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Tornado Outbreak of April 29, 1909 (The following newspaper article was transcribed from The Pulaski Citizen of May 6, 1909.) However, for several hours a strong gale blew, and there was more or less excitement in the town throughout the night. The cyclone followed the course of Dog Creek, a small stream close to the springs, and followed it until it came to the mouth of the hollow, when it entered the hollow and laid waste everything in its path. The worst damage to houses is the home of Prof. J. M. Goulson, a good two-story house, completely ruined, but no loss of life, though to look at the ruins seems marvelous that the family escaped. The Tri-State Tornado occurred on March 18, 1925. Damage: The seriously injured are M. J. Farrar and daughter, of Gyruston, the former having a broken collarbone, and the latter a broken arm and leg; residence wrecked and burned. SHAMBURGER (2017): The path of this tornado, which touched down just south of where the Franklin tornado occluded near Clovercroft, was estimated to begin southwest of the Trinity Methodist Church southeast of Franklin. Others moved to towns like Elkton, which is the closest incorporated town to the area, Lancaster said. 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The most terrible cyclone in the history of Giles County struck with great fury between 11 and 12 o'clock Thursday night. The second largest was the Super Outbreak of April 3-4, 1974, which was credited with producing 148 tornadoes in the central and southern United States (though 4 of these were later . Many historians believe it was during this phase of the storm that winds along the periphery also toppled the steeple that used to sit atop the Franklin Cumberland Presbyterian Church. A. Hickerson a house barn, buggies and fences. FROM THE NASHVILLE AMERICAN, MAY 2 1909, PAGE 4, section FOUR DEATHS IN MONTGOMERY: CLARKSVILLE, Tenn., May 1. Copyright 2023 Nexstar Media Inc. All rights reserved. April 20, 1909: A windstorm "of great cyclonic power" caused $15,000 of damage in Putnam County. Affecting particularly the Mississippi and Tennessee Valleys, it killed over 150 people, 60 of them in the U.S. state of Tennessee alone. The stock barn of Rural home Stock farm was torn to pieces, and there were many other houses, barns, and outhouses destroyed. Their bodies were recovered the next morning at about daylight. Mr. Marlin was badly injured, too, but he survived, along with an infant child, a 16-year old son, and two young daughters. SHAMBURGER (2016): The devastating and very large Decherd tornado, which was only given a few meager words in the book Significant Tornadoes by Tom Grazulis, began somewhere west of Owl Hollow in western Franklin County, then moved east-northeast passing about 1.3 miles north of Winchester, then plowing directly through Decherd. A large oak tree was lifted bodily and blown across it, crushing in the roof. As it moved into Williamson County it eventually passed just south of Franklin causing 8 deaths and 11 injuries. Mrs. Berry (sic) Prosser, near Fayetteville; fatally injured. FROM THE NASHVILLE AMERICAN, MAY 2 1909, PAGE 5, "FALLING TIMBER": WILDER, Tenn., May 1. If your child will play baseball or softball this spring, youll need to stock up on appropriate clothing and equipment. Damage: The cyclone wrecked the house and killed Mrs. McGrew and six children, while Mr. McGrew, a son and a baby escaped with serious injuries. It next struck the farm of Judge B. C. Batts, near Sadlersville, blew down his barn, his shade trees and other valuable timber, striking next the farm of Jervy Grubbs, where it demolished his tobacco barn, fences and other buildings; then struck the farm of Tom Sanders and his residence, barns and other buildings were destroyed. Mail service over Route No. A relief committee was organized with John W. Young, Elkton R. 1, as chairman, and in a little while enough funds were in hand to provide food and clothing to supply the immediate necessities of those who had lost everything. Web. Just like the previous storm, it caused widespread property damage. A portion of the residence of Mrs. Alice Estes was blown away. Mrs. Speight, one mile from Charlotte, suffered a severe loss. The late-April 1909 tornado outbreak was a deadly tornado outbreak that affected much of the central and Southern United States between April 29 and May 1, 1909. But for the fact that the country is hilly and in places thinly settled the destruction would have been even greater. FROM THE NASHVILLE AMERICAN, MAY 1 1909, PAGE 4, "DEKALB COUNTY": ALEXANDRIA, Tenn., April 30 - A destructive wind of high velocity accompanied with much lightning and the largest hail ever known here struck the section of the country from Statesville to Smith Fork, traveling east. Based on all of this information, the path start and end points were adjusted, path length increased to 30 miles, and path width increased to one mile. Thousands of dollars worth of property completely ruined. While it was estimated to be an F4, some reports indicate that there was more than one tornado. Mr. Brinkley's house was carried from its foundations, as was a newly completed house of J. The property loss cannot be estimated. The damage in town is slight compared with the country. A tornado outbreak March 24-25 dropped several long-track, powerful tornadoes in Alabama, one of which impacted cities like Greensboro, Brent and Centreville and stayed on the ground for more than . This tornado was reported to occur over 2 hours after the Dickson County tornado, so it does not appear they are part of the same tornado or were produced by the same supercell, although that is certainly possible if the reported time is incorrect. - Following the trail of the storm which passed through Centreville April 9, the tornado last night between 10 and 11 o'clock was one of the most appalling that has visited this section probably in half a century. Telephone lines are a mass of wires and poles. Another strong tornado struck Franklin County near Decherd. Six people were killed in Hickman County, along a track through Shipps Bend, Centerville, and Little Tot. Ab Lane lost his barn and two mules. These pictures show the damage in Centerville in Hickman County where there were 9 deaths and 32 injuries. FROM THE NASHVILLE AMERICAN, MAY 1 1909, PAGE 10: ALGOOD, Tenn., April 30 - At this place, four miles east of Cookeville, the Southern Methodist church was demolished. The town of Statesville, six miles from here, was struck last night by a tornado. Thirty-six serious injuries were reported in the newspapers across both counties, with numerous other more minor injuries, so the total of 70 injuries shown by Grazulis was kept. It eventually passed just south of Franklin causing eight deaths and eleven injuries. Bud Guffey, his wife, and two chidlren. North of Memphis, Tennessee, two F3 tornadoes killed a total of 22 from Crittenden County, Arkansas, to Carroll County, Tennessee. It is impossible at this time to estimate the damage. 63 people lost their lives, and more than 200 were injured from. The Elk Cotton Mill was damaged about $5,000. No fatalities have been reported as yet, but several are very painfully hurt. How often do tornadoes hit Tennessee? The homes of Mrs. John Brown and William McAdoo were blown down, and part of the home of B. M. Peebles was blown away. Bob White's house was blown from its foundation. The most notable result was the destruction of the Web & Crawford Planing Mill. It traveled through the Conway Community, destroying the local public school, Lancaster explained. About 75 homes were damaged or destroyed at Centerville, and losses totaled over $100,000. Mrs. Will Adcock and her daughter are reported killed, but not verified. Just a few rods east of the McGrew place stood the home of Bud Guffey. This particular cyclone began its work of destruction in the neighborhood of Conway, though several barns and tenant houses were blown down west of that place. The Oscars will air on ABC and can be streamed on and the ABC app as well as Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, AT&T TV or FuboTV. -92-93 Daily Journal, Stevens Point, WI. Bud Guffey, his wife, and two chidlren. Representative M. E. Neely lost a valuable barn, as did Maj. B. Randolph, both of the Walter Hill neighborhood. The tornado passed up the Nashville and Murfreesboro turnpike, between this place and Florence, for a short distance, and for a quarter of a mile or more made a complete wreck of the telegraph and telephone lines. All the houses there are damaged more or less, but no one was killed. Col. Pendergrass' residence was blown from its foundation. A heavy storm raged here throughout the night. The storm seemed to reach the proportions of a tornado at a late hour of the night, sweeping from northeast to southwest, carrying down many farm buildings, but fortunately it passed through a sparsely-settled section and in about twenty minutes it completely reversed its course, turning from the northeast to the southwest, and many of the buildings were blown back in the opposite direction. The home of Wilson Estes was also destroyed, together with the livery barn of Russell Estes, owner of Primm Springs Hotel. A number of small barns was blown down. The rear flank downdraft of the parent supercell also caused significant damage up to 2 miles south of the tornado path, such as the numerous trees blown down across Winchester. This particular cyclone began its work of destruction in the neighborhood of Conway, though several barns and tenant houses were blown down west of that place. Affecting particularly the Mississippi and Tennessee Valleys, it killed over 150 people, 60 of them in the U.S. state of Tennessee alone. SHAMBURGER (2016): Based on the reports in the Nashville American, the number of deaths and injuries cited by Grazulis is too low, and the reported 4 deaths and 50 injuries in Montgomery County were used here. Its course was about a half mile wide and lay from Cross Roads into Scott Co., between the farms of William Cummings and Laban Riseden, just escaping both the homesteads, but tearing up all the timber in the neighborhood and bearing on southward below Rugby, carrying away the home of Young John Brewster and crushing in his shoulder and injuring his wife. A thorough reading of the Nashville American, Nashville Tennessean, and Pulaski Citizen newspaper articles for several days after the tornado outbreak indicates 22 deaths occurred in Giles County and 9 deaths occurred in Lincoln County, for a total of 31 deaths from this tornado. And then coming through Bee Spring destroying homes and families and a local church here by the cemetery.. And those individuals are buried in the Bee Spring Cemetery that you see here today.. That tornado alone caused an estimated $100 million in damage and the loss of 33 lives, which was only a fraction of the total damage caused by the Super Outbreak. This large tornado then passed 2 to 3 miles south of Nolensville, moved 1 mile northwest of Florence Station, passed over Wards Mill (also called Evans Mill or Nice Mill) around 4 miles southeast of Smyrna, then damaged homes and barns just south of Walter Hill. SHAMBURGER (2016): Based on the narrative by Grazulis and the reports in the Nashville American, the path of this tornado was adjusted to begin on the Humphreys County border around 9 miles west of Dickson, pass between Tennessee City and Dickson, go through Charlotte, and end between Charlotte and Bellsburg. One negro family, Nancy Smith and two children lost their lives in the wreckage of their little home, and one of Till Bledsoe's children was killed. We interviewed our tech expert, Jaime Vazquez, to learn more about accessible smart home devices. It is reported that three white people are killed about two miles further down the trail of the cyclone, but this statement has not been authenticated. Here is information to know, understand and remember; The annual average number of tornadoes reported in Tennessee grew from 11.3 for the 20-year period of 1980-1999 to 18.1 for 2000-2019. "Some splendid homes were turned to rubbish.". The timbers in front of the hotel were laid waste, some of which fell on the hotel, doing considerable damage to the building. The creeks are out of banks and all the farm work of the spring is practically lost. Brave men bared their backs to the chilly rain to provide wraps for suffering women and children; and worked through the dreary hours till daylight, searching for the dead and endeavoring to relieve the suffering of survivors. It is thought that the dead and injured list will be increased by further reports. National Weather Service. Fayetteville was not in the pathway of the cyclone, but was near it. Fayetteville, Tenn., April 30. Fayetteville was not in the pathway of the cyclone, but was near it. Only two houses were left standing. John Lee's barn was blown over. This page was last edited on 12 March 2022, at 09:35. The storm seems to have entered the county from the southern side, passing between this place and Tennessee City. In the end, this first tornado, an F3, cut a path 45-miles long through Hickman, Maury, and Williamson counties. B. Thompson lives was blown across the street and his barn turned over, but his family was not hurt. BEE SPRING, Tenn. (WKRN) On April 29th and 30th in 1909, Middle Tennessee suffered its deadliest tornado outbreak in history. The desperately injured are: R. H. Thompson, a son and daughter of Mrs. Money, Hiram Prince and Prof. R. S. Ballen. C. H. Underhill had a considerable loss, but it is covered by insurance. Result of the Work of the Storm in Dickson County": DICKSON, Tenn., April 30. Questions? It is thought that the dead and injured list will be increased by further reports. You can see his full report here. His entire family was wiped out of existence. The strongest tornado traveled through Giles and Lincoln Counties. FROM THE NASHVILLE AMERICAN, MAY 1 1909, PAGE 10, "AT WATERTOWN, TENN.". For a strip more than two miles in width along the railroad between here and Tennessee City, and on through that portion of the county traversed by the storm, scarcely a tree is left standing, but all lie as flat as if rolled over by some immense road roller. At least 695 . The strongest tornado confirmed so far from. Please Contact Us. after celebrating, Driver dead after Maryland tanker explosion, Ja Morant investigated by NBA after Instagram post, How NIL will affect local high school athletes, The right thing to do: College softball players, Forsberg, Giannis join Nashville SC ownership group, Ja Morant accused of making threatening statement, Arrest warrants issued for projected NFL draft pick. The night of the 29th was one of severe wind and rain, with heavy thunder and lightning the cyclone coming at 2 a.m. Friday morning with a low terrible rumbling heard by those awake at Rugby. 1998 - 2023 Nexstar Media Inc. | All Rights Reserved. Robert Barnes and wife, near Fayetteville. One of the saddest stories was of two brothers in the Hillsboro/Leipers Fork area who were blown over a 20-foot bluff and into a nearby creek, according to the Nashville American newspaper. Mrs. Brown was seriously if not fatally injured. Jack Pope's home was wrecked and he and his wife were killed. A colored child on W. R. Anderson's farm was killed, making the fourth death so far reported. The cyclone struck Primm Springs, a summer resort in Hickman County, and devastated the country. No lives were lost, but live stock suffered greatly. The tornado proceeded over across the Lewisburg Pike area, out Murfreesboro Road, and by 11 p.m. struck for a final time, near Clovercroft. FROM THE NASHVILLE AMERICAN, MAY 1 1909, PAGE 12, "ON THE MOUNTAIN": MONTEAGLE, Tenn., April 30 - Much damage was done in this section by the storm of last night. The entire town of Statesville had severe downburst damage. It is an old adage that he who gives quickly gives twice. - M. C. NORTHINGTON, Mayor.". Greatest damage and the most horrible loss of life occurred in the community between Bunker Hill and Bryson, but the destruction was by no means confined to one place. The storm extended over many states inflicting damage on widely scattered communities from the Great Lakes to the Gulf. His entire family was wiped out of existence. One room was left of his home place, a seven-room dwelling, and it was in this room the family sought refuge. The most frightful wreckage and loss of life occurred in the little valley through which passes the road from Bunker Hill to Bryson, and in which were located the homes of Bud Guffey, Will McGrew, Lee Smith, J. S. Bryson and others. Dive into the history of the Volunteer State. The path of the storm was through a section about one mile southeast of Smyrna, where several homes were converted into wreckage and much farm property was destroyed. In town here a number of window panes were broken. Much of the land was washed. Contributions may be sent direct to Mr. Young or to the Citizen and we will forward to the relief committee. The tornado outbreak of late-April 1909 was a deadly tornado outbreak that affected much of the central and Southern United States between April 29 and May 1, 1909. The young son of J. L. Cox, who lives on Hervey Whitfield's farm in District No. James Marshall, a young man of about 20, was blown from the bed in an upstairs room and lodged in a tree about twenty-five feet away but escaped without injury.