitar. Now, Fender has revised these with their newly-designed V-Mod II pickups. Guitars in both series feature a sculpted neck heel to aid upper fret access however, on the Ultra it is more dramatic to give the player even easier access to the upper register. Fender American Ultra Strat Rosewood Fretboard Ultraburst - The American Pro II Strat features V-Mod II single coils, a 2-point tremolo, and a push-push tone pot that can add the neck pickup at the press of a button. On the SSS models it allows you to activate either the bridge and neck pickup together (without the middle) or all three pickups at the same time. Andertons Shopping Website: The standard Telecasters Push/Push function enables parallel/series operation for unique sounds, while the Jazzmasters taps its bridge humbucker for a vintage-like output level. Hello there, my name is Ramiro and Ive been playing guitar for almost 20 years. I have a Pro 2 and an Ultra, and had a Pro 1 as well. The majority of guitars and basses from the American Professional II series adhere to the timeless Fender tonewood combination. The Fender American Ultra Stratocaster is built with Noiseless, Coil-tapping (HSS), S-1 neck pickup blend electronics, 1 x master volume (with s-1 switch), 2 x tone controls, and a 5-way blade switch. Fender flares can be grafted on to .Outfit your Fox Body Stang with a Saleen style or 93 Cobra body kit. The Fender American Professional II Stratocaster has a maple neck. These 2 finishes are both types of varnish that can be used to protect and beautify a guitars wood. On the HSS versions it coil taps the humbucker pickup. Fender's Pro II guitar features 22 narrow-tall frets, a Deep-C neck, alongside a sculpted neck heel. Some of the add-ons on this site are powered by. The shape of a guitars body has serious implications on its playability, but not so much on its tone. Does guitar body shape affect tone or playability? Balancing a perfect blend of traditional design & modern practicality, Fender has truly listened to its players' & collaborated with various artists in order to improve the American Pro II Series to what it is today. From guitars, pedals, amps, and synths to studio gear and production tips, I hope you find what I post here useful, and Ill try my best to keep it entertaining also. However, the Ultras have neck heels that are more dramatically-contoured and thus offer virtually zero upper-fret restriction! Strat Talk is the leading online community and marketplace for Stratocaster guitars. But the pickups are an easy fix and the S1 series / parallel switching is pretty cool the Am pro II is a fantastic guitar also. And with Fenders new American Professional II series breaking cover, were sure that players from all over the world are intrigued to discover how the US guitar giant has refined its flagship instrument line. Andertons Guitar & Bass YouTube Channel: Andertons Shopping Website: American Elite. Simply put - there's tonnes of variety! It may not display this or other websites correctly. But Im unsure about several things, namely Fenders QC and the guitars lifespan. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You'll find amp controls guides, tips to improve your tone, and answers to loads of specific issues. Nitro wears off with time but has a more organic feel to the touch and is said to improve sustain and resonance. Its probably my favorite neck on any of my guitars and I somehow had the profile wrong. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. I play thumb over the top so I appreciate a soft edge but theyre not miles apart. Also, the Ultra have an active/passive toggle switch for added tonal flexibility. Youll also find narrow tall frets on the Pro II and medium jumbo frets on the Ultra. Fender American Pro II VS Ultra - YouTube 0:00 / 15:49 Fender American Pro II VS Ultra astringsuk 11K subscribers Subscribe 753 71K views 2 years ago We see how well the Pro II stacks up. Additionally, youll find narrow tall frets on the Pro II version and medium jumbo frets on the Ultra. The Fender American Professional II Stratocaster has a 25.5 scale length. $1,799.99. Ultra series guitars have noiseless pickups and locking tuners unlike the Pro II series guitars. I'd have to sell a Strat or two first. CE This functionality expands their tonal palettes, as it extends beyond the customary switching capabilities available on typical Strat, Tele and Jazzmaster models. Based on classic designs and subtly-modernised with forward-thinking features, these contemporary guitars and basses can strike a chord with players of all disciplines and styles. In terms of the neck designs, the Pro II Jazzmaster has a slightly thicker deep C neck and narrower fingerboard radius compared to the Ultra Jazzmaster which has a slightly narrower modern D neck and wider fingerboard radius. Like the OP, I'm also torn between these two models. You could then perhaps argue that the Fender American Professional II guitars, which have been refined with Ultra-like tweaks, offer more bang-for-your-buck and are clearly better than their predecessors from the original American Pro range. The truth is that Fender American Professional II Jazzmaster offers an exceptional quality. The lightweight, contoured body delivers a nicely balanced tonal foundation with a highly-resonant quality. I'd say not really. . In short, a guitars top has a slight, but perceivable, influence on its tone, however, they are mostly used for aesthetic purposes. [Complete guide with examples], Does a guitars finish affect its tone? The Fender American Ultra Stratocaster is a modern take on the traditional strat with every luxury you could think of. I read all the reviews and hype and bought a Suhr sight unseen and found that I couldn't stand the way it played with the ss (the guitar was fantastic in every way other than that btw). It would be tough to choose between the Ultra and the Pro 2 for me, they're both excellent. Their Ultra Noiseless Vintage models deliver authentic single-coil sounds, while the Ultra Noiseless Hot versions dish out more output catering for modern performance needs. This material has essentially replaced the Ash body option previously available in the American Pro series, which has now become more difficult to source. Each package comes ready to be painted to get the perfect match for your Fox Body . It is a central part for the transmission of vibrations through the instrument, and also defines many important factors for playability such as string spacing and action. 27:10 Thoughts, Case & Stock Availability 298. Guitars in both series have a push/ pull tone pot which activates the additional switching that you wont find on many other Fender models. Anything from Fender will last you a lifetime so you don't have to worry about that. I pulled the trigger. The American Professional II Stratocaster has warmer sounding pickups with a higher output and more mid-range emphasis compared to the noiseless pickups on the Ultra Strat which sound brighter and cleaner. [Complete guide]. Able to deliver iconic Fender tone but with a wider frequency range and a slightly more modern character; V-Mods found favour with players for their versatility over traditional vintage-voiced pickups. Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to make a decision. The light weight, punchy tonal qualities and stunning grain pattern of Roasted Pine makes it a more than worthy alternative though! The shape of a guitar neck has a significant impact on the tone and playability. Both versions uses the rhythm/ lead switch slightly differently to most other Jazzmasters by using it to activate the pickups either in series or parallel mode. We will outline how pickups work and what are the central factors that determine how they influence the tone of your instrument. A more comparable choice is the American Original Series - that's where I have settled after stints with both CS and Am Pro guitars. However, although less product variation might seem like a downside for the streamlined American Ultra range it could be said that it forms a more robust lineup. After that, I will show you some sound tests I found, and give you a brief history of each one of them. But fret work and fit/finish on the American Pro is very good. With both the American Ultra Precision Bass and Jazz Bass models boasting HiMass bridges, these specially-designed components guarantee piano-like sustain and huge, bellowing lows. S2 Knowing the differences between each joint can help you decide which is best for you. Taking Fenders Noiseless design to new heights, the Ultra Noiseless pickups found in the American Ultra models promise classic yet versatile tones without any hum! I really like the Ultras compound radius, C to D neck carve and recessed heel I dislike the truss Rod dial on front and the pickups. If you find that it's a struggle to remove and insert the tremolo arm, Fender suggests removing and bending the retainer clip outward slightly and re-inserting it. However, because they are hidden inside the cavities into its body, they are often forgotten. The nut of a guitar is a small but very important part of the instrument. The Ultra Strat has some notable upgrades such as the locking tuners, enhanced body contours and a more sculpted neck heel which are not seen on American Pro II Strat. But is one of these flagship Fender series clearly better than the other? This is a forum where guitarists, from novice to experienced, can explore the world of guitar through a variety of media and discussion. Fender Launch American Professional II Series. Fender American Ultra Strat HSS Maple Fretboard Texas Tea - This curvature is really a defining factor for how the instrument plays, and some players are very strict about it. Then, there are wood wings glued to its side to complete the body shape. The Fender American Ultra Stratocaster is built with a 10 - 14 Compound radius. Fender American Professional II Series Telecaster Deluxe (Image credit: Fender) Originally introduced in 1973, this twisted Tele packed two Seth Lover-designed "Wide Range" humbucking pickups and a Gibson-style setup of dual volume and tone controls and a three-way toggle. For those who have hands-on experience with both: Is the only difference the "Super-Natural" finish on the back of the AmProII neck? Other ergonomic updates include rolled fingerboard edges across the whole Fender American Professional II line, as well as sculpted neck heels that allow for unrestricted upper-fret access. Guitarists who are searching for a high-end offset guitar . The following article will explain what guitar tops are and why they matter, as well as provide guidance for those who want to learn more about these options. It can thus be said, again, that Fender heavily drew upon its American Ultra models when conceptualising the Pro II series. This is a tiny tweak, but these simply offer an extra layer of finesse by blending beautifully into the shapes of their sculpted neck heels. The most noteworthy of these are Fender-designed Deluxe locking tuners fitted as standard on the electric guitar models. The same core Fender models that form the American Professional II lineup are also what prop up the American Ultra series. Fall All' campaign above. The main differences between the Fender American Performer and American Professional guitars are the neck profile and pickups. TeTe MICOponkichi http . Episode Guide Mar 14, 2021. You are using an out of date browser. These tweaks may be difficult to spot at first glance, but they make a huge difference when it comes to overall playability. This isnt a case of Fender playing it safe, but rather the brand wishing to keep the core elements of its guitars the same as they are what make a Fender a Fender! If you can go to a shop and play a few that would be a good idea, bc neck/fret preferences are pretty subjective. I have a 2014 fender american deluxe strat which I love and adore and it cost around $1200 used. The most important thing to note is that it is not just the type of pickup that determines a guitars sound, but also how and where you place the pickup on the guitar. The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. This is one of the main factors that define the tone of an instrument. I love the deep C neck carve and the pickups sound stellar. Overall, wed probably say that the American Professional II instruments are solid Fender thoroughbreds with a 21st Century twist, while the American Ultra models are designed primarily for players seeking top performance and versatility. Here is a video comparing the tones of the American Professional II, American Pro I ( and American Ultra Jazzmaster. That's a good way to put it - the American Pro II (and American Ultra) necks are for lack of a better term "even more rolled" than what Fender was doing previously. Ensuring sublime tuning stability in conjunction with their low-friction bone nuts, these ergonomic machine heads also allow for lightning-fast string changes. The pickups on the American Professional II Telecaster sound crunchier and fuller compared to the brighter sounding noiseless pickups on the Ultra Telecaster which do not suffer from humming and feedback. Guitars and basses from the original American Professional lineup came fitted with Fenders V-Modpickups. Fender's QC at the US factory is excellent. The pickups - while always a matter of taste - tend to sound more, shall we say, Fender like - they sound like what you would expect a Fender to sound like more than the other models. But the pickups are an easy fix and the S1 series / parallel switching is pretty cool, I think the ultra just has a D shape neck, the elites had a C to D. Id suggest going to your local shop and checking them out, lefty or otherwise youll still get to see and feel them. If youre looking for a guitar with a vintage voice and modern feel, the American Professional II Stratocaster is worth your consideration., Introducing the Fender American Ultra Stratocaster: Fenders high-performance iteration of the modern Stratocaster. I compared it and a Japanese made one that was 30% less and equally enjoyed the feel, only marginally preferred the sound of the Pro. Id suggest going that route if you can find one. I looked into the ultra, and I just cant justify the cost vs what you get. If you want to know how these specifics materials impact the tone of these guitars, you should take a look here: Guitarists are often curious about how guitar tops affect tone. Youll find medium jumbo frets on the Ultra models and narrow tall frets on the American Pro II models with the following dimensions: There are some model-specific differences between guitars in the American Ultra and Professional II series. Theres also greater diversity within the American Professional II series, not only in terms of colour options, but also with Telecaster Deluxe models and more 5-string/fretless bass variants available. The push/ pull pot on the Ultra overrides the pickup selector and activates both pickups in series, whilst on the Pro II it coil taps the bridge pickup.
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