"Super strength is a bitch," I say and everyone laughs. When they want to. Steve has a half-bottle of Captain Morgan Spiced with him, and puts it down carefully before settling. Maybe this game was fun after all. Bucky/ The Winter Soldier He's half-sleeping on Clint now, half beside him, and Clint doesn't bother to push him off. Guardians: What if Harry Potter had a big sister? Tony, Peter, Natasha, Clint, and Bucky all drank. And Peter, whose clothes did you steal? Bucky asked. Aye! Thor booms anyway. I mean, are there any questions off-limits, or, Yes, Natasha and Clint say just as Tony says Nope, none!, Tony glares at them. Tony actually fucking whoops, a fist in the air and everything. Don't be such a prude, Barton., Clint ignores the fact that Tony doesn't address Natasha like he'd dare. ), depois que devi entrega o papelzinho do one free boink. Clint wonders, if Steve figured most of the questions asked would be related to sex (and again, Clint wonders whether the good Cap's still got his super-hymen in place), why he still seems so interested. "Moving on," Steve cleared his throat and shifted in his seat "Never have I ever been kicked out of a bar." Clint notices Natasha eyeing Tony with a sort of what do you see in that way. Natasha doesn't say anything when Clint tumbles out of Tony's room and into the kitchen late-morning, but she does hand him a coffee mug and fix him with a stare that says I judge you very hard right now. "Never have I ever smoked marijuana," Danny says and everyone but him takes a drink and this seems to surprisethe senior team. Its called being gay, you hetero shoelace, Bucky rolled his eyes. 'lfway into the Pern bottle? Tony offers. Tony, Steve, and Strange had used the gauntlet one last time to go use the Time Stone to go back to the Battle of Wakanda. Always the goddamn red velvet, Clint sighs to himself. The hotel room, which had been quite nosy before, was now completely silent. and other people I can't remember right now. Clint figures he'll just steal Nat's drink; he didn't bother to buy anything for tonight, and he doesn't keep alcohol on his floor. What could possibly go wrong, right?. Thank you, she says and takes it, before turning her head towards Tony. G'niiiiight, guys. Clint squirms underneath the covers, reveling in the softness all around all of him, and lets out a happy noise into the fluffy pillow. Yeah like that was surprising, Wanda rolled her eyes. Which is pretty often. "Same here," The rest of the junior team says while lifting up their shirts showing similartattoos. Thor brings a keg a fucking wooden keg, ladies and gentlemen to the floor, and cracks open the lid. Oooh, yes, I like this! Tony says before drinking. Oh, come on, Clint sighs and sips his coffee. #starktower he countered, looking at everyone in the circle. A sex ally! He squirms happily where he sits and knocks his elbow against Clint's in what's probably supposed to be a companionable gesture. "Are you sure there's nothing you'd like to say Petey?" Peter said slowly, avoiding everyone's eyes and looking down at his empty shot glass instead. (he was the youngest, and fortunately for him, only had one drink). I believe it would be best if we stopped the game now as it seems to be somewhat awkward. (The universe has a terrible sense of humor. This way, Clint can make sure that it's not hot enough to scald Tony's throat and tongue. You have reached the end of "Never Have I Ever". But, he had done those things as Spider-Man, so he could just ignore those things. They didn't mind sharing, Natasha was just glad she was in a position to shove her friend onto the ground at any moment. Alone. Im not judging your choice in venue.. Natasha turns to him with an icy stare. AU: Devi and Paxton never broke up, and Devi and Des are just friends. That I made with my own two hands?!. He rolls his bottle slowly between his fingers. Peter, how did you even manage that?" Tony squirms on the couch, but keeps a small distance. "The fuck!?" "Never Have I Ever been brainwashed." The top of the rod was bent so I had to wait for it to break before I got out. Clint and Natasha drink, and Clint's a little confused until he sees that both Cap and Bruce have relaxed a fraction, their smiles looser when they each raise their drinks. Never have I ever battled motherfucking aliens.. He manages to wrangle Tony out of his clothes without much interruption, only a quiet Make-up sex? that Clint doesn't even bother to address. Except Pepper. Ey! Pepper would know what to do. #deadpool He spends a moment taking stock of the situation; realizes that said dick probably belongs to Tony (and so does the chest that's pressed against his back), remembers that he'd fallen asleep in Tony's bed and the billionaire had let him, and that at some point there had been allusions to sober sex. Now. And the hand immediately retreats along with an annoyed huff from its owner. My turn. As Clint understands, the game's usually a ploy to get laid anyway, which makes him wonder why Tony wants to play it so badly. You said that last night too.. Instead, he closes his eyes and tries to sleep, and lets his hand find Tony's deceptively soft hair. Krispykitty, Synstylae364, LivelyLivelyLive, General_Cre, lady_Slytherin, Mompleasedontfindthis, anushkakht, feyzo, Gulim0509, heirofcool, MaeIsNotFine, welpje1999, 0Aratay0, Billyboi, Smowen99, yangiee, Murphy_46, Emerym0563, reticencemeccanico, BangLocalMilfs, Lokisdoll, Oo_snek_oO, A_drop_of_colour, soapdynasty, Alicemayamery123, Tulip103, Charlotte_JPM06, Microwave_Burrito09, Eggkos, Lio26, SwordSisters, Atalante241, onlyonemoreday, 1girlwith1brain, RDoglover, Amelia_074, Liafrank510, Chica_Promedio_X, simplymar16, AestheticallyBlurry, Night_Skye_Gazing, DyingRatInHealthcare, pidgeholt6, Athena_83, GodofBliss_Kangiten, IdiotQueer, Knightofthieves, Im_A_Gummybear_Of_Hell444, Saraqael_Li, Ima_frog6, and 454 more users I remember!. It's my vanishing act." That in itself wouldn't be such a huge deal, because ideas are ideas and can be contained as long as they stay that way. "Parker?" Demisexuals only feel sexual attraction to people they have a strong emotional connection to. Captain America: The Winter Soldier: completed I'm not a thirteen year old girl, Stark, Clint says, his voice level. Really? It's a weird, stiff laugh. Tony looks baffled, maybe? Peter put his sleeve down again. Wait, doesn't that defeat the purpose? Steve asks. The Defenders (Netflix Marvel Universe) Clint quashes that voice so hard it groans in metaphorical pain and leaves him alone. He doesn't drink; everyone else does even Thor. Why dont we start with the youngest and move clockwise in a circle? Clint hears someone enter the room, and is awake before said person has the time to get over to the bed. It Multi-fandom oneshots. She said, smiling. 'solutely., Her mouth curls. "Never ever have I gotten shot," Aunt May says and everyone but her, Shuri, T'chall, and Scott takes a drink. this one's for my catty's perpetual nhie rewatch girlies. The reason for this stupid game? That's actually uh, weirdly flattering.. Clint usually figures it's total bullshit, but in moments like these, he can't help but see Tony as a kid who just wants someone to pat him on the head and say you did good. I'm not, Tony says sourly, still massaging the shoulder Clint nearly ripped out of its socket. I'd love to stay and chat. So, Captain America's gay, Tony says into his VSOP. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Sex isn't very important to me. Nazi, Steve says. But pain leads to power, or so people say, and Agent Sola certainly is powerful. Fuck, Tony says and stares at the wall. Doesn't erase the question. 52: Jessica Jones [03] . The Avengers get together to play "never have I ever" and some people seem to be determined to shock everyone, and some just want to pick on Tony for his partying past. Unless you want to tap that, obviously, in which hey, I applaud that. This is her journey through the Marvel Universe through the decades. Tony rolls his eyes. That's just plain sad. Can you get to bed by yourself? Natasha asks. Clint snorts. "What! ! Sam cried when Steve took a drink, followed by Bucky, Wanda, Natasha, and Clint. Go, all of us. Hi, have you met me? Tony says. Dad yells and I shake my head. And nobody wants that shit. Bruce looks contemplative. We could go with Greek, Natasha says, and Clint just nods because yeah, sure. Tony pouts. Write by: . Come oooon, he says now, and waggles his eyebrows in a seductive way that is about as sexy as the thought of Fury wearing a banana hammock. "Never have I ever kissed a guy." Awesome, I'll go tell Cap, Tony says and bounces out of there, excitement humming through his whole body. I don't know, Tony whines and flops off Clint onto the sheets beside him. Okay. Natasha huffs a laugh and pulls back. It's not about lying, Bruce explains. or 'never have I ever wore a dress.' Drink up, all of whom this may concern, Tony chirrups and takes a long swig. This will probably be a few chapters or series. Clint wouldn't have pegged him as particularly bendy, but here he is, pulling off a move even Clint struggles with on some days. Maybe he should've done this while clothed. When they managed to get control of themselves- after about five minutes of uncontrollable laughter, Clint wiped away his tears and said, ok, ok, my turnnever have I ever googled sex addiction!. He pockets the phone but doesn't push Tony away. His body's pleasantly loose and post-orgasm sore, Tony is a heavy but welcome weight on him, and they haven't said a word since Tony dragged them back into the bedroom. Which is, Clint muses, exactly what he is. Quit whining and drink up you perv, was all Rhodey said in answer. "You knew?" Yes, Tony says before Bruce can say no, and Clint just snorts and drinks up. He ignores the shiver that travels down his spine when Tony's goatee scratches against his chin. Goddamn it, Tony, Bruce sighs. Clint rolls over onto his other side, so he faces away from Stark he doesn't like people staring at his face in his sleep. Wade explained. Bruce leaves his glass on the floor huh, looks like Tony was the exception to a rule, then and then everyone's looking at Cap. And then adds, as an afterthought, pre-serum, by the way. Ok, never have I ever made a list of all the people I slept with and been shocked by how high the number was, Sam grinned. Romance Avengers Lokiandreader. 'ch is weird, 'cause it's not us'lly with hever nave I haver. He frowns. Please stop talking, Steve says, calm even if the tips of his ears are tinged pink. Although, a small and mean voice in his head points out, Tony's bedded half the team already, and neither Bruce nor Thor seem to have any trouble hanging out with him. No glass? Clint says and unscrews the cork. Two months, just about, Natasha says and twists to jab an elbow in Steve's side before ducking to avoid a fist in the face. Peter staired Stark directly in the eyes, slowly raising his glass and finished his drink, keeping a blank the entire time. It becomes a semi-regular thing. You make a country-boy blush.. We didnt have much of a choice, was all Steve said. All stories posted remain the property of their respective authors; We're starting. And the best. Tony's eyes go fond. Devi eyes one of the sculptures in the garden theyd agreed to meet in, of three people leaning their heads in towards each other until they sort of meld together. I live with my father in our bakery, my mother died when I was young, I've been plagued with horrific nightmares since I was little, and apart from my father, I've always been alone. "Who are you and how did you get past FRIDAY?" Tony, Natasha snaps. and "Oh! Characters: Peter Parker Michelle Jones Ned Leeds Flash Thompson Betty Brant Cindy Moon Sally Avril Abe Brown Seymour O'Reilly Charles Murphy (Spider-Man: Homecoming) Academic Decathlon Team (Spider-Man: Homecoming) Additional Tags: characters may be ooc Never Have I Ever Truth or Dare Secret Identity Peter Parker is a Little Shit This is darker/dirtier than I've written Bucky before, so strap in, y'all. Are you still mad about the thing?. What if she got kidnapped, a few months before Harry was born and the Potters got attacked on the faithful Halloween night? Paxton dealing with the break-up in season 3. After a long mission in Russia, consisting of the entire team taking down a Hydra wannabe, the Avengers sat down in the lounging area to relax. So why did he suddenly feel like he was being avoided? I thought it was just a month and three weeks., Nope, she says and somehow manages to get behind the Captain, driving him to the floor with a well-aimed kick to the back of his knees. #steverogers Tony and Clint fall over laughing, and even Natasha snorts, but it's a fond sound. Damn. No? And because I'm Iron Man.. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Rhodeys clothes were so much comfier than mine! Cindy was laughing too, laying on the floor, her head in her hands and elbows underneath, so she could still see everyone. Al1v3p00l, AddSomeSparkles, Gretetel, pheonixfeathers, Mani_readz, Athena_83, Son_AviAgreste, Theseeker100, Sydneyy205, Sarah_248, Bessiesboy04, Blackdahlia3000, th3_r4t_k1ng, lileolily, and_AS, 14Muffinz, Psyclopticfury, Annaparkerjones, Nicecutgee, Rahhpixy, Korbi01, Mian975, Ejiro_kiripima, localbookgirl, jnate101, minho_stole_my_cats, dxnllse, Artistik_nobody, yasammy4life, TheLyingGrapevine, apeacufulocean, Rudgiraffe, Yoosangah, rozeis, udonsuperiority, ImAHyperPotato, Madmadds01, daughter_of_apollo_7, Radzy_N3rd_time, OliOcelot, Blackwidow622, hockeyaddict, natalicja_w, charlotte1217, alilhopelessromanticgremlin, kukutajam, Alphandrew23, goldenzingy46, Tonydeservesbetter, nexttoyouboyfriends_larry, and 145 more users Plus, you know, Clint has done a lot of stuff. Ben Gross was used to being people's second choice. Never have I ever gotten drunk before 11am.". Thor, Steve and Bruce are already in, Tony adds in a sing-song voice. Like you really thought it wasn't going to happen at some point. He's too tired and strung out for anything acrobatic, but he still finds his way to Tony's room. Wade had taught him beforehand how to shoot and it was just so easy for him, like second nature "No big deal.". #marvel Tony, Steve, Bucky, Nat, Clint, and Bruce took a shot. So, how does this work? Steve asks now, all childlike interest and polite excitement at his team's bonding activity. But, one day, Nurse Warner went missing and was never found. The kid shook his head , pouring himself another glass or apple juice. It was Peter's 21st birthday. How'd you find out? Tony says, and looks dejected that his big reveal has been taken from him. Tony Stark personally needed a drink. Ayelet was a half-terran, half-Zen-Whoberis, one of the last of her kind. 374 guests A lot. Please consider turning it on! Back the fuck up." "Experiment went wrong," Shuri says while the others shift around. "no matter what everyone else thinks, you're still a loser" a quote by MJ, (this is a chapter) Gender Fluid Loki and a A/N, "I Have A Son" (dc and marvel crossover)(preview), wASSUP FRICKERS(quick question also,memes), PRIDE MONTH, SOLVES ALL YO PROBLEMS BABY(but without my sadness), the final addition to the "if tony was peters bio dad" gif set(endgame spoilers). Can I just crash here? He grimaces at the awkward phrasing, but Tony nods and scoots over. Like he could scrub out the last remains of Loki by somehow belonging to Tony's reactor instead of the Tesseract. So he kisses her because she's beautiful, and awesome, and cool, and also pretty. Ned just skidded over to peter, even though he sat next to him, and before Peter could react to small headache that was his spider-sense, pulled up his sleeve. Get ready for my revenge- because its coming, Tony muttered in his drink. Abe ringed the bell, but Flash just shrugged and mumbled; 'in elementary school.' I'll be here. Nat and Wanda took drinks. Lindsay doesn't win. He's not good with relationships. I noticed how 'romantic' and 'sexual' are clearly being two separate words here, Tony says, sounding delighted. Danny yells taking a drink and everyone grabs a drink. She was very preserved, even when she hung out with Ned and him. Yeah, you're fucking hilarious, Stark. Clint pushes him onto his bed, gently, and starts unbuttoning Tony's dark-red shirt. Yeah, well that is what I am thinking right now. "Bullsh*t!" I don't know which one you want.. I haven't been there since I was a kid.. We have to hurry or Mr. Stark will be mad at you for being late again." Bucky had no idea that he was a werewolf until he escaped hydra with the help of Sam and the avengers, he thought he was alone with being what he was since no one on the team knew what he was until he turned one night and ran to the woods, accept what will happen when someone new to the team is like Includes: So no grabbing there, then, Tony says and trails his fingers over Clint's throat. You'll get to know only if you read 'em. She had loving parents, a roof over her head, and enough food to always satisfy her hunger. So, even though he wanted to make some moves on her, he refrained from going near her and focused on his stuff. I never needed to know this much about my proteges sex life. Its called being undercover. For one thing, that'd be pretty sucky of me. Steve, Bucky and Sam were on one of the sofas, Bucky being leaned on by a straight-faced Sam who refused to move and ended up giving up, digging an elbow in the man's back as a petty revenge. Guys? Tony says. It tickles. LOKI BABYSITS PETEY (+ EVERYONE ELSE I GUESS), THE LEVEL RED INTERNS (Slight Spideypool), 5 TIMES PETER HELPED THE AVENGERS (+1 TIME THEY HELPED HIM), LIFE GOES ON WITHOUT THEM [ENDGAME SPOILERS], A GHOST OF THE PAST [+ A/N ANNOUNCEMENT AT THE END], CONFINED TO A WHEELCHAIR (FOR LIKE A FEW WEEKS, CHILL), LET ME FALL (REQUESTED PART TWO) [TRIGGER WARNING], IS THE NEW ARM THAT NOTICEABLE? Most of the bottle's gone by now, so yeah, he's gonna have a shit day tomorrow. Pepper Pots #spiderson The Avengers and team red were play never have I ever but it was the drinking version. One thing was clear. "Even if you don't believe the internship, I have heard from his Aunt May that he was saved by Iron Man at the Stark Expo when he was younger, so he has definitely seen the guy very close. He's adorable, Tony drawls, a noticeable slur in his words by now, and Thor laughs, because he's laughing at pretty much anything at this point. Tony sits outside Clint's door with bleary eyes and soot all over his shirt. Dad questions and the juniorteam laugh. left kudos on this work! And it was for science, Bruce says to Steve, if you wondered. Team red, only being 16-17 had juice boxes. This one counts.". I like sex. I read about him in your file; you two seemed close.. I may be putting a few not field trip one shots because I feel like it but most will be field trip. Evelyn Warner was a nurse during World War 2 working side-by-side with Captain America and Peggy Carter. Clint buries the urge to giggle, because whose idea was this, anyway? "When did it happen?". So he stumbles through the long hallway leaving to their other sleeping quarters that Tony got them probably for this exact reason, Clint muses as he bumps into walls and doors. Devi Vishwakumar finally has it all. Just like she knew they were still dating. Or out of the bedroom. Natasha has her raspberry Stolichnaya in hand, and flops down gracefully on one of the pillows to tuck her feet underneath herself. Remember the toast?, Ouff! Steve goes to the floor, but turns around immediately, just as Natasha tries to knee him in the back. Is it that Toby kid from your Biology class?" You foreseeing a lot of fighting in the future, then? Clint says and raises an eyebrow at him. Oh my god I cant believe I didnt think of that, Tony looked amazed at the gap in his thinking. In these Au's Loki is an avenger because I like that idea and him dying isn't an option whatsoever. FRIDAY said. Of course I am, just gimme, he whines and tugs at Clint's sleeve. Never have I ever filmed myself or had someone else film me having sex, Rhodey said looking directly at Tony. Clint starts sneaking into Natasha's room again, and she usually lets him curl up with her, because she knows what horrors lurk in his subconscious. Peter smiled, he never knew this. "Well, I was trying to make it so Uncle Steve and Uncle Bucky could get drunk or like it and I needed to test it out on someone with a super metabolism so I used myself. Last time they offered him alcohol, he refused, explaining how he didn't like the smell. I have an ally! The only comfort Abby finds is watching her favorite Lilly needed a job. Okay, Tony says with a wolfish grin. You go ahead, Tony, Steve says, and somehow manages not to sound condescending. "I'm Peter's fianc." MJ grinned. Which I'm gonna lie in, whether you're in it or not.. Natasha clinks her bottle with Clint's. Are you hammered, Stark?. You're a whiner, Tony mutters and shifts; squirms to get comfortable. It was obviously not a good idea to play 'never have I ever' with his slightly drunk AcaDec team, but Ned had insisted he should join, especially cause; you were recently stabbed, man, you can't even go out even if you wanted to!' Tony winces. A hand settles on Clint's hip, but doesn't move further. #scarletwitch So why are you asking us to date, then?, Tony deflates a little, caught between looking sulky and dejected. The thought is kind of baffling. Thor looks thoroughly charmed. Tony remembered Peter telling him about the new kid at his school and how he had gushed about how cool the guy was, almost certain he had gotten the name right. Y'know, you're makin' it really hard for me not to come on to you right now, Tony says, but he's not touching Clint, so it's all cool. Bruce grabs one of the packets of Cheetos and looks around with that same calm, quietly interested-but-also-exasperated air he usually wears around Tony and his antics. Course it is. Also, English isn't my native language, so if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes, please comment! Tony?. I'm not great at relationships, Clint, Tony murmurs when they pull back for air. Clint is an affectionate drunk, Natasha says, amusement and exasperation coloring her tone. So if I don't want to that's not, There's something called asexuality as well, Bruce says. "Oh shut up Buck. It's like you don't know me at all. He grins and looks very lost. Its a honest to goodness benvi modern shakespeare au without the random plotting cousin. Shut up, this is the last one. "Occasionally my webs will run out and it's not like cops are best at keeping their guns on their belts," He shrugged, pulling his legs up to his chest and smiling at the memory. It's not needed; the genius does a fucking smashing job by himself, and Clint can't be bothered to give any shits. Uncle Bucky questions. She is dating The Paxton Hall-Yoshida! yes let's do THAT" respectively. #spideychelle "Peter you go first" Wade said. The building only fell on the bottom half of me so I just continued to eat my bagel while the ambulance tried to get me from under the building. "Are we just going to skip over the fact Steve and Bucky have kissed a dude?" i should continue that, and because i have writer's block and felt a moment of motivation, Paxton Hall-Yoshida/Ben Gross/Devi Vishwakumar, my benvi bias made itself known in the writing of this, but my love for every dynamic in the love triangle also made itself known, (if you consider canon proceeded as usual from 3.04 when reading this), never have i everplayed never have i ever. "What? Are we dating? It's cheesy as hell, but it's been over two weeks since they last had sex without some kind of other mushy activity attached to it, and as much as they agreed about the no-strings arrangement, Clint can't help but realize that he's got quite a few strings attached to this crazy bastard by now. "You doing that face is only proving the fact you're a child even more," Tony rolled his eyes, smirking, and helped Natasha carry the rest of the drinks to the coffee table, which the rest of the team was sitting around (those who were still there, that is). He looks up at the clock. I mean that literally.. "We still playing or what? You know Thor loves any and all things that combine alcohol, trading stories, and the ability to learn more about 'Midgardian customs'. , The spider bite enhanced everything- strength, metabolism, healing, sex drive.. I just had a shit handler once; treated me like the dirt under his shoe. He knew exactly what he was going to say. Clint grins and kisses her cheek. He had never been in a relationship before, the homecoming date with Liz a complete disaster. Well, there you go. Tony's fingers trace a scar on Clint's lower back; stray bullet, Prague. We never actually dated, did we? Tony asks out of the blue and scrunches his nose.
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